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Social Media in Asia: Where Are the Emerging Opportunities?

Smt 032410 Slides

  1. 1. Social Media in Asia Where are the emerging opportunities? Brought to you by
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  3. 3. Today’s Speakers Thomas Crampton is Asia-Pacific director of 360 Digital Influence for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. Previously, he spent 18 years traveling the globe as a newspaper correspondent, mainly for the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times. He has been recognized with publisher’s awards from The New York Times and citations from Amnesty International for his articles and photography. Thoroughly involved in digital for the last six years, Mr. Crampton writes a widely read blog,, and is a sought-after speaker and moderator in the space. Peter J. Auditore is currently Head of SAP’s Business Influencer Program and a Senior Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research. As a veteran of four technology startups, Mr. Auditore has over twenty years of experience in selling and marketing software to LE and SME organizations worldwide. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and tradeshows, Mr. Auditore has authored many technology press articles and industry white papers. Robin Fray Carey is CEO and Co-Founder of Social Media Today, LLC, founded in 2007. Social Media Today LLC helps global organizations create purpose-built, B2B social communities designed to engage the customers and prospects they most want to reach. Previously, Ms. Carey founded and managed Custom Publishing Group, a content publishing and sales development company. Robin is a graduate cum laude of the University of Virginia.
  4. 4. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  5. 5. Social Media in Asia
  6. 6. Social Media in Asia Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  7. 7. Social Media in Asia Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  8. 9. Social Media in Asia Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  9. 10. Asia’s Dominant Social Networks Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  10. 11. Asia’s Range of Search Engines Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  11. 12. Search Engines Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  12. 13. Internet Users as % of Population Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  13. 14. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Social Media in Asia
  14. 16. Social Media in Asia Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  15. 18. Social Media in Asia Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  16. 20. Asians Enjoy Creating Content Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  17. 21. Without the internet… Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  18. 22. More friends online than offline…
  19. 23. Copyright © 1998-2010 by Techtel Corporation. All rights reserved. 2000 Powell St., Ste. 1070, Emeryville, CA 94608 • (510) 655-9414 How important are the following channels to you for making recommendations or decisions about business software? Average Influence (2=Very Influential, 1=Somewhat Influential, 0=Not Influential) The most important channels are in person Speakers and 1 to 1 Research consulting. Blogs and Micro blogs are the least important. This is importance of channels, not sources.
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