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Protect mother earth before its too late


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Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. There are a number of steps individuals can take to protect Mother Earth.

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Protect mother earth before its too late

  1. 1. THIS EARTH DAY, 2014
  2. 2. Lets make a change T O D A Y
  3. 3. Let us rekindle our love for beautiful Mother Earth
  4. 4. Because Earth is the only thing we have in common..
  5. 5. Time to rethink our actions…
  6. 6. Else we’ll be left with nothing… We’ll lose Mother Earth Forever..!
  7. 7. Time to make a change before its too late because…
  8. 8. And do our bit for a greener planet..
  9. 9. Because every drop counts…
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