Customer Self-Service


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Capturing the attention of your customers is more complicated than ever.

Prospective customers are more flexible and use new channels to get acquainted with companies they are interested in. But there are also other challenges, including how to identify customers, how to engage them, how to integrate their ideas into company processes and how to manage their relationships with companies.

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Customer Self-Service

  1. 1. /// Customer Self-Service Challenge / Solutions / KPI Pokeshot///SMZ 1
  2. 2. /// Customer Self-Service Your Challenge: A new age has dawned for customer selfservice. And: Sustained multi-channel advances, coupled with the mass proliferation of mobile devices, mean organizations can no longer get by with restricted service channels and availability. The challenge ahead is to integrate self-service into overall channel strategies and to meet customer expectations without creating isolated communications channels for customers to get trapped in. Pokeshot///SMZ 2
  3. 3. /// Customer Self-Service Our Solution: Be aware of the new kind of customer and implement selfservice based on a focused, purposeful and achievable cross-channel service strategy. 1 Integrate your external community into your internal systems 2 Monitor or even participate in these tools to stay in touch with your customers and build up a selfadjusting community where users support each other with a minimum help from your staff 3 Self-regulation of support requests within the community due to the possibility to connect your customers to help each other Pokeshot///SMZ 3
  4. 4. /// Customer Self-Service The Benefits & KPI's: Our experience in this area allows us to help improve the following key performance indicators of your organization 1 2 3 4 Number of superusers Number of requests Number of requests solved by the community Ratio of all requests to the requests via the community Pokeshot///SMZ 4
  5. 5. /// Customer Community External Community: An external community for a leading sports manufacturer was implemented by Pokeshot///SMZ on the basis of Jive to support their customers after releasing new devices. It was important to to provide them a channel were customers could find answers to general questions and exchange information with others. They also use this community to visualize workout data of their new devices and form groups within the community to share experiences they’ve had. Pokeshot///SMZ 5
  6. 6. /// Thank you If you have any questions don’t hesitate contacting us. Learn more at Contact us at Pokeshot///SMZ 6