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Ap Taxonomy Localization Requirements and Challenges


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AP's Taxonomy is - currently - US English. What are the challenges of localizing - not just translating - for other languages? What would be the ideal approach?

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Ap Taxonomy Localization Requirements and Challenges

  1. 1. AP Taxonomy Localization L0N Requirements and Challenges Stuart Myles April 2018
  2. 2. AP Taxonomy Key Facts 4220 Subjects Breaking news and planned events, topical terms covering common news verticals 2500 Geography Global locations from continents to small cities, towns and boroughs, bodies of water 2500 Organizations Political, environmental, cultural, media organizations, sports teams and others 142,000 People Celebrities, college and prof sports figures, politicians, business leaders, newsmakers 65,000 Publicly-traded companies
  3. 3. Tagging and Taxonomy
  4. 4. AP’s Taxonomy is English Language Only Localizing a taxonomy includes • labels, description, scope notes Some concepts in AP’s taxonomy don’t have straightforward equivalents • Many concepts are culturally-specific, such as governmental bodies • AP’s taxonomy is en-US rather than en-GB or en-AU
  5. 5. Translation? • There are plenty of services which will translate documents for you • Including automated systems such as Bing Translate • However, translation is not sufficient to localize
  6. 6. AP’s Ideal Localization Approach Translate a subset of the AP Taxonomy • Some concepts may not have an equivalent • Focus on subjects, geography and a subset of organizations Translate Target languages • French, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese Target Work with taxonomists for each target language • Or maybe journalists? • Please get in touch with us if you’re interested! Taxonomists