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  1. 1. For research I first of all created a questionnaire that I then handed out to my target audience, I did thisso that I would get a better idea of what they would like and want from a magazine to ensure that minewould be successful. This was my questionnaire:
  2. 2. I looked at some magazines that shared the same genre and target audience as the one I planned to create,this helped me gain more ideas as to what I wanted and what style I wanted to follow in. I looked at frontcovers, contents pages and double page spreads of music magazines as that is what I would be making Idecided that my main magazine influences are Kerrang and NME so I mainly looked at these two and made2 PowerPoints one just for front covers and one for contents pages and double page spreads, where Ianalysed them and discussed what I liked about them and what I would use and wouldn’t.Main influences for each page.
  3. 3. I looked at a few font websites but couldn’t find any I liked, however I found a font thatwas just on word that I liked so I decided to use this. My magazines name is REBELLIONso as I went for something quite simple I decided to add an image that would be usedas a letter so I put a guitar in the place the “I” would be.I am quite happy with my logo and think it suits the genre of my magazine well.
  4. 4. Original Image Edited ImageThese are the images that Ihave edited for my magazine,the first one is the photo that Ihave used for my front coverand the other two are on mydouble page spread feature. Iedited each picture the same.I started each image bycropping them down and thenI changed the brightness andcontrast and then I added theauto contrast effect and thehue/saturation and the curves.I wanted all my images to haveto same kind of effect so theyall look bright so the coloursstand out more as my targetaudience is young adults-teenagers I thought this wouldhelp my magazine stand out tothem more.
  5. 5. Original Image Edited Image These are the images that Ihave edited for my magazine, Icarried on using the sameediting effects that I had withthe others for these two,starting each image bycropping them down and thenchanging the brightness andcontrast and then adding theauto contrast effect and thehue/saturation and the curves.I was doing the same thingeach time I edited an imagebecause I want all my imagesto have the same stylethroughout my magazine.
  6. 6. Originally this image had a bit toomuch background in it that I didn’twant and this was the case with mostof the images so I started off bycropping it. Then I went on theadjustments menu and changed thebrightness and contrast with all theimages I made the brightness levelshigher than he contrast to make itbrighter and after that I just added theauto contrast effect to it to equalise itall.
  7. 7. Then I changed the hue/saturation toadd a little bit of colour to it and Ichanged the lightness as well andthen the curves I used this as Iwanted the background to be morewhiter as there was a bit of grey bitsand darker bits in it then I wantedthe picture to be a bit more brighter.
  8. 8. I created my front cover before I had anyof the images as I left getting my imagestill quite late so I had some complicationswhen putting the image I had chosen formy background on because of some ofcolours I had chosen for my text and I hadto change things around from where Ihad put them before because theyinterfered with the image a bit becauseof where I had placed them originally.My colour theme for my magazine wasblack and red so all my text was thiscolour except the title of the bands nameas I wanted that to stand out morebecause it was the main feature. Theimage I used also matched my colourscheme with a white background then heblack and red and blue of my modelsclothes.
  9. 9. I wanted more text on my contents page ratherthan lots of pictures as when I did myquestionnaire that’s what my target audience saidthey preferred. However I did want to use someimages as I didn’t want it to be too plain so Idecided to follow the style of one of Kerrangmagazines contents pages and have a main imageat the top then little ones, they had quite a lot oflittle ones which is something I didn’t like so Idecided to just have 2.
  10. 10. For my double page spreadI wanted to have one largethat would take up thewhole of one page andthen text on the other pagewith a couple of littleimages so I did this andadded 3 images in themiddle next to the text andthe large image so they wasin the middle.Then when I was looking atother music magazines forinspirations I looked at this:And when I looked at this image I like the big red L in thebackground under the text so I thought I would do it in minewith a C for the name of the band that feature on my doublepage spread.
  11. 11. To get my feedback I created a survey. I wrote the questions I wanted to ask and then I sentthem to people via email and then I put the cover, contents page and double page spread on ablog as I thought it would be clearer for them if I did it this way. Then I got my results.
  12. 12. I have looked at my feedback and overall I would say it is quite good feedback however there are a fewthings that I would change if I was to do it again like I needed to make my target audience more clearand improve my images. I could have done with taking more images as I didn’t take that many.
  13. 13. Overall I think that the things I did best in this project were the PowerPoints I didwhere I was analysing magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads,doing this research text helped me get ideas for my magazine as I found covers,contents pages and double page spreads that I liked and decided to use as myinspirations. I am quite happy with how my final product turned out and it all wentas I had planned it to out of them all I like my double page spread the best. I thinkif I was to do this project again then I would have to manage my time better astime management was definitely a weakness of mine as I didn’t get my images illthe very last minute which caused me to be behind for a while as there wasnothing I could do without the images but when I did finally get them I completedall of the editing and adding them to the pages in the same day. I also thought thatthe interview I wrote for my double page spread was good although a weakness Ihad at first was that I had no idea what to write and for a lot of the time I wasstaring at a blank page not knowing what to write but then I started looking onlineat double page spread articles in music magazines and looked in some magazinesand read there double page spread interview then I came up with my own ideasand began writing it.

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