Art of jugaad newsletter may 13 2012 pdf


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Art of Jugaad newsletter - Jugaad connotes resilience, innovation and
resourcefulness and “hustle”. The Jugaad newsletter is a free monthly resource for
startups, R&D engineers, sustainability engineers, designers and innovators of all

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Art of jugaad newsletter may 13 2012 pdf

  1. 1. Dabbawalla Ent. | Atlanta * Lagos * Bangalore | Cell: 404-831-2275 | Twitter: @slumdogceoAll content copyright © 2012, Dabbawalla Enterprises | Licensee of Dabbawallas of MumbaiWelcome to the Art of Jugaad newsletter. Jugaad is a Hindi word which means "frugalworkaround" or “hack” as they say in America. The term Jugaad has become a hotbuzzword in India these days. Jugaad connotes resilience, innovation andresourcefulness and “hustle”. The Jugaad newsletter is a free monthly resource forstartups, R&D engineers, sustainability engineers, designers and innovators of allshapes. Lest we forget, this can be a valuable resource for students and jobseekers aswell.Jugaad has been written about in the Economist, Harvard Business Review and BBCand CNN. The Economic Times of India calls it “India’s most precious resource”.Decades of scarcity have imbued Indians with a sense of innovation that has been bornout of necessity which happily has led to to growth & prosperity over the last twodecades. The New York Times calls it “A winning formula for Hard Economic Times”.Read on..
  2. 2. Credits: Jugaad Innovation by: Navi Radjou, Dr. Jaideep Prabhu & Dr.Simone AhujaOur newsletter is created using Jugaad tools which are well.. pretty much free.. Theseinclude Google Apps, Google’s Cloud based Office programs, Mailchimp, the emailnewsletter program from Atlanta based Rocket Science Group and Internet accesscourtesy of Whole Foods in Decatur. When I did not have Internet access at home, Iused the Cuban Jugaad method of the Cuban Blogger who types her blog on her homePC, puts it on a Flash Drive and gets a friendly tourist to email the blog! Of course, I didnot have to go to the a Hotel in search of a friendly tourist, I have plenty of Cloudfriendly places that are happy to oblige me in this great land. (see below). Courtesy of Chik Fila, Windy Hill & 85, Marietta, Georgia. Thanks, Mr. Truett Cathy!People ask, what exactly is jugaad? Global management experts attribute Indias rapideconomic growth to jugaad. In a recent survey by the Legatum Institute, 81% of Indianbusinessmen said jugaad was the key reason for their success. The Legatum Instituteadvocates Free Markets, Free Minds and Free Peoples .. a goal we embrace as well.Many years ago, innovative Punjabis mounted a diesel irrigation pump on a steel framewith wheels, creating a vehicle they called jugaad. It was ultra-cheap but did not
  3. 3. conform to vehicular regulations. Over time, jugaad came to mean grassrootsinnovation to overcome any constraint. Over time, this frugal design concept has led tothe Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world (priced brand new at Rupees 1 Lakh orapprx. $2,000). Tata engineers realized that the Jugaad vehicles made a lot of sense!The Spirit of Jugaad.. Courtesy:In the West, innovation is done by scientists using expensive equipment. In India, itsdone by every housewife, farmer, transporter, trader and industrialist. It does not requirehigh-spending R&D: it simply needs creativity and imagination. We think that Jugaadcan have valuable implications for this era of global shortages and lousy economies.Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries, was the master of jugaad. Thelicence-permit raj made it impossible for him to progress legally, so he exploited thecorruption and cynicism of the system. He exported junk to get profitable importentitlements. He created industrial capacities vastly in excess of licensed capacity. Heimported huge textile machines as "spare parts". He engineered highly profitablechanges in rules for polyester imports and telecom licences. The jugaad he used toovercome hurdles was not distinguishable from crony capitalism which one may add isthe capitalism of the 1% that dominates America’s business mileau as well. Justbeneath the surface..Yet when the licence-permit raj gave way to a more open and deregulated economy,Dhirubhai used the same jugaad to scale dizzying heights of productivity and becomeworld class. His giant refinery complex in Jamnagar had the highest refining margins inthe world, beating the Singapore refineries. He converted to reality his vision of makingtelephone calls cheaper than a postcard using VOIP in place of costly satellites.Dhirubhai showed that manipulation and world class productivity are two sides of thesame coin called jugaad. If governments create business constraints through controls
  4. 4. and high taxes, jugaad will be used to overcome those hurdles. But if deregulationabolishes these hurdles, the main business constraints become lack of quality andaffordability, so jugaad shifts to improving productivity, quality and affordability. Thatultimately makes you world class. Reliance Industries, the company that Mr. Ambanifounded today is India’s largest private sector business with revenues of nearly $59Billion dollars a year.Thank you for reading this far. Our goal with our newsletter is to focus on a single areaof enterprise each month, such as Sales, Marketing, Financing, Design, Supply ChainManagement. Development, Compliance, Risk Mitigation, Quality Control, as well asnew topics such as Guanxi, Social Capital, Sustainability, Impact Investing, EmergingMarkets, etc. Please contact us if you have comments or wish to discuss yourrequirements.About usDabbawalla USA is involved in ebooks, technology, social media & healthcare. Ourprofessional services include: consulting, Oracle databasedevelopment, Mobile Apps development, EHR Integration and Staff Augmentationservices. Our consulting services include: Jugaad Innovation, Prototyping and Research& Development, Prototyping, etc. So much for the technology and consulting division.For a free consultation on how Jugaad can help you cut your costs, help you developbetter products and increase your ROI, please call, email or tweet us.Our Jugaad enterprise also offers Indian food catering services thru our DabbawallaIndian restaurant, which we operate in the Little Five Points area (L5P) (“Niramish”)For a free catering order of ice Cold Bottled Water from Crystal Springs anda sample platter of Samosas, please call us and we will deliver it for lunch(orders must be in by 11am).
  5. 5. Dabbawala USA is a licensee of Dabbawalla of Mumbai, a Six Sigma organization thatis comprised of a 125 year old delivery organization of 5,000 couriers who operate aflawless catering operation that has an error rate less than 1 out of 6 million. Socialmedia rockstar Seth Godin, BBC and IIMs have covered the Dabbawa’s lean six sigma,supply chain and logistics operations. We salute the Dabbawalas of Mumbai who rankas pioneers of Jugaad operations and who have inspired us to emulate their quality andflawless operations. Thank you for your affiliate partnership with us!For press inquiries, contact:Kal Ayyar, Co-founder & chief DabbawallaDabbawala Enterprises, Indian Food Catering Division1234 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30308Tweet @slumdogceo