Unit 57 landscape pictures review


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Unit 57 landscape pictures review

  1. 1. I needed ten images to edit and then make my final image, so I decided to try and take asmany pictures as I could so that I had a lot of images I could choose from.Before doing this shoot I planned to take more pictures in e dark as I waned los of colouredlights in my photographs and reflections in water, so all my images are mainly water baseddue to this and I wanted quite colourful images so that they was bright and stood out. Thereason I decided these were the type of images I wanted is because when I was doing myresearch and looking at other landscape photographers these kind of images were the onesthat I was attracted to the most.
  2. 2. I took 76 Images altogether and I focused my images mainly around water and the reflectionsoff the lights in them. This is why most of my images are took in the dark or of and around thewater.
  3. 3. Final Image 1:
  4. 4. First of all I changed thebrightness and contrast of myimage, I set them both to thehighest they would go as Iwanted the background toappear a lot darker and like beclose to black, but I still wantedthe colours of all the lights tostand out especially the bluecoming off the bridge. Afterdoing this I then used an effectto make the image appear morevibrant, as I wanted dark imageswith vibrant colours, to make itstand out. Then I used the colourbalance effect, where I movedthe Cyan colour and Blue to makethe colour of the bridge stand outas that is what I wanted to be themain focus of the picture.
  5. 5. Final Image Evaluation:My plan for this project was to create images thatwas took at night as I wanted a dark background withwater reflections and lots of different coloured lightsas I was going for images in the style of Andrewhackney and this is definitely what I have done withthis image, the original image turned out quite darkand because of the effects I used it enhanced thecolours that was there and made them appear a lotmore vibrant and bright as in the original image,nothing really stood out everything was really dark, Original Imagebecause I decided not to use a flash as it wouldchange most of the colours.I am quite happy with my final image however thereare things I would do differently if I was going to do itagain, I would keep the sky very black like how it wasoriginally and then just change everything else andmaybe try taking it on a different angle more in frontrather than the side, I did try to rotate it during theediting process but wasn’t happy with the result sodecided to keep it how it already was. Final Image
  6. 6. Final Image 2:
  7. 7. Final Image Evaluation: I was happy with the picture that I took however I just wanted it to be a lot brighter, mainly the water as I waned hat to be a deep blue colour, so I just changed brightness and contrast and then colour balance and adding a blue effect to the picture. With bright lights coming off the sun in the corner hat gave of a pink, red and yellow glowing reflection in the water that I think added to the effect with some of the buildings surrounding it. Original Image I planned to take more images at night so that I could et lights of bridges and buildings however I also liked it in the daylight when the sun was shining like in this photograph. I am really happy with my image and there would be nothing I would change I don’t think. Final Image
  8. 8. Final Image 3:
  9. 9. Final Image Evaluation:I was already happy with my original image whichis why I didn’t really change much when it came toediting, it was just that there was something in theright corner that I decided to crop out and then Ijust changed the brightness and contrast to makethe purple off the bridge and the lights stand out abit more than they had in the original photograph.I found that there wasn’t much I had to do withthis image and I really like what I have come outwith.However despite me being very happy with this Original Imageshot it has made me realise that when I go outagain taking photographs I will need to start takingmore than one shot of one thing like I will have totake a lot of shots of one particular thing to try andensure that I will have an image that I cant fault. Final Image
  10. 10. Final Image 4:
  11. 11. Final Image Evaluation:I wasn’t very happy with my image at firsthowever I wanted one with more of thebuildings and streets in rather then them allbeing around just water so I tried editing acouple of other pictures that I had took and Ifound that when I changed the image and putthem in black and white it made the photographappear a lot more professional.So I made the photo black and white andchanged brightness and contrast and thelightness.However if I was to do this again I would take Original Imagemore time to take more pictures like this basedmore on just buildings or streets and things togive more of a variety with my images. Final Image
  12. 12. Final Image 5:
  13. 13. Final Image Evaluation: I was very happy with this image and the angle it was on and the objects and everything that were captured in the photograph. So I just wanted to edit it a little, just to enhance the colours of the sky, street light and water. In the original image the water looked quite dark which gave the overall image quite a dull look , where as now after editing I think the photograph looks very bight and inviting. Original Image Final Image
  14. 14. Final Image: 6
  15. 15. First of all I changed thebrightness and contrast of myimage making it more brighter butusing the contrast to make certainareas of the background appeardarker. I then used the HueSaturation to lighten my imageand give it a light blue effect. Thenused variations where I decided Iwanted to pick the images thatfeatured the Cyan colour in it andticked highlights as what I wantedand then all these effects wenttowards creating my final image.After I used that I then decided tojust use the auto tone, contrastand colour this is because I justwanted to just change it slightlythen I was happy with what Icreated.
  16. 16. Final Image Evaluation: Before I started the project I had decided that I was going to create images mainly based around water with quite a lot of light and focusing mainly around one colour in particular and in nearly all of my images I had decided that, that particular colour would be Blue better known on Photoshop as Cyan this is a very light blue that is quite vibrant anyway but I enhanced the colour as I wanted very vibrant images. To get my final image I mainly just focused on changing the colour of the over all image and I changed the brightness and the contrast and the Original Image vibrance controls. I am quite pleased with my final image, I think it would be better though if I changed the colour of the sky on its own so that you could still get the clouds and things in rather than it just being a blur at the top of the image as that is how it is now that I have edited it altogether. So that is the one thing I would change if I was to do it again. Final Image