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Mobile in Enterprise Communication


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Mobile communication is key for your enterprise - learn how to make it happen with the SnapComms tools.

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Mobile in Enterprise Communication

  1. 1. Mobile in Enterprise Communication
  2. 2. Keep staff on the ball with information sent straight to their mobile devices
  3. 3. Images are easily formatted to display on any screen
  4. 4. Recurrence options are also available, with messages being sent to one device…
  5. 5. And if not acknowledged sent to others
  6. 6. Training and knowledge become easily accessible
  7. 7. Magazines keep staff informed of what is going on throughout the organisation
  8. 8. And video alerts and training can be watched during down time no matter the employees location
  9. 9. Keep staff involved!
  10. 10. Make sure everyone's opinion is heard with staff surveys
  11. 11. And test product knowledge with quizzes
  12. 12. And reward them for their responses
  13. 13. In an emergency make sure staff get the message!
  14. 14. Alerts can pop up on mobile devices no matter where staff are
  15. 15. To find out more, and to sign up for a free trial, visit