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How to Build and Leverage Great Content Online


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How to Build and Leverage Great Content Online

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  2. 2. Social Media Today presents:How to Build and Leverage Great Content OnlineBrought to you by BlogHer
  3. 3. Thanks to the Sponsor For companies that are serious about content marketing, Curata is the only business grade solution that provides end-to-end content curation capability. The caliber of our technology, expertise, and passion are second to none. BlogHer
  4. 4. How to Participate• Submit your questions in the GotoWebinar presentation window• Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #SMTlive BlogHer
  5. 5. About the Moderator Robin Fray Carey is the co-founder and CEO of Social Media Today, LLC, a blogging network that assembles the world’s best thinkers on business and public policy. Carey launched Social Media Today in 2007 with the goal of connecting leading experts across a variety of business conversations. As traditional media went digital, and the Internet went social, Carey realized the huge potential for social media platforms to facilitate direct communication among customers, their employees, and experts from academia, business and government. Robin speaks on social media around the world, and blogs at She has volunteered as a board member of the Women’s Refugee Commission, which she now co- chairs. She is also an advisor to the Society for New Communications Research, and a member of the Overseers of the International Rescue Committee. BlogHer
  6. 6. About the PanelPawan Deshpande is the CEO and visionary behind HiveFire, Inc. Their product, Curata, is an easy-to-use marketingsolution for content curation and content marketing. Pawan has spoken at leading events including ContentMarketing World, SXSW Interactive, Online Media Summit, Social Media Breakfast and multiple AMA webinars, andwas named to Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list of influential business leaders in 2010 due in part to hiscontributions to the burgeoning online marketing community in greater Boston. Prior to foundingHiveFire, Deshpande held positions at both Microsoft and Google. Pawan attended the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT) for both his graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science.Steve Momorella, owner and founder, TEKGROUP International, has more than 17 years of direct Internet experienceranging from programming to high-level design and consulting for numerous large corporations including IBM, AOLand Ford Motor Company. Currently, Steve is responsible for the sales and marketing of TEKGROUP’s OnlineNewsroom Solution, used by well-known brands including Toyota, Starbucks, Prudential, Walgreens, Lowes, DunkinDonuts, Ford, Sprint, and many of the Fortune 500 companies. As the head of sales and marketing for TEKGROUP,Steve stays on top of the latest news and events by working with industry experts to conduct research surveys,producing reports on topics such as online newsrooms, social media news, and digital communications.Pam is the CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz, an experiential social brand, reputation management and digitalmarketing agency. She has 15+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 organizations buildwinning brands and sustainable business platforms! Pam is an avid keynote speaker, trainer and best-selling authorof two books. listed her as a top 5 Social Media Woman Power Influencer as well as in the Top 10 andTop 50 overall. She is tapped into regularly by publications such as USA Today, Forbes for contribution to articlesrelated to social business, social media and reputation management. If you can’t find Pam on Twitter, Facebook oron her “Marketing Nut” blog she is probably off to one of the Tampa beaches with her husband and two boys. BlogHer
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  8. 8. Content Curation: how to do it An Online Marketing ProcessIndustry Blogs Topic SiteIndustry News Topic Email Newsletter Find Organize ShareIndustry Social Media Topic Social Media © Copyright HiveFire, Inc. 2012 BlogHer
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  10. 10. Using Subject Matter Experts & Thought Leaders for Content Mark BlogHer
  11. 11. Using Subject Matter Experts & Thought Leaders for Content Mark BlogHer
  12. 12. Social is Becoming Increasingly Important in Search BlogHer
  13. 13. Include Images, Videos, and Links in News Story Content BlogHer
  14. 14. COMMUNITIES CREATEMARKETS Opportunity Harvest Free member Community Zone Paid member Loyal evangelist Customer Zone $ $ BlogHer
  15. 15. Social media Businessplugsinto yourBusiness BlogHer
  16. 16. Human Algorithm Google is adapting page rank for people Proprietary & Confidential - Copyright Marketing Nutz 2012 BlogHer
  17. 17. Humanize it Becoming the people we want to reach & inspire… BlogHer
  18. 18. SMO – Social Media OptimizationConversionoptimization activityfor social media You must know what activity you want to optimize conversion! BlogHer
  19. 19. Thanks for Joining Us• This webinar will be available on-demand at Stop by to learn more and share your comments.• Connect with our panelists on Social Media Today using the search function: BlogHer
  20. 20. Upcoming Webinars• 4/24 –How Can Non-Profits Optimize Social Media?• 4/26 –Hire More Staff or Contract Out? A Question for Every Small Business BlogHer