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Titiwangsa info session slides

  1. 1. 28th May 2012
  2. 2.  Series of Mountains stretches 350km from Ulu Kinta, Perak, and ending at Blue Valley Annual Climb up the G(unung) 7 mountains in Western Malaysia Pass 3 of the G7 mountains- Korbu (2183m), Gayong (2173m), Yong Belar (2181m)
  3. 3. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
  4. 4.  Dates: 4th Aug 2012 to 12th Aug 2012 Actual Trek period is 6 days 5 nights from 5th Aug to 10 Aug Short R n R till 12th Aug
  5. 5.  One of the toughest treks in Peninsula Malaysia Passing through many ups and downs including some rivers as well. Cold and wet weather at higher altitudes Beautiful sunrise and sunset
  6. 6.  Day 0, 4th August 2012, Saturday 1900 Meet at Kranji Terminal, take bus to Larkin Terminal and have dinner there 2200 Board bus and sleep through an 8 hour journey for Ipoh Town Day 1, 5th August 2012, Sunday 0530 Meet guide, make way to start point 0800 The fun begins!
  7. 7.  6 days and 5 nights later… Day 6, 10th August 2012, Friday 1600 End of Trek at Cameron Highlands! Travel to City area. 1700 Arrive at Brinchang Town/Tanah Rata town. Check into hostel, free and easy  R n R begins!
  8. 8.  10th Aug – 12th Aug Cheap budget hostel (50-60RM for 2 days?) Guided Tour?- Tea Plantations- Strawberry Farms- Honey Bee Farms- Brinchang Night Market
  9. 9.  Day 8, 12th August 2012, Sunday 1000 Depart Brinchang town, Cameron Highlands for KL 1500 Board bus from KL to JB 2200 Board 170/CW2/Causeway Express from JB to SG
  10. 10.  Total of 8 weeks of training 2 training sessions (1 on weekday, 1 on weekend) per week in June, 3 training sessions (2 on weekdays, 1 on weekend) per week in July. Try to make it for 70% of the trainings You’re welcome to come for your weekly trek runs as well!
  11. 11. Day 1 Day 2Week Stair Climbing (4x40) Climb Bukit Timah x3, 8kg load1 8kg load for guys, 5kg for guys, 5kg for girls, Lecture on(June load for girls how to pack your bag  build4- 10) confidenceWeek Stair Climbing (5x40) Run on the beaches of East Coast2 10kg load for guys Park(June 7kg load for girls11- 17)Week Stair Climbing (6x40) 4 hour trek in the day starting3 12kg load for guys from school(June 8kg load for girls18- 24)Week Stair Climbing (8x40) Walk from Bukit Timah to4 12kg load for guys McRitchie to Toa Payoh(June 8kg load for girls25 –July1)
  12. 12. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3Week 5 Stair Climbing Climb Datuk Trek Run(July 2- 8) (8x40) Mountain (Twice) 15kg load for guys http://wikitravel.o 10kg load for girls rg/en/Mount_Dat uk#bWeek 6 Stair Climbing Trek Run(July 9- (6x40)15) 10kg load for guys 8kg load for girlsWeek 7 Stair Climbing Overnight 8hrs Trek Run(July 16- (6x40) trek around22) 8kg load for guys Singapore? Friday 5kg load for girls night (22nd July)Week 8 Stair Climbing Run on the Trek Run(July 23- beautiful beaches29) of East Coast Park
  13. 13.  $250- Guide- Permit- Transport- R n R accommodation- Insurance
  14. 14.  Admin/Finance Logistics/Marketing
  15. 15.  Siew Hwee!
  16. 16.  Chula!