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Social Media Monitoring, Outsourced: What's the Role of the Agency in Social Strategy?


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xperts disagree on the merits of farming out your social media monitoring. Real-time, constant monitoring is an absolute requirement for a responsible presence. The job demands a nuanced understanding of the customer and the brand, as well as knowledge of what events may be impacting the brand everywhere around the world, on every social platform where the brand lives.

Advocates of outsourcing contend that hired social media professionals can be loyal brand stewards, bring a greater attention to detail, and remain impervious to internal political battles that may impact the brand's reputation. But detractors claim that only experienced employees have the wherewithal to communicate with confidence and authority on brand issues by embodying the company culture and leveraging a vast network of workforce expertise.

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Social Media Monitoring, Outsourced: What's the Role of the Agency in Social Strategy?

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring, Outsourced: What's the Role of the Agency in Social Strategy? #SMTLive
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