IPTC Rights Working Group Autumn 2012


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Rights expression for the news industry, using RightsML and ODRL. Updates on the RightsML Experimental Phase, discussion of embedding sophisticated rights expression in binaries, the LCC/RDI EC project and a lookahead to the IPTC Spring meeting.

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IPTC Rights Working Group Autumn 2012

  1. 1. Rights Expression Language Working Group Stuart Myles 23rd October 2012
  2. 2. RightsMLPublishers need to express rights on the uses of content Often need to enforce rights on behalf of 3rd partiesClients need to know permissions and restrictions Rights are a key criteria for selecting contentRightsML is an IPTC standard, based on ODRL http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML http://www.w3.org/community/odrlExpress machine readable permissions, restrictions and duties Derived from media industry requirements Mainly from AP, NLA, Getty, WSJ, Newsright Can be embedded within content (e.g. G2, ATOM) or stand alone Designed for automatic evaluation
  3. 3. ODRL v2The Core ODRL model supports permissions, restrictions and duties http://www.w3.org/community/odrl/two/model/ © 2012 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 3
  4. 4. RightsML 1.0 Actions• aggregate • index• annotate • inform• attribute • nextPolicy• delete • obtainConsent• derive / modify • pay• display / present • play / present• export / transform • print• extract • share• give • translate• include http://www.iptc.org/std-dev/RightsML/1.0EP/specification/RightsML_1.0EP1-spec_2.pdf © 2012 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 4
  5. 5. RightsML 1.0 Examplehttp://dev.iptc.org/RightsML-10-Example-Redistributing-Photos © 2012 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 5
  6. 6. RightsML “Experimental Phase” http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML
  7. 7. RightsML Experimental Phase• Some progress – AP, Thomson Reuters and Getty main participants in calls – AP to release a RightsML implementation after the US elections• Improved documentation – http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML – Lots more examples – Capturing the original requirements and use cases• Clarifications of issues with ODRL – http://dev.iptc.org/RightsML-and-ODRL-20-2012 – ODRL media type – How to identify groups of assets – How to define anonymous policies – Make flexible properties (like currency amounts) more flexible © 2012 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 7
  8. 8. RightsML Experimental Phase Initial Conclusion • Rights are complex • But you don’t have to solve it all before you can solve something © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 8
  9. 9. RightsML in Binaries• Expressing sophisticated rights in still or moving images – RightsML can accompany a binary in an XML “sidecar” – But how to inject RightsML into the binary itself?• Isn’t XMP the solution? – No: XMP is a subset of RDF – Insufficient to express the (draft) ODRL-in-RDF http://www.w3.org/community/semnews/2012/09/17/rdfowl- semantic-web-mapping-for-odrl-v2-0/• A possible hack workaround? – Publisher encodes RightsML XML as CDATA “hidden” in XMP – Clients extract CDATA encoded RightsML and upconvert to XML http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2067116/convert-an-xml- element-whose-content-is-inside-cdata © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. LCC and RDI• Linked Content Coalition – “An initiative to improve access to, and licensing of, digital content for any media and use.” – Launched April 2012, 40+ members, including IPTC and CEPIC – Specify the framework for rights data interoperability • RightsML/ODRL is to be part of the interoperable framework – All content types – book, journal, news, image, sound recordings, audiovisual, games etc.• Rights Data Integration Project – EC funded project, to start in Jan 2013 – Create a working prototype of the LCC specifications. http://www.linkedcontentcoalition.org/ © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. Spring Meeting: A Focus on Rights “Standards, rights, and data. These are the three elements which can restrain digital growth, or propel it.” http://www.idealog.com/blog/three-words-of-wisdom-standards-rights-data/• Proposal: make rights a focus of the Spring meeting – Invite rights experts, from IPTC members and beyond• Sponsor a general discussion of rights – Cover business, editorial, technical and legal issues – Not restricted to RightsML and ODRL• Goals – Seek guidance – Gain visibility for our efforts – Build on momentum for RightsML work so far © 2010 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 11
  12. 12. Date & Place of the Next Meeting IPTC Spring 11 – 13 March 2013 Amsterdam, Nederland Спасибо и до свидания! © 2012 IPTC (www.iptc.org) All rights reserved 12