The Art of the Social Sale


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  • I hope we’ve gotten you excited about the potential for social selling in your company and given you a few new ideas. I invite you to connect, engage, and take advantage of a lot more information in my book as well as free content on my book web site, including chapter downloads, blog articles and recorded webinars.
  • Cold calling died in 2007, when social sales enablement software was invented. There are at least 12,000 companies out there using social sales enablement software. If you ’ re not using social data to prospect before your sales calls, you ’ re not going to get the same results that your competitors are getting. Even if your leads are inbound leads that are coming to you, from your marketing department, you ’ re still missing data.
  • The amount of data out there on your prospects is massive and super-confusing. If you ’ re not using some kind of social sales solution to get it, you ’ re going to waste hours every day prospecting, when you could be using that time to talk to customers. Wouldn ’ t it be super useful if before you spoke with someone or met them that you knew their market, their competitors, all of the news about their company, and the EXACT challenges facing someone in their industry?
  • I had a call with this company, Virident, on Monday. I knew absolutely nothing about them a week ago. By looking over their social sales data, I not only figured out how large they were and EXACTLY what they did, but I figured out that they signed a partnership with Colfax a few weeks ago, they just signed Vail Systems as a customer, the last conference they attended, their two biggest competitors, and the 4 key challenges of being a computer storage device manufacturer. If you could have found that stuff in a single Google search, you would have, but you can ’ t.
  • Sorry buddy, but you ’ re totally, completely out of excuses. Here ’ s why. Nearly every single one of the social sales enablement solutions have a pretty decent free version. Let ’ s look at ‘ em
  • Out of these three, I ’ ve ranked them in the order that I think will be the most effective.
  • Out of these three, I ’ ve ranked them in the order that I think will be the most effective.
  • Here ’ s how to do it. You can do to and get yourself a free Bronze membership. You can also do this by going to . What you ’ ll receive here is a 9-hour course on social CRM that you can simply download onto your mp3 player, and listen to on your commute, or in the car.
  • The Art of the Social Sale

    1. 1. The Social Customer presents:T h e A r t o f T h e S o c ia lS a leBrought to you by
    2. 2. How to Participate• Submit your questions in the GotoWebinar presentation window• Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #TSClive
    3. 3. About the ModeratorAnneke was a pioneer in creating high-performance, high-profit inside salesteams well before starting Phone Works in 1991. Her credits include…•As the 12th employee at Oracle, she became the architect of OracleDirect –perhaps the best-performing inside sales team in the history of the softwareindustry – now a billion-dollar worldwide sales organization.•While at Oracle, Anneke started inside-sales pilot programs globally, generating$10 million in incremental revenue outside the U.S. within two years; she wasthen chosen to direct the International Sales Services Division.•She founded and ran the inside sales organization at Neuron Data (now FICO),where her inside sales team generated one-third of the company’s total revenues inits first year.•She is co-author of Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative SalesPractices and Technology ( and a frequent speaker oninnovative sales practices and technology (“Sales 2.0”), inside sales, saleseffectiveness and optimization, and social-media selling.
    4. 4. Who’s WhoWilliam “Skip” Miller Adam Metz Anneke Seley
    5. 5. Who Wrote What William “Skip” Miller Adam Metz S eed N u r t u r in g : The Definitive Guide To Social Lead Generation Anneke Seley
    6. 6. About the PanelAdam Metz is the VP of Business Development at The Social Concept. Metz’s Social Customer Community, at offers a no-cost 9-hour training course on social customer relationship management. Metz has consulted with nearly 175 companies on how to acquire, manage, monetize and retain customers from thesocial web. His first book, There Is No Secret Sauce, has sold or downloaded over 3000 copies, and is currently inits third printing.  Metzs second book, The Social Customer, was released on 9/16/11 and has hit #1 on the Amazonmarketing charts. Metz lives in Oakland, California with his wife, Susan. Skip Miller is Founder and President of M3 Learning, a ProActive Sales and Sales Management Training Company based in the heart of Silicon Valley. As President of M3 Learning, Skip has provided sales training to hundreds of companies in over 35 countries. Skip is also the author of the runaway bestseller, ProActive Sales Management as well as four other bestselling books. A long-term instructor for American Management Association (AMA), Skip has authored numerous AMA training programs including Sales Force Automation; Getting Measurable Productivity Increases, and How to Hire the Right Salesperson the First Time. Visit for more details.
    7. 7. For more information on Social READ The Metrics of Social Selling: Tying Your Online Social Engagement to Measurable Outcomes (and ROI) WATCH Social Selling: What the Management Team Needs to Know to Succeed with Today’s Customers CALL: (415) 986 6300 EMAIL: Or TWEET! @annekeseley
    8. 8. The Why Of Social Selling Cold Calling = Dead Since 2007
    9. 9. Mountains of Freakin’ Data Cold Calling = Dead Since 2007
    10. 10. You Need The NOW-NOW Data
    11. 11. “My Sales Manager Won’t Let Me...” “Waaah! My sales manager won’t pay for a fancy social sales enablement solution.”
    12. 12. Great Free Social Sales Tools Is It W o r t hW h a t ’s I t Wha t C a n I G o in g T o Whe re D o IC a lle d ? D o W it h It ? Th e N e x t G e t It ? L e v e l? InsideView Pro is All entry-level probably the bestIn s id e V ie w research $100 you can spend. Contacts cost aboutJ ig s a w $1.25 each, and you Trade contacts can get a lot for a one- time purchase. Track all of your leads andG is t Always free prospects, has a nice mobile app
    13. 13. Your Social Sales Plan We e k We e k We e k O n e We e k Tw o Th r e e Four S et Up Set up your Deploy Gist if you Track the amount haven’t gotten In s id e V ie Jigsaw account of new OPPSTa s k 1 and get 10 new enough leads from driven from each w Fre e InsideView and Ac c ount leads solution. L o a d yo u r Count the number of pe rs ona l Set up a Twitter new calls you need to Pick a tool, and try paying for it for oneTask 2 c o n n e c t io n account if you make based on your month, to invest in two new social sales s in t o don’t have one tools. your career. In s id e V ie w E x p o r t yo u r L in k e d In Start tweeting c o n n e c t io n s something that will Make the darnTask 3 a n d m a k e a lis t o f f o lk s t o help your prospects calls! twice a day r e c o n n e c t w it h
    14. 14. Add To Pipeline,Get Prospect Prospecting Call From Social With Relevant, or Add To your Sales Tool Targeted Pitch Marketing Team’s Bucket of Leads TO Nurture T h e S o c ia l S a le s P r o c e s s 14
    15. 15. Q&A Starters• Why don’t more sales professionals use social selling?• Why aren’t they teaching social sales in business schools?• How do I convince my sales manager to get a social sales enablement solution like InsideView for our sales team? 15
    16. 16. Want To Learn More? Grab a free 21-hour audio course at, feel free to get a discounted copy of The Social Customerat
    17. 17. To grab a no-obligation 60-day free trial of our SocialConcept Silver Membership, just go to and enter the codeIVFREE
    18. 18. Agenda• ProActive Selling• “Why aren’t sales coming in?”• “How do I leverage my social prospecting?”• “How do I get a qualified conversation going?” Today’s Agenda
    19. 19. Why are you here? CSO Insights 2012
    20. 20. Sales Cycle Control CSO Insights 2012
    21. 21. Sales Cycle Control CSO Insights 2012
    22. 22. Sales Cycle Control CSO Insights 2012
    23. 23. Sales Cycle Control CSO Insights 2012
    24. 24. Sales Cycle Control CSO Insights 2012
    25. 25. Some challenges salespeople have are: ➧ Poor listening skills ➧ Not realizing people have different styles ➧ Not having defined the purpose for the sales call ➧ Not having an outcome at the end defined ➧ No common ground to begin the communication ➧ Resistance to change the way they do things ➧ A desire to be right, instead of seeking resolution ➧ Interrupting the client ➧ Talking way too much ➧ Finishing the client’s thoughts And so on.......
    26. 26. What your customer hears...• Lowest prices...• Best delivery...• We are a partner...• We sell value...
    27. 27. Three Types of SalespersonProposal SellersDemo SellersProActive Sellers
    28. 28. The 3 Things you can do early The Buy/Sell Steps The Problem – CSP The Split
    29. 29. Buy/Sell Buy/Sell Process ’s r s Decide e s y e u c Rationalize B o Decide r Transfer of Ownership P Education Justify ’s Validate Initial Interest r s le es Educate/Discovery Initiate l e c S o P r
    30. 30. Buy/Sell Motivation Listen vertically & horizontally
    31. 31. CSP – Customers Solve Problemsbring to an end/stop/halt/close/standstill, end, halt; finish,terminate, discontinue, cut short, interrupt, nip in the bud;deactivate, shut down 1 the aim is to minimize costs: keep down, keep at/to a minimum, reduce, decrease, cut down, lessen, curtail, diminish, prune; informal slash. reduce, make less/smaller, minimize, decrease; allay, assuage, alleviate, attenuate, palliate, ease, dull, deaden, blunt, moderate, mitigate, dampen, soften, tone down, dilute, weaken 1 I avoid situations that stress me out: keep away from, stay away from, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, fight shy of
    32. 32. Initiate Business/Technical Split Validate Education Decide JustifyWhat you do atStage 2 matters. Cause/Effect Validate Initiate Education
    33. 33. Skip Miller skip@m3learning.comAction Steps:Skip’s Books available on AmazonSkip Miller Sales AcademyReal Virtual Interactive Trainingskipmillersalesacademy.comM3 Learning408.399.9243
    34. 34. Thanks for Joining Us• This webinar will be available on-demand at Stop by to learn more and share your comments.• Connect with our panelists on Social Media Today using the search function:
    35. 35. Join us July 17th for…In t e r n a l C o lla b o r a t io n a n d E x e c u t io n