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Palma 10 steps braun


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Palma 10 steps braun

  1. 1. 10 Step Marketing Plan:   Braun  ThermoScan   Rose  Ann  S.  Palma   Business   Ateneo  Graduate  School  of    and  Public  Health   Ateneo  School  of  Medicine
  2. 2. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     The Print Ad Braun   ThermoScan       from   Parents  magazine   January  2005  
  3. 3. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan    
  4. 4. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Braun ThermoScan’s Primary Target Market and Positioning 1.  Braun’s  ThermoScan’s  PTM  are  middle  and  upper  class   parents,  parGcularly  mothers   2.  Who  want  the  best  medical  gadgets  for  their  baby’s   health   3.  Who  have  other  opGons  such  as  Omron,  Rossmax,     Graco,  Homedics,  Safety  1st,     4.  Other  companies  stress  their  quick  temperature    reading   ability   5.  Possible  market  size  is  esGmated  to  be  P12.7B  but  only   less  than  5%  of  this  actually  has  an  ear  thermometer;   possible  nich  of  Braun  ThermoScan  is  3.5%    
  5. 5. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Braun ThermoScan’s Marketing Mix and Strategy 6.  The  product  is  a  digital  ear  thermometer   7.  PromoGons  include  direct  sales  agents,   print  ads,  cross  promoGonal  programs  with   other  products,  and  the  internet   8.  Priced  in  the  middle  relaGve  to  its  direct   compeGtors   9.  Has  limited  availability  naGonwide   10. Used  differenGaGon  as  its  winning  strategy  
  6. 6. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Primary Target MarketSecGon  1  1   Step   • Middle  and  upper  class  parents,     Step  2   especially  mothers   • 25-­‐40  yrs  old     Step  3   • Male  <  Female     • class  A,  B,  C     • Single  <  Married     Step    4   • Working  but  family-­‐oriented     • Hands-­‐on  fathers  and  mothers     Step  5  
  7. 7. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Needs,  Wants,  Demands  of  PTM  Step  2   We  want  the  best  for  our  child.   We  want  him  to  always  be  in   good  shape  and  we  want  to  be   able  to  do  everything  we  can   for  him  when  he  is  not  feeling   well.   CLICK  HERE  FOR  MORE  INFO  
  8. 8. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  1   PTM’s Needs, Wants, Needs • Parents  need  to  be  assured  of  their  children’s  love  and     Step  2   well-­‐being.   • Parents  want  the  best  for  their  children  and  they     Step  3   choose  Braun  ThermoScan  because  of  its  accuracy,  ease   of  use,  and  reputaGon  of  the  company  maker.   Step  4   • Parents  expect  the  product  to  deliver  its  promised     accurate  temperature  readings  in  just  a  few  seconds.   Step  5   They  also  expect  a  strong  and  enduring  thermometer   which  they  came  to  expect  from  the  products  of  Braun.    
  9. 9. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan    Step  3   Indirect   • Oral  thermometers   • Axillary  thermometers   • Rectal  thermometers   Direct   • Albularyos  /  hilots   Variables   • Omron   • Price   • Rossmax   • Packaging   • Graco   • Brand  Awareness   • LifeSource   • Brand  ReputaGon   • Homemedics   • Accessibility   Compe<tors  
  10. 10. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  1   Competitive Position “The New Standard in Peace of Step  2   Mind… gives you what is most important when taking your baby’s temperature: confidence that you have taken an accurate reading… Step  3   Unlike other thermometers, the Braun ThermoScan has unique ExacTemp technology Step  44   Step     with a Feedback System.” Step  5  
  11. 11. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Market Size Step  1   • from  research:     Step  2 Step  3   • 3,337,562  (middle  to  upper  class  families)  x  P3800  (cost  of  1     Braun  ThermoScan)  =  P12.7B   Step    4   • However,  ear  thermometers  are  not  popular  here  in  the  Philippines     Step  55   Step     • Less  than  5%  probably  has  one  at  their  homes  and  of  these  ,  Braun     ThermoScan  probably  has  3.5%  because  it  is  the  leading  and  most   available  brand  in  the  country    
  12. 12. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan    Step  6   Major  Brands  of  Digital  Ear   Thermometers   CLICK  HERE  FOR  MORE  INFO  
  13. 13. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  66   Step     PRODUCT ExacTemp technology Step  7   with a Feedback System “ confirms with a light and beep Step  8   when the thermometer is securely positioned and an accurate measurement is taken. And it does Step  9   this in just a few seconds.” Step  10  
  14. 14. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan    Step  6   Braun ThermoScan ExacTemp From research:•  Flashing light and beep confirm positioning•  On-Off button for easy control.•  Memory function stores 8 readings.•  Soft, flexible tip with filter detector.•  Lens Filter ejector for easy removal.•  Also for oral, rectal or underarm use•  Comes with 2 AA batteries - 21 lens filters and cap
  15. 15. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     ExacTemp Technology From research:• Pre-warmed Tip minimizes the cooling effecton the ear canal• Guidance System confirms with a light and abeep when you have taken a propermeasurement• Infra-Red Technology measures the infraredheat generated by the eardrum andsurrounding tissue• Flexible Tip for gentleness and ease of use• Lens Filters protect the tip from scratches, aswell as from impurities
  16. 16. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  6   PRICE   •  not indicated in the advertisement Step  7   • from research: • most available now in the country is Braun Step  8   and Rossmax; Omron was pulled out in most medical stores • Braun = P3800 Step  9   • Rossmax = P1000 • Braun ThermoScan is priced higher by ~75% Step  10   • innovative and product leader as a marketing strategy
  17. 17. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  6   PROMO • from the ad: • from research: • word of mouth Step  7   • website • direct sales agents • telephone/ toll- • freebies free number • cross-promotions with Step  88   Step     other products (abroad) Step  9   Step  10  
  18. 18. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  6   PLACE From the ad and from Step  7   research: • imited availability nationwide l Step  8   • Selected independent distributors of medical products •  elected Mercury and S Step  99   Step     Watsons outlets • Internet Step  10  
  19. 19. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     Step  6   WINNING STRATEGY Step  7   • best  in  product       Step  8     • different  from  others   • innovaGve     • superior  quality     Step  9   Step  110   Step   0  
  20. 20. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     RECOMMENDATIONSMore Aggressive Marketing Campaigns• come up with advertisements which highlightadvantages over mercury and digital axillarythermometers which dominate Filipino homes• use regular Filipino families in ads instead of justusing product pictures• use different forms of media: TV, internet,newspapers, magazines• cross-promotions with other products, ie. leadingdiaper and formula milk brands
  21. 21. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     SAMPLE ADVERTISEMENTS
  22. 22. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     1.  Braun’s  ThermoScan’s  PTM  are  middle  and  upper   S class  parents,  parGcularly  mothers   U 2.  Who  want  the  best  medical  gadgets  for  their   baby’s  health   M 3.  Who  have  other  opGons  such  as  Omron,  Rossmax,     Graco,  Homedics,  Safety  1st,     M 4.  Other  companies  stress  their  quick  temperature     reading  ability   A 5.  Possible  market  size  is  esGmated  to  be  P12.7B  but   only  less  than  5%  of  this  actually  has  an  ear   R thermometer;  possible  nich  of  Braun  ThermoScan   Y is  3.5%    
  23. 23. Braun ThermoScan | 10  Step  MarkeGng  Plan     S 6.  The  product  is  a  digital  ear  thermometer   U 7.  PromoGons  include  direct  sales  agents,   print  ads,  cross  promoGonal  programs   M with  other  products,  and  the  internet   M 8.  Priced  in  the  middle  relaGve  to  its  direct   compeGtors   A 9.  Has  limited  availability  naGonwide   R 10. Used  differenGaGon  as  its  winning   strategy   Y
  24. 24. 10 Step Marketing Plan:   Braun  ThermoScan   Rose  Ann  S.  Palma   Business   Ateneo  Graduate  School  of    and  Public  Health   Ateneo  School  of  Medicine