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The Secrets To Profitable Mobile Marketing

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The Secrets To Profitable Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Real Flight Simulator For PC. Get Instant Download Access Now! ====1. Why Is Mobile Marketing Worth Considering?Mobile marketing is without a doubt the best opportunity to connect with your target customerswhen they are more likely to be in a position to buy your products or services. Not only that butupselling and cross-selling is so much easier as well as introducing new items, create solidBRAND awareness and even motivating people to spend a great deal more.But heres the best bit - "The mobile market is relatively massive" as its widely known that 93% ofthe population in USA has a cell (mobile) phone and it has been reported that 91% of them keep itwithin 3 to 4 feet of them 24 hours a day every day.In the UK there are far more mobile phones than there are people living there and Globally, it iscommonly estimated that there are over 5 BILLION mobile phones already in use.2. Mobile Marketing means invading personal spaceBefore starting out on any mobile marketing campaign its vital to remember that you are trying toreach your target audience within what they consider their personal or private space, so it must bedone with great care and consideration.Mobile phones are a direct connection with the very person your are trying to market to and thattheir mobile phone number is one which they wish to keep private as much as possible and onlytheir banking PIN number is regaurded more precious as far as numbers are concerned.Misuse or abuse of that privilege can quickly turn trust into a sour relationship and all the hardwork you have done to reach that consumer will be gone for good.Getting a consumer to Opt-In to your mobile marketing campaign or advert on a mobile phone isan affirmation that you have "connected" with that customer so doing the right things like advisingthem that rates may apply is good practice as nobody wants to get surprises when their mobilephone bill arrives.3. Mobile Marketing can be Pin-Point accurate in reaching your Geo-Demographic AudienceYou cant please all of the people all of the time but being as accurate with your mobile marketingas possible to reach the very audience who are most likely to have an interest in what you areoffering helps to reduce the "Invading of Personal Space" problem considerably.Targeting the right audience of the exact age range, sex and geographic area for your offering isnt
  2. 2. that difficult as many mobile and in particular Smartphone advertising platforms can do just thatwith outstanding accuracy.So its essential that if you are a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) business, that you knowbeforehand who, where and what are your ideal consumer and what time of day and how oftenthey need to be exposed to your mobile marketing message. This will also help you decide on thebudget you need for an effective campaign.4. Enticing Your Target Consumer Using Mobile MarketingOnce you have decided upon the budget, what you want to offer and most importantly who is yourideal target consumer, then the next thing to do is decide upon how you want to reach out to themwith Mobile Marketing.Many B2C businesses have many different offerings but the biggest motivator or method forengaging with your target consumer is to give them something for free in return for getting them totake some kind of action that you want them to do.For example, you may want to send out a 30% Off voucher which is valid for the next 30 days togirls aged between 18 and 40 years, living in London for your clothing boutiques new spring rangewhich can only be redeemed within the store itself.There again, you may be a national company that needs to get to people when they are in need ofyour service like an Insurance broker and in which case you will need your target audience to Opt-In by giving you their name and e-mail address (and possibly mobile phone number) in exchangefor a free gift, like a report on "the best ways to prevent accidents in the home" or "the top 5 waysto prevent a burglar getting into your house"maybe!However, dont capture information just for the sake of it as consumers get suspicious if they giveyou their information and there isnt anything forthcoming. So plan your strategy before you launchyour mobile marketing campaign and be sure to include immediate offers and follow ups. Butremember, your customers or prospects will happily share their contact information in exchangefor a gift or discount.5. Testing is the key to any Mobile Marketing campaigns successProbably the most important aspect of Mobile Marketing, is to measure and test your campaignsand adverts. Being able to adjust and measure the change in results from those adjustments iscritical. Just putting up an advert, sending it out and then hoping for the best is more often than nota complete waste of time.Sometimes you may only need a slight tweak to your advert or increase the age range you aretargeting for example but having the ability to compare adverts or run similar campaigns tomeasure which is the more effective will ensure your budget spend goes down as you get moreefficient and the results go up time after time.Mobile Marketing can deliver the reports you need to be able to split test adverts and measureresults. There isnt a better medium out there for getting your message direct to your target
  3. 3. consumer like Mobile Marketing can.And if you would like to tell us your thoughts on the subject then Id love to hear from or why nottake a look at some of our other articles on Mobile Phone Marketing or on understanding what tolook for when considering a Mobile Marketing campaignIan Jillings is the owner of where he provides Mobile Marketing tips andresources.Article Source: ====Real Flight Simulator For PC. Get Instant Download Access Now! ====