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difficulties will be solved in the future, mobile advertising will still face competition from otheradvertising and market...
they are paid to view them, many still view the ads as a nuisance. It doesnt make sense for theadvertiser to pay a consume...
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The Secrets To Profitable Mobile Marketing


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The Secrets To Profitable Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Real Flight Simulator For PC. Get Instant Download Access Now! ====The world we live in gets easily bored and craves novelty. Smart marketers look for new ways toput a twist on old standby marketing and advertising techniques. Marketing through television andradio channels has been done to death and has more nuisance value than anything else as far asthe audience is concerned.For marketers seeking new ways and means to expand their reach anywhere their prospects are -- the future is here. Smart marketers and advertisers create a personal touch in their adcampaigns. This is one of the reasons why mobile advertising is rapidly increasing in popularity asan effective marketing tool. And the astonishing use of mobile devices leveraged this trend.There are over 1.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide according to the InternationalTelecommunications Union with the highest growth percentage coming from emerging economieslike China, Russia and India. The US has about 200 million mobile subscribers. Smart marketersare tapping into the potential to reach their prospects as theyre on the move. Mobile devices arepractically a permanent attachment for people under age 34.Mobile Advertising is delivered in a number of formats. Text messaging, mobile internetadvertising and mobile radio advertising are some of the common advertising formats. Out ofthese, text messaging (SMS) is the most widely used format.According to the joint Mobile Advertising Report (MAR) released by Limbo and GfK Technology,text message usage is about 74% in India, 48% in the UK and 22% in the US. Projections predictin the near future mobile internet advertising will surpass text message advertising(FierceWireless).In June 2008, Nokia launched the Nokia Advertising Alliance that aims to make mobile advertisingeasier for advertisers. This particular program includes services like providing marketingstrategies, geographic targeting and related technologies to enhance customer captivation. Nowadvertisers can work in conjunction with Nokia to expand the coverage of mobile advertising withemerging mobile technologies for more powerful ad promotions.The best part about mobile marketing is mobile devices are more heavily used than traditionalPCs. Mobile advertisements are delivered to the customer no matter where they are. Even withthese advantages, mobile advertising is still in its "early adopter" stages with a long way to go. Themain obstacles are in the form of data tariff structures, handset and mobile internet interactivityand quality of subject matter.Like the early days of the Internet, there are more advertisers than quality content. Add to that anacute lack of tools to assess the performance of mobile ad campaigns. Even though most of these
  2. 2. difficulties will be solved in the future, mobile advertising will still face competition from otheradvertising and marketing methods. Google, Microsoft and Nokia are the prominent players inmobile advertising. The future holds a huge potential in terms of revenues from mobile marketingspend..According to a report released by Informa Telecoms & Media, it is estimated that marketingon mobile will generate USD 1.72 billion in 2008 and will rise to USD 12 billion in 2013. The reportalso advocates the use of banner ads as an effective tool in mobile advertising. The reporthighlights the significance of focusing on the long run and not the short term stumbling blocks.Yahoo jumped on the bandwagon in June 2008 when it partnered with Publicis to integratePublicis mobile advertising agency (PhoneValley) with Yahoos mobile developer platformlanguage (Blueprint). The partnership is aimed at developing brands, reaching customers andmaximizing sales through new techniques. It also aims to initiate cutting edge advertisingstrategies in the future.Since the potential market for mobile advertising is huge, a few companies are exploring newhorizons and expanding in new territory. For example, Millenial Media Inc., is venturing intoEurope, Africa and the Middle East. Millenial develops ads for cell-phones and mobiles. Its CEOPaul Palmieri says "There is a tremendous growth opportunity for advertising on mobile on aglobal basis, as evidenced by a rich and active mobile direct marketing industry, as well as surgingdemand from top brand advertisers."The media industry and brand advertisers are slowly catching on and making use of mobileadvertising to increase market penetration. Mobile advertising has added support fromapplications like ringtones and pictures. Bluetooth advertising is also growing in popularity. Here, acompany can advertise its products or services over a fixed area.The three major search engines: Yahoo, Google and Microsoft have already realized the potentialand the possibilities of the mobile advertising market. MSN uses banner ads on MSN mobilepages. Earlier MSNs mobile advertising was confined to countries like France, Japan, Spain andUK. Recently it expanded coverage to include the US. Google also launched mobile image ads.When the cell phone browser is opened these image ads are displayed on the screen. However,the ad size is much smaller as compared to those for web pages. These image ads are connectedto a web page and they follow the price-per-click model Google AdWords uses.Advertising on mobile is one of best forms of mass medium advertising. Its personal, and has awider reach than any other form of advertising. Its still early to comment on exactly how big orhow successful it will prove to be. However, by all indicators "the futures so bright you gotta wearshades."The predictions about the future revenues generated through mobile advertising optimistic. Abrand advertiser, a mobile advertising company and the consumer will have different perceptionsof mobile marketing. However, advertising on mobile also comes with its fair share of drawbacks.Mobile ads are sometimes viewed as another form of spam and the advertisers as spammers. Toresolve this issue, there are programs developed to give subscribers free talk-time for performingcertain activities related to viewing ads. As far as the opinions of consumers are concerned, its amixed bag. This is because people are simply not accustomed to being paid to view ads. Even if
  3. 3. they are paid to view them, many still view the ads as a nuisance. It doesnt make sense for theadvertiser to pay a consumer to view ads if there are no conversions.The debate continues. In the end the mighty dollar will decide. Most everyone agrees mobileadvertising is here to stay.Need the inside scoop on "exactly" how to market your business online? You can start with[] where you join other smart small businesses and marketersget professional insider game-changers to market your business, product or service on ANYbudget.Article Source: ====Real Flight Simulator For PC. Get Instant Download Access Now! ====