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Booklet pokeshot smz

  1. 1. Social Business Zolutions made in Germany
  2. 2. About us As a leading full-service software consultancy and technology provider, Pokeshot///SMZ empowers your organization to get the most from social busi-ness technologies and achieve sustainable suc-cess. We work in close partnership with clients to defi ne, design and implement social software solutions that drive engagement and increase productivity. This is what makes us the leading Jive Consulting and Professional Service Partner in Europe. Our more than nine years’ experience in diverse national and international projects gives us an un-derstanding of the challenges that businesses face every day. A team of knowledgeable and creative professionals as well as a solid network of partners enable us to deliver solutions that solve these chal-lenges and make our clients more successful – not only today, but well into the future. Competence, Experience and Passion
  3. 3. Consulting We guide you through the process of becoming a successful social business – from the initial idea to conceptual development and implementation of your internal and external community. Our focus is always on creating long-term value and benefits for your organization. Leverage our experience to become a more social enterprise. Professional Services Our expert professionals allow you to provide a best-of-breed social business environment to your users. Whether you’re starting from scratch, enhancing your existing platform or integrating third-party systems, we use our knowledge and experience to develop and deploy solutions that meet your unique requirements – all the while maintaining the high standards you’d expect from a consulting partner that has been working with the Jive platform since 2005. Solutions & Products We develop and market products and solutions that boost the social business capabilities of Jive environ-ments. Our main areas of focus are translation and multilingual support, integrated communications, and social learning management, in addition to many other products and solutions. A team of knowledgeable and creative professionals
  4. 4. Consulting Digital Workplace & Social Intranet When creating a social business initiative to sup-port your internal communication processes, there is a wide spectrum of things you have to think about – from the strategic concept and the imple-mentation to user engagement and performance metrics. We at Pokeshot///SMZ can provide you with a strategic framework to help you establish a successful social business platform. Community Management Are you looking to launch an employee- or custom-er- centric community? Or do you already have one up and running but still need to establish ef-fective, professional management? The communi-ty experts at Pokeshot///SMZ will help you get the most from your social business efforts, whether you require consulting, training or implementation support – or all of these combined. Enabling You to Become a Successful Social Business
  5. 5. Change Management At the heart of every successful change or organiza-tional initiative lies a well-thought-out management strategy. Not having one would be like boarding a plane that wasn’t inspected for safety and whose destination was unknown. Experienced change man-agement consultants at Pokeshot///SMZ will help you successfully implement your social business suite. Social Media Consulting For most businesses, social media is just having a presence on Facebook. But what about your custom-ers: Do they use only one social channel? Probably not, because most people today are active on lots of other social media besides Facebook, such as Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Additionally, it’s key to know what’s being said about your company on the social web. Successful social media efforts require an inte-grated strategy and integrated implementation. You can count on the social media experts at Pokeshot///SMZ to help you achieve just that. Guidance throughout the entire process
  6. 6. Professional Services Technology Consulting Whether you want to have a social business solu-tion fully customized according to your needs, new usage scenarios added or the solution inte-grated into your existing IT infrastructure, we will help you decide the best course to take – while also providing you with expert advice on imple-menting Jive and other social software solutions within your organization. Software Development If you’re seeking high quality software develop-ment and competent support from start to fi nish, Pokeshot///SMZ is the right choice. We have a long track record of producing outstanding results in software development and IT architecture, and provide professional social business solutions from one source. Enabling You to Become a Successful Social Business
  7. 7. Delivery & Deployment We automate Jive deployment in your organiza-tion’s hosting environment in a way that seamlessly integrates with your existing solutions for continuous integration and testing and release management. Our continuous delivery appliance provides support throughout the entire process and ensures a smooth deployment. Support Services Whether you need comprehensive post-implemen-tation support services or targeted maintenance of your social software environment, our experienced and solution-oriented staff will keep your system running smoothly. As a Jive Professional Service Partner, we provide you with support services backed by Jive. Cloud Hosting Use Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers and easily deploy new versions of your application on a running environment without any downtime or rollback to a previous version. We help you to benefit from the advantages and to run or integrate your application on the cloud. Creating tailored solutions that drive business results
  8. 8. Solutions & Products Social Learning Solution Many companies are becoming increasingly inter-ested in an integrated learning environment for their Jive platform. The concept of “social learning” and incorporating its principles into an enterprise’s learning and knowledge strategy play a major role here. But social learning is not just about bring-ing Web 2.0 features such as blogs, wikis and commenting capabilities into the business world; instead it is about weaving these features into em-ployee- and work-centric use cases. Traditional learning management systems (LMSs) haven’t kept up with the social business paradigm ushered in by collaboration platforms like Jive. By focusing mainly on the “management” part, these tools lack relevance and are normally used only once or twice a year. What’s more, they include their own social elements, thus undermining your investment in Jive. Social Business Meets German Engineering Social learning directly in Jive
  9. 9. Social Learning with SmarterPath Our SmarterPath solution embeds social learning directly in the Jive user experience. Instructors can leverage content directly from Jive to build their cours-es. And participants can progress through learning paths while working in Jive, using familiar Jive fea-tures to collaborate with peers. Thanks to the seamless integration of SmarterPath in Jive, your employees will no longer need to famil-iarize themselves with a second tool. Learning now takes place directly in their normal work environment. Ideally, they won’t even notice they are learning. Use cases for SmarterPath include: Onboarding, e.g. via quizzes Sales and partner enablement Customer training programs Talent management
  10. 10. Social Business Meets German Engineering Multi-Language Solution Companies running Jive in a customer facing or internal environment with a global reach need an integrated time- and cost-saving translation tool. Such a solution adds a host of advanced multi-lingual capabilities to the Jive environment. This includes simplifying translation and management of UI text, editing labels and interface elements directly in the frontend, adding translations for new languages with one click and easily keeping track of different language versions. On top of all this, no programming knowledge is needed. But that’s not all: You also need the ability to translate Jive con-tent into the users preferred language automati-cally and in real time, and you can create multiple language versions of documents and present the correct version to users based on their language settings. Use cases for Multi-Language Solution include: Easy UI editing Multi-language content Automated translation Solutions & Products
  11. 11. i18n Translation Manager Find the right words for your audience. Simplify translation and management of UI text in Jive with our i18n Translation Manager plugin. Edit labels and interface elements directly in the frontend and in the right context, add translations for new languages with one click and let community managers easily manage and track translations. Jive translation the easy way! Multi-Language Content If your Jive community has an international audience, you are likely to run into situations where content needs to be provided in different languages. Our plugin for multi-language documents allows you to effectively address this issue. Users are presented with the right version of a document based on their language settings, and announcements can be targeted to different audiences based on language and location. Automated Translation Allow a global audience to understand and benefit from your content. Provide your users with a trans-lation service that can translate all texts in Jive into the desired language within seconds. Simplify the creation of multilingual documents using automated translations or even display content in the desired language on the fly. Multi-language support
  12. 12. Social Business Meets German Engineering Additional Products FlowWorker Pokeshot///SMZ’s FlowWorker solution integrates your business processes into Jive. Whether you want to publish company-wide guidelines, require input from multiple authors or need rules to apply for a limited time only, the FlowWorker add-on allows you to freely confi gure workfl ows. A FlowWorker license also gives you access to standard workfl ows that you can use directly in Jive. Company Dictionary Company Dictionary is an enterprise-wide digital resource for company- and industry-specifi c termi-nology. All dictionary entries are listed in a conve-nient overview page where they are easily acces-sible to your employees. The terms can also be found in Jive searches and are embedded in Jive content via !App. Social Connectors for Jive Bring the power of real-time communications to your Jive environment. Our Sametime Connector for Jive embeds chat sessions, presence information and audio/video conferencing from IBM Sametime. Our Lotus Notes Social Connector ensures that great ideas didn’t get trapped in your inbox. It provides so-cial context and immediacy that email lacks, connect-ing the right people with just the right information. SmarterPath BriefMe for Jive SmarterPath BriefMe for Jive combines the process-es of employee performance review and employee status reporting into one simple embedded user experience within the Jive platform. Employee performance reviews can be conducted using the proven 9-box review approach. By embed-ding this process into the Jive platform both mentors and employees can easily reach out to other col-leagues for review and feedback.
  13. 13. Stephan Müller-Ziebur Managing Partner & Professional Services Nils Heuer Product Development Christoph Rauhut Consulting Services Pokeshot///SMZ +1 415 263 9091 +49 30 639 277 30 Am Studio 2 12489 Berlin Germany