IPTC Semantic Web Working Group 2011 Autumn Working Group


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The Autumn 2011 IPTC Semantic Web Working Group

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IPTC Semantic Web Working Group 2011 Autumn Working Group

  1. 1. IPTCSemantic WebWorking Group Stuart Myles Associated Press 5th October 2011
  2. 2. IPTC SemWeb Working Group• Making use of Semantic Web technologies for news – Leverage technologies developed by others• The work falls into two main areas: – Models • Determine what aspects of news to represent – Formats • The details of how to represent the news • Using RDFa, microformats, Linked Data, microdata © 2011 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 2
  3. 3. IPTC’s Semantic Web AgendaAt this meeting we will discuss• rNews 1.0• Linked Data for News• W3C semnews Community Group © 2011 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 3
  4. 4. The Semantic Web and Linked DataMoving beyond a web of documents To a web of dataSemantic Web technologiesextend today’s web with• machine readable information• links between data and servicesAlso known as “The Giant Global Graph”, “Web 3.0”, “A Web of Things” …There are different theories about what it is and how to get there. © 2011 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 4
  5. 5. Semantic Web and Linked Data http://bnode.org/media/2009/07/08/semantic_web_technology_stack.png
  6. 6. rNews: News Metadata in HTML• One goal – Promote the creation of better, more accurate tools for working with news on the web – By adding news metadata to HTML• (At least) three approaches – Microformats • conventions for using standard HTML • to add labels to indicate the meaning of markup – RDFa • alter your HTML document to use non HTML attributes • to insert RDF triples to indicate the meaning of markup – Microdata • a proposed set of structures within HTML5 • to associate name value pairs with scoped items in HTML © 2011 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 6
  7. 7. rNews 0.5 -> 1.0 `rNews 0.5 rNews 1.0 © 2011 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 7
  8. 8. Motion for a VoteMotion to the Standards Committee: To approve rNews Version 1.0 as specified in 20110923-DRAFT-rNews_1.0.zip © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 8
  9. 9. Linked Data for News• IPTC NewsCodes available as Linked Data – Connect related data across the web using URIs, HTTP & RDF• Followed the Linked Data principles, as specified by TBL – Use URIs as names for things – Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names. – When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using the standards (RDF, SPARQL) – Include links to other URIs, so that they can discover more things http://www.iptc.org/site/NewsCodes/NewsCodes_Retrieval_in_Different_Formats © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. More Linking• The current IPTC Linked Data only links between IPTC NewsCodes – We’ve experimented with mapping to DBpedia – We’ve discussed mapping with Freebase• We propose to explore linking to non-IPTC resources – Make the IPTC NewsCodes linked data more useful – Potential for IPTC to become a “hub” in the Linked Data network – Identify candidate resources, experiment with mappings – Report findings at the London meeting © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. W3C semnews Community Group © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 11
  12. 12. Date and Place of Next Meeting London 19th – 21st March, 2012Danke und auf Wiedersehen! © 2011 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 12