Worldwide Lessons in Healthcare IT


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  • Continue to ensure that we participate externally and play a lead role
  • Worldwide Lessons in Healthcare IT

    1. 1. Worldwide Lessons inHealthcare IT:Hospital Leaders Share Strategies toAchieve Performance ExcellenceBrought to you by
    2. 2. How to Participate• Submit your questions in the GoToWebinar presentation window• Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #HWClive• This webinar will be recorded and available for download a few days after the webinar
    3. 3. About the ModeratorMarc Overhage, MD, Ph.D.Dr. Overhage is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for Siemens Healthcare. Prior to joining Siemens he was the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Indiana Health Information Exchange and was Director of Medical Informatics at the Regenstrief Institute, Inc., and a Sam Regenstrief Professor of Medical Informatics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Over the last decade, Dr Overhage has played a significant regional and national leadership role in advancing the policy, standards, financing and implementation of health information exchange.
    4. 4. About The PanelKaren Thomas, Senior Vice President and CIO, Main Line Health, Bryn Mawr, PA- UnitedStatesSince joining MLH in 1995 as Assistant CIO, Karen Thomas has served on various major ISimplementations and initiatives including patient, administrative and financial systems and thetechnology infrastructure to support these initiatives. She began her information technologycareer at Andersen Consulting; and later held a variety of IS management roles, including theDirector of Patient and Physician Systems, at Hahnemann University Hospital.Henning Schneider, CIO, UKE Hamburg- GermanyHenning Schneider has been the head of the medical IT department at the University MedicalCenter Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) since 2008. In 2011 the UKE was rated as the first stage 7hospital in Europe by HIMSS Analytics for its complete digital workflow. In 2005 he invented andestablished the Imaging Science Institute ( which was a joint researchcenter between Siemens and the University Hospital of Erlangen to improve and developmedical devices, IT systems and processes directly in a clinical environment.Anne Trafford, Vice President, Performance, Information Management & CIO, St.Michaels Hospital- CanadaAnne Trafford joined St. Michael’s Hospital, Ontario, Canada, as Chief Information Officer (CIO)in September 2005. As a member of the Senior Management Team, Ms. Trafford helps todefine St. Michael’s information management strategy, and ensure the hospital is at the leading-edge of health-care information management to enhance the delivery of safe, quality patientcare. The CIO portfolio at St. Michael’s Hospital encompasses the traditional InformationTechnology and Communication services as well as the Process Redesign Office, PatientRegistration and Health Information Management.
    5. 5. IT Practices September 2012Karen ThomasMain Line Health System
    6. 6. Recent Recognitions and Accomplishments • HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 • Achieved MU Stage 1 Feb 2012
    7. 7. Current Initiatives• Expansion of the Patient Portal beyond our pilot• Conversion of Cerner Clinical Information Systems to Soarian (recently acquired hospital)• Enhanced Disaster Recovery Solution – secondary site• Migration to Soarian ED system• ICD10 preparation• MU Stage 2• Single Sign On
    8. 8. MLH Opportunities (Challenges)• Resources: – Staffing – Capital• Breadth and Complexity of IT solutions driving focus on IT practices• Clinical Project Ownership/Championship• Health Care Reform is driving new care models – How does our current IT landscape support emerging models?
    9. 9. Information Management at St. Michael’s Hospital Anne Trafford, BSc. RN Vice President, Performance, Information Management and Chief Information Officer 9
    10. 10. • $600+ M operating budget• 475 inpatient beds• 26,000 inpatient discharges• 35,000 surgical cases• 61,525 emergency visits• 440,000 ambulatory visits• 260,000 diagnostic & other visits• 5,000 staff• 600 GFT physicians
    11. 11. Our Toronto catchment area is large and diverse• 345,000 people (8% of Toronto’s population)• Diverse - ethnically, culturally and economically• Largest concentration of homeless• High prevalence of mental illness and addictions• High concentration of socially isolated seniors• Many commuters• Represents approximately 32% of our patient care services
    12. 12. Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute SMH A Culture of Caring and Discovery Accelerated Bench To Bedside Practice Li Ka Shing Keenan International Research Centre: Centre in Health Translational Care Education: Research Evaluation Vision: The Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute will provide an environment where researchers, educators, health professionals, students, patients, communities and the general public work together to provide the best possible preventive and health care.
    13. 13. Project Gemini – 2003 - 2011• Twinning of transformation and technology• Clinical transformation as the underpinning to the project• Harness power of workflow technology to enable practice and process change 13
    14. 14. SMH as a leader in eHealthOnly academichealth sciencecentre inCanada toachieve Level 6
    15. 15. Our Applications Environment• Electronic Patient Record • Soarian clinicals – Scheduling, Clin doc, orders, results • MS4 ADT • Syngo RIS • Siemens Rx • Home grown – eDischarge, eSignOut • Ambulatory referral tracking• Softmed Health Records• Sovera document management• Soft Lab• Multiple diagnostic systems (GE, Philips)• Practice Solutions EMR for Family Medicine• Lawson ERP **• Over 90 apps in inventory
    16. 16. SMH partners in Provincial eHealth• Electronic patient referrals to Rehab, Long Term Care and Home Care are electronic• “Connecting GTA” will allow 20,000 clinicians to access patient record data across Great Toronto Area• “Image Repository” provides access to reports and images for over 20 hospitals (Canada Infoway program)• SMH Family Practice units have an Electronic Medical Record (funded by eHealth Ontario program)
    17. 17. Challenges/Gaps• Keeping pace with technology – BYOD• Balancing privacy/security with mobility and access• Change management sustainability• Mismatch between incentives and funding• Functional gaps: OR, ED, Critical Care, Ambulatory• Enabling the quality strategy with good information and analytical tools (currently implementing Soarian Embedded Analytics for clinicals)
    18. 18. Implementation of an electronic patient recordHenning Schneider University Hospital Hamburg-Chief Information Officer Eppendorf: 1.500 Beds 80.000 In-patients 263.000 Out-patients
    19. 19. UKE founded in 1889Heinrich Curschmann,„Hospitals are not built for centuries, they need to be constantly renewed“
    20. 20. UKE in 2004
    21. 21. s ces p ro w s llo fo IT <> ti ce r ac o fp deco
    22. 22. Lesson 1: Develop standardized, interdisciplinary processes Departments / Departments / Professions CenterProcesses Processes
    23. 23. CentralEmergency Department ZNA
    24. 24. “Lone fighters“ Work DeanDoctors Clinic council Admin CEO PreclinicsAffiliates Chiefs Teaching CFO Research Nurse 42 Departments, 33 Institutes, 167 Professors
    25. 25. Change … Konrad Lorenz:“People in-between Change”•said is not heard.•heard is not understood•understood is not agreed•agreed is not applied•and applied is not maintained
    26. 26. Lesson 2: „Networked“ Expertise, Top Down approach & ResponisbilityAn EMR-Project is not an IT-project it is a hospital project!
    27. 27. Lesson 3: Be fast
    28. 28. d an rs Patient Census cto Clinical summary EDTB do nClinical letter Results ! e es eTumor board Patient record rs etw Workflows Archiv nu s b Soarian ce n re fe Assessments d if Order Entry Documentation Service charges Quality- m Consultation Management st esy
    29. 29. s rm t fo en ssm se as d an s ew vi ard ndta
    30. 30. No Paper: Scan–to–EPR erExternal paper,  scan to archive pap ith w ti on n ta e m ocu d a ry nd co se in SOARIAN Health Archive… safe storage o
    31. 31. Soarian @ UKE ! am te te n si o m fro o rt p p su d ue n tinco
    32. 32. Stage 6 & 7: US vs Europa Stage 7 / European EMR Adoption Model 2010: 0 2011: 1 (!) UKE, HAMBURG (D) Stage 6 / European EMR Adoption Model 2010: 3 - HUG, Genf (CH) - Odense (DK) - ISMETT, Palermo (I) 2011: 6 - UKE, Hamburg (D) - Hospital de Denia (E) - Badalona (E) - Kronoberg (SE) -…
    33. 33. Profitability n ly o it h w ts ff n ta a atie l s P n re itio o d m d % a 60 0% g 1 t in r eaT
    34. 34.
    35. 35.  Lesson learned: Don‘t ask too manyor the wrong „decision makers“
    36. 36. Thanks for Joining Us• This webinar will be available on-demand at Stop by to learn more and share your comments.• Connect with our panelists on HealthWorks Collective using the search function: