Task 8 evaluating your own work


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Task 8 evaluating your own work

  1. 1. Ashleigh Darlington Work evaluation Project: Our project was to make three digitally manipulated images that would relate to teenagers, and promote websites that they should go on, these websites are: Talk to Frank, Brook and Young Minds. Before the actual process of taking pictures and manipulating them and putting them on the template label of the bottle we had to research information about these three websites and about lucozade in order to help get a better understanding, which I found made it easier to choose my images and get on with the rest of the process. Effectiveness At the start of the brief I did not understand properly what we had to do as I was confused, this caused me to be a little behind with it all as I wasn’t properly sure what it was I had to do. However I found the research part of this project easy to do, but after the research I had trouble with coming up with my own idea’s of digitally manipulated images, however by collecting digitally manipulated images off the internet that other people had already made and it gave me a chance to see what digitally manipulated images I liked and what caught my eye, which gave me ideas for my own images as I picked certain parts from all the different images that I liked. Source of information I believe that my research was effective, for research I made mind maps took lots of pictures of the internet as well as my own later on and found out lots of information. All this helped me to develop an understanding of Lucozade and what it’s about also the same with the other campaigns we was involving in our project, It also helped me come up with my image ideas. Whilst doing my work I wrote/drawn my ideas, this was to help me remember and so I would have it there and add to it along the way. I took the images of my friend and got her opinions on some of my ideas.
  2. 2. Production Process Research: research was the first thing I did, I found my research very effective and helpful, I looked at all the websites I would be using, which helped me understand what it was that hey do and what it was that I had to do, as before my research I wasn’t fully sure what my task was. I also looked at other digitally manipulated images and collected the ones I liked and gathered them together and picked out different things from each to come up with my ideas. Planning: I used mind maps for all my planning, I did drawings and wrote things, explaining what to do and what I thought, I found it very helpful when I went back to it before starting my work as it helped me remember. Preparation: I hired a camera so that I was able to take the pictures and had all my notes and ideas with me whilst I took the pictures then I planned when me and my two friends would all be free and where we could go to take the pictures. Production: When actually taking pictures I went to my house with my two friends, I had lots of different changes of clothes and make up for my friend that would be my model and took lots of different pictures in different rooms after changing clothes and doing make up to fit the image and purpose that I was doing. I had to take lots of images of the same thing to make sure I got it right this did take a while but paid off in the end however on some I could have done with taking a few more better ones. Time management: I realised that I didn’t manage my time very well as I had all my pre-production and pictures I had taken prepared for the task’s deadline however I had no manipulated any of them and this is what I found the hardest and what took me the longest. Project management: I picked certain days and planned what days I would be able to do certain things, like the days I could take my images and things like that. These did go to plan too.
  3. 3. Monitoring work in progress: I didn’t regularly check my work whilst it was in progress, which led me to be behind a lot and spend too much time on one task rather than moving on to the others. I found that I didn’t look at the tasks properly as I didn’t think that some would take me longer than others as I only planned myself to use the exact same time for each task. Technical difficulties: Some difficulties I found was when I actually came to start manipulating my images on Photoshop, I found that my plans was a little difficult to carry out, for example I took two different images that I planned to combine together half of each image and but when I came to do it although I had took lots of pictures of each one none of them was on the same angle so it was difficult to do and as I wasn’t able to take one of the images again I had to find another way around it, which I did but my end result wasn’t as good as planned because of this. Creative ability: I was able to be creative with my images; I was creative with make-up and ideas. I used lots of things and lots went into dressing up the person before the actual pictures and also creative when digitally manipulating them. However before all this at the start I found it difficult to think of creative ideas but in the end after research i ended up coming up with too many ideas. Finished Product When I finished my artwork it did turn out different then originally planned, this was due to not being able to do everything I had wanted as certain things did not go right along the way, making my final piece different as I had to change things. I think that my product will work for my intended audience as it had to attract teenagers and I included a teenager on it, also my images were unusual and eye catching which would make people look then hopefully want to go on the website to find out more.
  4. 4. I am pleased with how something’s have turned out, however I think that other things could have been better as certain things didn’t turn out as good as I planned as I didn’t take certain things in to consideration whilst planning like, such as like what I did on my frank label as I took two images of the same face but changed it then I wanted to merge the two faces together using half of each face however when I actually tried to do this all the images I had took were slightly different angles and didn’t match up properly, I tried my hardest to go around this, but as I couldn’t take any more pictures I had to make do with what I had already took so I eventually got them together the best I could but some bits are still a little off and uneven. Is it ready for print? Yes all three of my Images have been completed, turned into JPEG images and put onto my label ready for print.