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Spain cultural legacy


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A description of the cultural legacy of Spain

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Spain cultural legacy

  1. 1. Spain’s cultural legacy in atime capsule.By Sara Muñoz Paños
  2. 2. Table of contents.1. Literature2. Architecture3. Paintings4. Music5. Typical food6. Sports7. Fiestas
  3. 3. Literature1. Miguel de Cervantes: (29 sept 1547- 22 april 1616).He is the author of one of the most important and universallyknown books “Don Quijote de la Mancha”.2. Camilo José Cela: (11 may 1916- January 17,2002)He is the author of the novel “La familia de Pascual Duarte”. He’sbeen rewarded with a few prizes, like for instance: PremioNacional de Literatura, Premio Planeta, Premio Cervantes, andthe Nobel Prize in Literature.
  4. 4. Architecture The most well-known andfamous Spanish architecthistorically is AntonioGaudi. His works can found allover Barcelona. To the right is one of hisworks: La Sagrada Familia.
  5. 5. Architecture 2 Other architects likeSantiago Calatrava andRicardo Bofill are alsoworld-famous. To the right is one ofCalatrava’s work: El puentede la Alameda, inValencia.
  6. 6. Paintings Paintings in Spain represent some of the most valued artisticexpressions in the world of art. Some of the most famous Spanish painters include, among others:1. DiegoVelazquez: who painted Las Meninas.2. Francisco de Goya: his most famous works include: La GallinaCiega, El quitasol, el Chacharrero, etc.3. Pablo Picasso: He was certainly one of the most famous artists ofthe 20th century. He is famous for his pioneering role in Cubism.
  7. 7. Paintings 2Las Meninas deVelazquezEl Quitasol de Goya
  8. 8. Music Spanish music is worldfamous. Flamenco originated insouthern Spain. It mixesmusic and dance. Famous Spanish Flamencoartists include:1. Raimundo Amador2. Rosario Flores
  9. 9. Music 2 Las Sevillanas is also a typical Spanish folk music. They originated in the south of Spain, mainly in Sevilla.Hence the name. Las Sevillanas consists of 3 elements: the dance, thesong, and the music. This music is heard in many fairs and festivals in the south ofSpain.
  10. 10. Modern Music There are also plenty of popular Spanish songs andinternational Spanish artists, like:1. Joaquin Sabina2. David Bisbal3. Alejandro Sanz4. Julio Iglesias
  11. 11. Typical foods Spanish “Tapas”: people go regularly to tapas bars to meet theirfriends and to enjoy delicious Spanish food. Spanish tapas can varyfrom simple to complex and include: cheese, vegetabledishes, canapés, and savoury pastries. Typical dishes include, among others:1. Tortilla de Patatas: it consists of eggs and potatoes cookedtogether.2. Jamon Serrano3. SpanishTurron4. Paella
  12. 12. Sports Sports in Spain is dominated mainly by futbol (orsoccer), cyclism, tennis, and motorcycles. We can name a few of the most famous sportsman:1. Nadal2. Fernando Alonso3. Pau Gasol
  13. 13. Fiestas In Spain, there are many regional and national holidays. There’s a Spanish festival or fiesta being celebrated somewhere inSpain every month of every year. Some of the most famous Spanish fiestas include:1. Las Fallas2. San Fermin festival in Pamplona3. Semana Santa4. Feria de Sevilla