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Skycloud is a nextgen Cloud offering from SkywayUS of St. Petersburg, FL, which includes Low Cost Coworking space, Training Center & Software Inner Sourcing operations.

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Skycloud launch

  1. 1. For Immediate ReleaseSt. Petersburg, FLContact: Kal Ayyar | Cell: 404-946-3056Skyway Mall JV Launches Skycloud, “Reinventing the world of work”Skycloud(tm) & Skyway Mall plans to change the way Florideans work. Skyway Mall a newtechnology and real estate joint venture has re-emerged from the ashes of the old Maxi Mall,which was plagued with crime and urban blight, shootings, etc.Now, Mr. Kim, a Korean retail and real estate entrepreneur and Mr. Ayyar, a former streetpedder turned entrepreneur & early stage investor have formed Skycloud(tm), a Joint Venturethat has acquired the assets of the old Maxi Mall and decided to convert it into a next generationworkplace that includes a Coworking space, Yoga Studio, Recreational space, Food Court, DIYAuto Garage and Fair Trade Marketplace. Imagine a new ecosystem that is custom tailored forthe new economy of freelancers, designers and entrepreneurs. Setth Godin and Steve Jobswould fit right in at Skycloud!The total development is roughly 200,000 square feet of space, including the parking lot anddock areas, and has cost more than a million dollars. What makes this story unusual is thatboth principals are Immigrants who have been intreprid enough not to give up in the face ofadversity. Both cofounders have at one time been destitute, living out of their cars and thestreets of Chicago in winter, under most adverse conditions.Skycloud is located in the Inner City area of St. Petersburg, where Internet access is still aprivilege and co-working spaces are unheard of. Blocks away, a McDonalds has a sign for FreeWiFi, but it barely works. Skycloud which intends to help in the transformation of the area plansto establish a nextgen Training Facility that will provide advanced skills training in Softwaredevelopment, Healthcare Informatics, Mobile Applications, Cloud Computing, Sales ForceAutomation, LEEDS/PMP Certifcation, etc.Skycloud has established partnerships with urban newspapers, nonprofits interested in greendevelopment and renewal projects and the principals are looking for media explosure as wellas new partnerships that can help them achieve their goals of achieving collective prosperity forpeople in “Inner City” (ie. blighted neighborhoods).
  2. 2. According to co-founder Kal Ayyar, who has successfully made the transformation from streetpeddler in Chicago, where he sold “Newports”, newspapers and bottled water on the streetsto selling space, cars and technology, “Its a lot easier when you have the infrastructure and a3,000 SF office than when you are trying to work out of a shelter!”To discuss a media interview, or how you can partner with us, please contact:Kal Ayyar, CofounderSkycloud Millenial Spaceswww.skywaymall.usCell: 404-831-2275Offc: 813-708-5802Connect via social media:Follow me on Twitter: @slumdogceoLinkedin: