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W.b 28. 01.13


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W.b 28. 01.13

  1. 1. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction DiaryPROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including PossibleContingency Plans If Problems Anticipated)Mon W/B 14/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Today was the first lesson we had when we was given this projectso I had to start thinking and deciding what type of project Iwanted to do. I decided that I would make a Celebrity, Beauty andFashion magazine for older teenage females. So now that I havecome up with my initial idea I have begun filling in my timemanagement timeline as I know exactly what things I will need todo for: research, pre-production, production and post-production.I plan to have this time management task completedand uploaded to my blog by next week. Then I willbegan the piece of work I said I would do next on mytime management schedule which is part of my marketresearch – I will be looking at magazines with the samegenre as me and target audience to find the magazinesthat influence me then I will put them into aPowerPoint.Mon W/B 21/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I have started doing this PowerPoint and I am now half waythrough it I have included pictures of the magazine – the covercontents page, double page spreads and images they usethroughout the magazine and said what images I plan to use formine and gave information about the magazines that influence me.I just need to add a few more slides to this and it will bedone hopefully by the end of this week if not the end ofnext week’s first lesson so I am ready to do somethingelse for next week which will be writing my projectproposal.Mon W/B 28/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 04/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 11/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 18/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 25/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 04/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)
  2. 2. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction DiaryMon W/B 11/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 18/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 01/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 08/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 15/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK (Including PossibleContingency Plans)