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Funky Footprints, a visual excarvation.


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Visual Languages was a foundation course during winter 2010/2011 by Prof. Danijela Djokic. The course was an introduction to information vizualisation techniques. Using a variety of analogue and digital techniques during the initial phase of the project, students were tasked to develop an individual form of expression and sign language – a visual language. Subsequently students were asked to mould their visual languages into an imaginary time-based software application environment.

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Funky Footprints, a visual excarvation.

  1. 1. Visual Languages /Grundlagen derInformationsvisualisierung/Stefan Müller / FHP / WS 2010 //
  2. 2. De-construct & Re-create:
  3. 3. Inspirationsquelle/Berlin map
  4. 4. Chaotic sort/Berlin map
  5. 5. Chaotic sort/Berlin map
  6. 6. Inspirationsquelle/Building footprints
  7. 7. Organizing Shapes
  8. 8. Basic ShapesProtrudingPlainRecess
  9. 9. Basic Shapes/LogicPlain by sizePlain by shape distortionPlain with recess by shape distortion Less active More active (horizontal) (vertical)Shallow recess Deep recessSingle protrusion Multiple protrusions
  10. 10. With inner shapeProtrudingPlainProtruding inside
  11. 11. With inner shape/logic Proportionally small Proportionally large (few thoughts) (lots of thinking)Plain DistortedInner Shapes
  12. 12. With inner shape/logicNumber of armsProportional size of armsProtruding directions
  13. 13. Multiple inner shapesProtrudingPlainProtruding inside
  14. 14. Multiple inner shapes/logicFew inner Shapes < <Multiple inner Shapes
  15. 15. Open ShapesComplexPlainSprawling
  16. 16. OtherTriangleRoundish
  17. 17. Logic ElementsBASIC SHAPE (PHYSICAL ACTIVITY) INNER SHAPE (INSIDE BODY/ EMOTIONS)• rotation • proportional size• orientation (vertical/horizontal) • position• level of distortion • protruding inside• size• protruding• recessPORTRUDING SHAPES (ARTEFACTS TO INTERACT WITH) OPEN SHAPES (CONVERSATIONS/SAYING• Number of shapes SOMTHING/PUTTING SOMTHING OUT)• relative size • Lateral aperture• orientation & direction• nesting
  18. 18. Simplefied Shapes (30px square on 128px backdrop)
  19. 19. Simplefied Shapes (30px square on 128px backdrop)
  20. 20. Elements of a single daySleep Dream Restless sleep Lying awakeBrew coffee smoke & drink coffee drink coffee smoke lying in bed with computerdress walking to train wait for train wait and smoke sit on train, reading walk & drink coffee station and think a bit newspaper
  21. 21. More elements of a single daySit in front of com- Listen to talk Listen to talk & tinker Discussion after Having a conversationputer/work with computer talk at lunchStanding + conversa- Walking + conversa- Sitting down + read-tion tion ing newspaperLying/not thinking Lying awake/think- Sit, think, interact Standing/not walk, no thinking walk & conversation ing with artefact, thinking much & thinking absorb info
  22. 22. Shape transforming logicLying&not thinking Lying awake& Sit, think, interact Standing & not walking & no think- walk & conversation thinking with artefact, thinking much ing & thinking absorb info (e.g. reading news on computer)
  23. 23. 5 actions over 3.5 dayssmoked drank ate onTrain computer(counter) (cathegorical counter) (cathegorical counter (event + duration) (event + duration)interested in total interested in the + duration) If the point of inter-times you’ve done occurrence of the same est is when and howsomething action with different long something hap- units pens coffee breakfast beer Lunch tea dinner