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Robert Payne Document


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Robert Payne Document

  1. 1. Advancement Via Individual Determination Decades of College Dreams What Is AVID AVID is a college pre- paratory class that teaches about how to How Does AVID take good notes, have Help Prepare better organizational Students skills, develop good Christian and Rizza show study habits, and their AVID spirit. learn about time man- agement. Advancement Via Individual Determination 2380 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 Phone: (757)-648-5000 Fax: (757)-474-8467 E-mail: Tel: (757)-648-5000
  2. 2. How can AVID help you? AVID is a college prep. class that teaches opportunity of a life time. So enroll your Organization students about how to be ready for the chal- student in AVID, you won’t regret it. AVID teaches students to keep a clean and lenges faced during college. There are tu- organized binder. We believe that if you are tors that help students study for tests and organized at school, that it can positively quizzes, the teachers are willing to push you affect your life style. Through AVID you will to be the best student you can be, and we learn that the better that you are organized have weekly binder and the better your grades will be in school. You note checks to make will learn how to separate your school files, sure that we are keep- keep your binder cleaned, and not to keep ing organized. Through papers in the pockets of your binder. AVID you will be taught the importance of keep- Study Skills/ Time Manage- ing organized and hav- ment ing a schedule. You will AVID teaches students that study skills are learn to be your best an essential part of school. In this program AVID students while you are taking using there we teach students that one way of getting notes and getting good study skills at good grades on tests and quizzes is to take school. grades in your middle good notes. AVID teaches students to cor- school and high school rectly form a type of notes called Cornell classes. Notes. Though these notes provide a great Celebrating thirty years tool to study with, students will also need of college dreams. the time to study them. Time management allows students to plan this study time. Us- Advancement Via Individual ing calendars, planners, and to-do lists we Determination are able to plan out our test dates and any 2380 Lynnhaven Parkway other important dates. Time management is Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 also an important thing to learn, because without it many students have gotten bad grades and do not finish homework. Grades Phone: (757)-648-5000 Fax: (757)-474-8467 are important to a students education, and E-mail: parents should allow there students the