IPTC Rights Expression Working Group Spring 2014


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RightsML is the standard rights expression language for the news and media industry. Based on W3C's ODRL, IPTC RightsML lets providers, intermediaries and customers express and evaluate precise, machine processable permissions, restrictions and duties. The goal is to promote the efficient and accurate use of entitled content.

A new draft of RightsML in JSON http://www.w3.org/community/odrl/work/json/ and how to represent rights data in photo binaries.

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IPTC Rights Expression Working Group Spring 2014

  1. 1. Rights Expression Working Group Stuart Myles * Associated Press * 10th March 2014 http://www.flickr.com/photos/toffaelrashid/7574046808/
  2. 2. RightsML Publishers need to express rights on the uses of content Often need to enforce rights on behalf of 3rd parties Clients need to know permissions and restrictions Rights are a key criteria for selecting content RightsML is an IPTC standard, based on ODRL http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML http://www.w3.org/community/odrl Machine processable permissions, restrictions and duties Derived from media industry requirements Can be embedded within content (e.g. G2, ATOM) or stand alone Designed for automatic evaluation
  3. 3. ODRL v2 © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 3 The Core ODRL model supports permissions, restrictions and duties http://www.w3.org/community/odrl/two/model/
  4. 4. ODRL Encoding (1/3) © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 4 The ODRL model is designed to be encoded in various formats So far, only the XML encoding has been standardized... http://www.w3.org/community/odrl/two/xml/
  5. 5. ODRL Encoding (2/3) There is an official draft for an ODRL ontology http://www.w3.org/ns/odrl/2/ © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 5
  6. 6. ODRL Encoding (3/3) And an updated draft for ODRL in JSON http://www.w3.org/community/odrl/work/json/ © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 6
  7. 7. Driving Adoption • Working with W3C CG to refine and simplify ODRL 2.0 • Provide more examples and templates • Address RightsML in binaries via ODRL in JSON © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 7
  8. 8. Examples and Templates • Lots of work on documentation – http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML • Simple restrictions examples, designed to be templates – Geography – Time – Distribution channel – Default “read the editors’ notes” – Action – Duty to pay – http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML-Examples-Simple-Cases • Now re-working the original examples – http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML-10-Implementation-Examples – Using the new “simple” examples as building blocks © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 8
  9. 9. Refining ODRL • Working with ODRL W3C CG – Simplify and enhance ODRL – Improve documentation • Slim down the Common Vocabulary – Remove terms that really belong in their own profiles – OMA – CC / CCREL – ONIX • Adding profile attribute • Adding datatype and unit to constraints © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. Rights in Binaries • Rights metadata for photo and video – An id linking to a registry with rights metadata is one approach – Embedding rights metadata in binaries needs to be supported • Express ODRL and hence RightsML in JSON – Easy to embed in XMP (unlike RDF or XML) – Designed to be simpler, more “natural” JSON, akin to NINJS – Try it out and provide feedback – Drafted within W3C ODRL Community Group – http://www.w3.org/community/odrl/work/json/ © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. Rights and IPTC Photo Metadata • Requirements for embedding rights expressions in binaries • For the consideration by the IPTC Photo Metadata group • Draft: – http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML-Requirements-for-Embedding- Rights-in-Binaries – A field and a way to convey how to handle it (e.g. MIME type) • XMP already supports 3+ rights representations – CC, PLUS, PRISM – What should providers do? Recipients? – How should rights in XMP be displayed e.g. in Adobe panels? © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 11
  12. 12. RightsML and the iptc.org website • Add RightsML to the “main” iptc.org website • Something was pulled together a couple of years ago • It needs to be updated to reflect the current situation • Let’s refresh and then we can publish © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 12
  13. 13. Rights Feedback • Try out RightsML and give us feedback • Does the spec need further clarifications? • Are the use cases, templates and examples helpful? • Can you contribute any? • What else would help to drive adoption? • http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML • iptc-rightsml-dev@yahoogroups.com © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 13
  14. 14. Date and Place of Next Meeting Beijing, China June, 2014 http://www.flickr.com/photos/26226551@N00/10753739865/ Teşekkür ve veda! © 2014 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 14