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IPTC Rights Working Group Summer 2012


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IPTC Rights Working Group Summer 2012

  1. 1. Rights Expression Language Working Group Stuart Myles 11th June 2012
  2. 2. RightsMLPublishers need to express rights on the uses of content Often need to enforce rights on behalf of 3rd partiesClients need to know permissions and restrictions Rights are a key criteria for selecting contentRightsML is an IPTC standard, based on ODRL machine readable permissions, restrictions and duties Derived from media industry requirements Mainly from AP, NLA, Getty, WSJ, Newsright Can be embedded within content (e.g. G2, ATOM) or stand alone Designed for automatic evaluation
  3. 3. Traditional Publishing A feed per publication A tuned Licensed content for one set outlet EditorsOften by review media notes type
  4. 4. One Publishing House With many publications Newspapers,Content still magazines,licensed per broadcast outlet channels Websites and apps for Content desktop, duplication smartphone, tablet Enshrines legacyrelationships
  5. 5. Most Publishing House Take Content from Multiple Providers Lots of complexityand waste forpublishers and providers. Harder forpublishers to respond to newopportunities
  6. 6. RightsML Enables Automated Publishing That Respects Rights AutomaticallyContent still route contentlicensed per outlet Less editorial intervention to checkNo content restrictionsduplication Apply New uses forrestrictions content withoutper content a duplicate item feed
  7. 7. Not Just Feeds: APIsContent stilllicensed per outlet One API key rather than one per outlet Applyrestrictionsper content item
  8. 8. ODRL v2The Core ODRL model supports permissions, restrictions and duties © 2012 IPTC ( All rights reserved 8
  9. 9. RightsML 1.0 Actions• aggregate • index• annotate • inform• attribute • nextPolicy• delete • obtainConsent• derive / modify • pay• display / present • play / present• export / transform • print• extract • share• give • translate• include © 2012 IPTC ( All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. RightsML 1.0 Example © 2012 IPTC ( All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. At the Last Meeting We Launched the RightsML “Experimental Phase”
  12. 12. RightsML Experimental Phase 1. Publishers try RightsML 2. Give IPTC feedback 3. IPTC adjusts RightsML Adequate vocabularies? Rights, Restrictions, Duties Can partners express andprocess the rights they need?How can IPTC make RightsML better?
  13. 13. RightsML Experimental Phase• Main participants in RightsML experimental phase – AP, AFP, DPA, Getty, Thomson Reuters – No one from outside IPTC, so far• Documentation – Filled out – Updated and published RightsML 1.0 Draft• The initial feedback from the experimental phase – It is difficult to know where to begin with RightsML – There is a limit to how much time anyone can spend• Requests for detailed examples – Great idea! – There is a limit to how much time anyone can spend © 2012 IPTC ( All rights reserved 13
  14. 14. Emerging RightsML Patterns• Original distribution style: NewsML-G2 – Embed or link to RightsML in NewsML-G2 – Also embed or link in ATOM – Also as a standalone file• A couple of additional distribution patterns have emerged• RightsML in image binaries – Express RightsML in XMP – But we lack RDF expertise – And what about overlap with PLUS?• RightsML in rNews – Is the usageTerms link sufficient? © 2012 IPTC ( All rights reserved 14
  15. 15. Date and Place of Next MeetingMoscow 22 - 24 October, 2012 Thank you and Goodbye! © 2012 IPTC ( All rights reserved 15