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My moviesssss

  1. 1. Fantasy films are films with imaginative and different themes, that involve magic like HarryPotter for example or supernatural events, make believe creatures or exotic fantasy worlds.I think the reason that Fantasy is my favourite genre is because of how different it is andbecause it is a make believe world they can have literally anything in them with lots of outof the ordinary events happening with characters that you wish existed. I like how they areinvented lands that are in a way made real when there is a film made about it.Sometimes fantasy films overlap with other genres such as science fiction orhorror, depending on what type of fantasy they are going there.Although Fantasy is my favourite film genre there are quite a few fantasy films that I don’tlike this is because I think that it depends on the person as everyone has a different fantasy.I also think most
  2. 2. Director: Bill CondonMain Stars: Kristen Stewart, RobertPattinson and Taylor LautnerYear of production: 2012Film Duration: 115 minutes12AFollowing on from Breaking Dawn Part 1 after the birth of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward’s(Robert Pattinson) daughter Renesme, Bella is now a new born vampire who is learning to useher abilities and bring their half human, half vampire daughter up. However they have to protecttheir daughter from the Volturi due to false allegations and the Cullens do this by gatheringtogether other vampire clans to make sure that they protect the child.I think I am mainly attracted to Fantasy genre films because I likehow imaginative and different they are and I find them veryexciting and like how different they can be.I like in particular how there is a romance element in this film andit is an unconventional romance which I prefer as it is somethingdifferent, making it more interesting. Out of all the Twilight’s this ismy favourite one as I think every new film they make is betterthan the one before it, which is good so that they can keep theirfans still watching.
  3. 3. The reason I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 was because I havewatched all of the others as it was a saga however the first time Iseen the first twilight advertised trailer as well as the genre andthe way it looked, I also was interested and wanted to see itbecause of the 2 main actors, Robert Pattinson and KristenStewart as these are two actors that I really like. I think that StarTheory really is right and I think that the popularity can increaseif you have chosen a well known and liked star to play one of theroles especially if you get more than one. So I think this helped towhy it was so successful, also due to the fact it was a book. Thefilm carried over its fans from their books as they had becomebest sellers. So there was a lot of excitement when people foundout that they was bringing films out.In my opinion star theory helps to expand a films target audienceas there could be someone that loves an actor that is in a film inthe cinema but not particularly usually like that type of genre butstill watch it as I have done this a few times and it has made mechange my mind on that genre as every time I have done this Ihave ended up liking the film after watching it.So I think that all film makers should try aim to get big stars toplay the roles in their films as it would really pay off for them.
  4. 4. Director: Lee Unkrich Main Stars: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack Year of production: 2010 Film Duration: 103 minutesIn this film the toys owner Andy is all grown upand is leaving for college, when his mumsuggests she throws away his toys he insiststhey are kept but put in the attic, however the Woody, Buzz and the whole gangtoys are mistakenly delivered to a day care are back. As their owner Andycentre right before Andy leaves. So it is now up prepares to depart for college, histo Woody to convince all the toys that it was in loyal toys find themselves in dayfact a mistake and they wasn’t abandoned, so care where untamed tots withthat they will all return home with him. This is a kids film as well as fantasy and family their sticky little fingers do notas when children go to watch this film they will play nice. So, its all for one andbe with adults there for more people will be one for all as they join Barbieswatching the film meaning that the film we get counterpart Ken, a thespianmore money. hedgehog named Mr. The budget for the film was $200 million and the Pricklepants and abox office takings were $ pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear called Lots-o-Huggin Bear to plan their great escape.
  5. 5. Director: Seth MacFarlene Main Stars: Seth MacFarlene, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Year of production: 2012 Film Duration: 106 minutes 15As the result of a Christmas wish made from alonely child, John Bennett’s teddybear, Ted, came to life and has been by John’sside ever since. But as John has grew up thisfriendship is tested when Lori, Johns girlfriend of4 years wants more from their relationship andthis includes her wanting Ted and John to seeeach other a lot less than they do. Fantasy genre based films are always mixedwith another genre, which is why there are somany different types of fantasy films and in thiscase with this film it is also a comedy, so it alsoappeals to that audience as well, it also haspopular cast members in it too.The film was released in the US and distributedby Universal Pictures.They had a budget of $50.000.000 and theyearned $539.815.487 from box office.
  6. 6. Media Literacy is a repertoire of competences that enables peopleto analyse, evaluate and create messages in a wide variety of mediamodes, genres and forms. Media Literacy involves recognition of media texts so that thingssuch as films get acknowledged. This plays a big part on howsuccessful a move can be as it needs to be advertised in order to getnoticed and become popular because if no one knows about thefilm then it wont get watched. The main way I find out about films isbecause of trailers on TV I think they are the best way of advertisinga film as it captures a wide audience range and shows clips from theactual film so you can see what it is like more.Other forms of advertising are billboards, magazines, webapplications, blogs, word of mouth, social networking sites, etc. Some media texts are made by individuals that work alone forthemselves or their family and friends, however most of them areproduced and distributed by groups of people usually forcommercial profit.