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2nd sem

  1. 1. Dear students get fully solved assignments Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id : help.mbaassignments@gmail.com or call us at : 08263069601 SEM 2 BBA Fall 2013 BBA 201-RESEARCH METHODS 1 Research is an orderly approach towards purposeful investigation. Explain the various steps involved in a research process. Meaning of Research Listing the steps Explanation of the steps involved in a research process 2 Explain the steps involved in formulating a research problem. What are the techniques for formulating a research problem? Meaning of Research Problem Steps involved in formulating a research problem Techniques for formulating a research problem 3 Discuss the types of Questionnaire. Explain the guidelines in designing a Questionnaire. Meaning of a Questionnaire Types of Questionnaire Guidelines for Questionnaire Design BBA 202 – BUSINESS STRATEGY 1 Explain the various factors influencing the business policy of a firm 1) Internal factors or Internal environment and 2) External factors or External environment Each factor 5 marks 2 What are the various steps involved in strategy formulation?
  2. 2. Development of vision statement Preparation of mission statement Definition of company profile Assessment of external environment Setting of quantitative targets Preparation of action plans Budget and resource allocation Organizational alignment Implementation Evaluation & Feedback 3 What are the primary functions of a strategic leader in an organization? Formulation of correct strategy Execution of strategy Organization of resources Promotion of corporate spirit Team work Represe Mentor and Counsellor Use of position and power Time management Effectiveness BBA203 - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1 Accounting concept refers to the basic assumptions and rules and principles which work as the basis of recording of business transactions and preparing accounts. Explain any 5 concepts of accounting with example
  3. 3. (Explanation of each concept with example carries 2 marks each) (5*2= 10 marks) 2 Differentiate between trade discount and cash discount. Enter the following transactions in Sadhana’s simple cash book. 2010 April 1st April Balance of cash in hand Rs.1500 8th April Purchased goods for cash from X for Rs.320 15th April Sold goods for Rs. 480 to Y for cash 20th April Received commission Rs.65 22nd April Paid Commission Rs.55 28th April Paid to Reena on account Rs.715 30th April Paid salary to the office clerk Rs.100 and office rent Rs.60 Differences between trade discount and cash discount Preparation of cash book 3 Final Accounts are prepared at the end of the accounting year with various adjustments. Explain the features and objectives of final accounts Explanation of objectives of final accounts Explanation of features of final accounts 4 Prepare Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet from the following particulars as at 31st March 2012. Trial Balance Particulars Capital / Drawings Cash in hand Bank overdraft @ 5% Purchase and Sales Returns Establishments charges Taxes and Insurance Provision for Doubtful Debts Bad Debts Sundry Debtors and Creditors Commission Investments Dr. (Rs) 1,400 1,500 12,000 1,000 2,500 500 500 5,000 4,000 Cr. (Rs) 10,000 2,000 15,000 2,000 1,000 1,850 500 -
  4. 4. Stock on 1 April 2010 Furniture Bills Receivable & Bills payable Collected Sales Tax Total 3,000 600 3,000 35,000 2,500 150 35,000 Further, you are required to take into consideration the following information: a) Salary Rs.100 and taxes Rs.400 are outstanding but insurance Rs.50 prepaid b) Commission amounting to Rs.100 has been received in advance for work to be done next year. c) Interest accrued on investments Rs.210 d) Provision for doubtful Debts is to be maintained at 20% e) Depreciation on furniture is to be charged at 10% p.a. f) Stock on 31st March 2012 was valued at Rs.4,500 g) A fire occurred on 25th March 2012 in the godown and stock of the value of Rs.1,000 was destroyed. It was fully insured and the insurance company admitted the claim in full. Calculation of Trading and P/L a/c Preparation of balance sheet 5 ABC Ltd.’s cashbook showed a bank overdraft of Rs.12,000 as on 30th June 2004. The bank statement as on that date also showed an overdraft but the figure is different. The following are the causes. 1. Cheques deposited but not yet collected Rs.1,500 2. Cheques issued but not yet presented for payment Rs.2,000 3. A cheque of Rs.1,500 deposited on 15th May, 2004 was dishonoured on 19th June, 2004 but not intimated by the bank till 30th June, 2004 4. Bank charges not recorded in the cash book Rs.1,000 5. Interest on overdraft not intimated Rs.1,200 Preparation of Bank reconciliation statement 6 Mayur, Veer and Prakash are partners sharing profit and losses in the ratio of 2:1:1. Their Balance Sheet was as follows: Balance Sheet of Mayur, Veer and Prakash as on December 31, 2008
  5. 5. Liabilities Creditors Bills payable Amount 10,000 7,000 Assets Cash in Hand Machinery Stock Debtors Amount 7,000 13,000 26,000 26,000 Capitals: 90,000 Mayur 40,000 Investment 15,000 Veer 30,000 Building 20,000 Total 1,07,000 Prakash 20,000 Total 1,07,000 Prakash has expired on 01.01.2009 and as a result the assets are revalued and liabilities reassessed as follows: i) Create a Provision for doubtful debt on debtors at Rs.800. ii) Building and investment are appreciated by 10%. iii) Machinery is depreciated at 5% iv) Creditors were overestimated by Rs.500. v) Goodwill of the firm valued at Rs.27,000 The balance due to Prakash will be transferred to his executor’s loan account which carries an interest of 10% p.a. Prepare necessary ledger accounts and show the balance sheet of new firm after adjustments. Preparation of ledger accounts Preparation of balance sheet BBA 204-MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 Define Marketing and classify on the basis of geographical coverage. Meaning of marketing Classification 2 Write short notes on the following: a.) Exchange Concept b.) Production Concept
  6. 6. c.) Selling Concept d.) Marketing Concept e.) Societal Marketing Concept 3 Explain SWOT & PEST Explanation of SWOT Analysis Explanation of PEST Analysis 4 What are the constituents of micro environment of the organization 5 What are the additional components in marketing mix? 6 What are the internal & external factors affecting pricing decisions? BBA205- MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM 1. a. Define ERP. Explain the terminology related to ERP. b. How ERP evolved in a system? 2 a. Compare between conventional organization system and E-enterprise. b. List the different business models and one example each. 3 Explore the relationship between Artificial intelligence and Neural networks. Define AI Explanation on neural networks Comparison of the three different classification of AI and showing where the NN fits. Diagrammatic representation on AI classification 4. There are two investment plans in the market whose details are given below based on which you need to decide which investment plan you need to select. Suggest which investment plan you prefer and why? Particulars Investment in Rs. Million Savings/ gain per year in Rs. Million No. of years savings or gain would occur Discount Rate Part A 3 1 5 12% Part B 2.7 0.75 5 12%
  7. 7. Formulae Which Plan is better investment Calculations and correct answer 5. a. Explain Management Science models in detail. b. Estimate the completion time of each activity whose optimistic time estimate is 5 seconds and the pessimistic time estimate are 20 seconds. The most likely time estimate is 9 seconds. a. Explanation b. Formula te The time of completion calculation 6. a. Compare between file processing system and DBMS b. Explain the relationship between data, information and its structure. a. Comparing the two systems b. Describing the relationship with the diagram Dear students get fully solved assignments Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id : help.mbaassignments@gmail.com or call us at : 08263069601