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The Secrets To Profitable Mobile Marketing


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The Secrets To Profitable Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Real Flight Simulator For PC. Get Instant Download Access Now! ====Typical marketing agencies use various ways to attract consumers attention. They focus ontraditional media channels, including television, radio, live events, and increasingly digital channelsas well. Digital started in the 1990s as an internet-focused marketing channel, but has expandedin recent years to include in-game marketing, and in particular, mobile marketing.Marketing agencies distinguish first by their focus on the handset, or, the cell phone, as it is knownby most consumers in the United States. Although many marketing agencies purport to focus onmobile, not all do so in the most effective way.CreativeAs with other marketing channels, marketing firms distinguish by the power of their creative. Notall mobile marketing firms will bring their own creative to the table, but all should at least be able tohelp brands tailor their creative - messaging, design, entertaining, etc. - to the mobile platform.Consumers experience advertising and marketing messages differently on mobile devices, so anunderstanding of the handset-based user experience is critical when selected a mobile marketingagency.For example, in-game banner advertising on mobile devices is becoming increasingly common forfree versions of applications. Aside from the obvious fact that in-game banners on mobile devicesare far smaller than they are on PCs, consumers also often have far less time to see them. Mobilemarketing agencies distinguish by their understanding of effective techniques for capturingconsumer attention and generating click-through even with the limited impression time that comeswith many mobile placements.The world of mobile marketing is expanding rapidly, and the technologies involved in successfulstrategiesAgencies Send Text Messages to Their Market are no exception. Wireless, CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G,and many other protocols are now the norm, and smart phone platforms have expanded fromBlackBerry to the iPhone and Android. The latter two are particularly important. Market penetrationof the iPhone has increased rapidly since it launched, and with the release of the first Droid lastyear, Android is becoming an equally ubiquitous platform. An understanding of iPhone technologyis not even enough any more, as the iPad has taken off and is attracting more eyeballs every day.Good mobile marketing agencies distinguish by their ability to develop advertising and applicationsacross platforms, for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, and even Blackberry. Firms that cannot helpclients and brands deploy campaigns on multiple platforms limit their reach from the get-go.The technical expertise of running campaigns extends beyond the handset operating system and
  2. 2. platform to SMS - simple messaging service, or as most consumers know it - text messaging. A lotcan now be accomplished via text messaging, but not without an understanding of its technicalcapabilities and limitations. SMS marketing is a powerful tool - non-mobile channels can promptconsumers to text certain codes to receive special offers, calls-to-action at live events can engageattendees in the live action by texting with their mobile devices, and deliver straightforwardmarketing communications to consumers via SMS as well. Although SMS is now ubiquitous, thetechnological understanding of what people use SMS for is not, and mobile marketing agenciesdistinguish themselves with a practical knowledge of how to best apply texting in the context ofdigital marketing campaigns.Reach and TargetingMobile marketing is relatively new, so it is not always as easy as it is with other channels to gatherneeded impressions, form new goals and reach them. Although smart phone and ad-enabledapplication penetration is on the rise, there are still fewer mobile-based impressions available tomarketers than say, web-based impressions. Agencies therefore distinguish by two things - a) theability to source and have as many impressions as possible, and b) the ability to source and by theright impressions to specific clients. The latter is all about targeting, which is tougher when theoverall pool of impressions available is smaller. However, good mobile marketing agencies willwork with carriers, application developers, and anyone else in the mobile value chain to matchvaluable demographic and psychographic facts to their ad impressions. For example, thedeveloper of a particular mobile game will often have good demographic data about the customerswho download it, and a good mobile marketing agency will ask for and use that data when makingmedia buy recommendations to its clients.The BasicsUltimately, mobile marketing agencies are also distinguished by the discipline and ability thatdistinguishes good traditional marketing agencies - a solid understanding of and adherence to themarketing funnel. The platform sometimes is new, and the screen is smaller, but the fundamentalsof marketing have not changed - an amount of impressions will convert to amount of clicks, andamount of clicks will convert to number of purchases.Mobile marketing agencies, like traditional marketing agencies, distinguish by their ability to helpclients best target their impressions to reach the right consumers and to generate compellingcreative that will lead to the greatest possible click rates. Bottom line: mobile marketing agenciesdistinguish by their understanding of mobile-specific creative, technical expertise, andreach/targeting. However, the fundamentals of good marketing have not changed, and they applyto handset screens just as they applied to television screens 50 years ago.There is a growing trend to start reaching customers through their cell phones and you will start tosee more mobile marketing companies.There are examples of these companies at Agencies have the specialty to be able to give you high quality, and measurable results withyour mobile marketing campaign. You may or may not decide to use a specific mobile agency as
  3. 3. today more agencies have moved into this space. However, mobile agencies have been doing thisfor years and often will be your best value for promotion.Article Source: ====Real Flight Simulator For PC. Get Instant Download Access Now! ====