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In 2014, Twitter users tweeted 277,000 times every minute. Facebook users shared more than 2.4 million pieces of content. And Instagram users posted 216,000 new photos. Do you know how much of that digital information was created by your audiences about your brand or organization? And how much of it was in response to your marketing efforts? How can you sift through volumes of social data to tell which element of your paid, owned and earned campaign activity is the most effective?

Join this webinar to learn:
--How to stop being overwhelmed by the amount of social data out there by using the appropriate measurement tools.
--How to figure out which of your marketing efforts are actually paying off.
--How to use social listening to find out who is talking about your brand and on which platforms.
--How to move from data to actionable insights.

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  1. 1. Stop Drowning in Digital Data: Social Listening for Campaign Measurement #SMTLive
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  4. 4. #SMTLive Our  Speakers     Paul  Dunay  is  an  award-­‐winning  B2B  marke<ng  expert  with  more  than  20  years’  success  in  genera<ng  demand   and  crea<ng  buzz  for  leading  technology,  consumer  products,  financial  services  and  professional  services   organiza<ons.  Paul  is  the  author  of  five  “Dummies”  books  including  Facebook  Adver-sing  for  Dummies  (Wiley   2010),  and  Facebook  Marke-ng  for  Dummies  3rd  Edi<on  (Wiley  2012).  @PaulDunay     Joel  Windels  is  currently  marke<ng  manager  for  EMEA  at  Brandwatch,  where  he  leads  a  team  of  world  class  content,   customer  and  digital  marketers  and  has  helped  the  company  grow  by  over  100%  for  six  straight  years.  Before  working   at  Brandwatch,  Joel's  background  was  in  community  management,  working  with  games  publishers  like  EA,  Disney  and   Sony.  @linkyeah   Jessica  Williams  is  global  innova<on  marke<ng  and  analy<cs  leader  at  Visa.  Jessica  is  focused  on  digital  and  social   ac<va<on  and  measurement  across  brand,  b2b    and  corporate  marke<ng.  Jessica  designs  and  executes  innova<ve   digital  and  social  marke<ng  programs  in  order  to  enhance  brand  equity,  achieve  revenue  ini<a<ves,  increase  market   share,  differen<ate  products,  and  drive  robust  marke<ng,  communica<ons,  and  business  strategy.  @mediametricsgal   Jennifer  Mar8n  is  the  Senior  Social  Media  Strategist  for  Sony  Electronics.  Her  focus  is  to  generate  awareness  of   the  brand,  products  and  campaigns  by  developing,  managing,  and  execu<ng  online  and  social  media  marke<ng   strategies.  She  was  the  first  person  hired  at  Sony  to  spearheaded  the  Sony  Electronics’  social  media  strategy  and   launched  the  brand’s  presence  on  top  social  networking  sites  like  Facebook,  YouTube  and  Twi3er,  as  well  as   crea<ng  the  Sony  Blog  -­‐  communi<es  that  now  reach  millions.  @Jennifer_AM  
  5. 5. Stop Drowning in Digital Data: Joel Windels | | +44 (0)1273 234 290 | @LinkYeah Social listening for campaign measurement
  6. 6. Brandwatch /About us © 2015 Brandwatch | 6 SaaS Enterprise Social Media Monitoring & Analysis 1000+ Brands in 15 Markets | Supporting Clients in 27 Languages
  7. 7. Why measure? © 2015 Brandwatch | 7 •  Define clear objectives •  Focuses the entire organization on what is (and isn’t) important •  Agreed and transparent results can be used to justify associated budgets
  8. 8. What should you measure? © 2015 Brandwatch | 8 •  Outputs: What you created •  Outtakes: How people reacted •  Outcomes: How people behaved differently as a result Don’t focus on ‘vogue’ or ‘vanity’ metrics
  9. 9. What should you measure? © 2015 Brandwatch | 9 It’s far more insightful to track conversation about a campaign in relation to a brand, rather than just the campaign or the brand.
  10. 10. Measure sales © 2015 Brandwatch | 10
  11. 11. Measure visibility © 2015 Brandwatch | 11
  12. 12. Measure loyalty © 2015 Brandwatch | 12
  13. 13. Measure reputation © 2015 Brandwatch | 13
  14. 14. Measure perception © 2015 Brandwatch | 14
  15. 15. Measure takeaways © 2015 Brandwatch | 15 •  Metrics that match your objectives: •  sales (intent to purchase, GA data) •  visibility (brand mentions within target demographic) •  upsells & loyalty (influencer/ambassador) •  better reputation (sentiment) •  changing perceptions (topic & theme analysis)
  16. 16. #SMTLive Social Listening
  17. 17. #SMTLive KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Who are you creating content for? Where do the conversations happen? What do they want from a brand? Do they want to interact with a Brand? If So, how do they want to interact with a Brand? Questions to Ask It’s about joining the conversation in the RIGHT way.   PURPOSE Why create content/campaign? Is this content relevant to the community? DEFINE What elements define content from you vs competition? Are they elements relevant to your audience?
  18. 18. #SMTLive Community Measure Shares + Likes + Comments Impressions/ Followers = Engagement Rate Cross Any Platform Algorithm Changes Focuses in on Key Data Direct Comparisons of Content Types Adjust Content Based on Data Themes in Content
  19. 19. #SMTLive Campaign Impressions KPI: Buzz & Awareness KPI: Conversion & Engagement KPI: Revenue KPI: Engagement Video Views PR Coverage “I’m Switching to…” Engagement Rates Engagement Rates Rating/Review $$ Customer Journey Different Data for Different Goals Discussion Monitoring
  20. 20. #SMTLive Not always about the reach Influencers DISCUSSION   vs IMPRESSIONS   Are they discussion starters? Will they have dialogue? Do they genuinely like your brand? Do they spark the conversation you’re looking to have?
  21. 21. #SMTLive Discussion vs Impressions Map Goals Back to Area of Focus in the Customer Journey Community = Engagement Rate Social Listening Join the Conversation The Right Way
  22. 22. 22 “NOE  TWO”  PARISIAN  STREET  ARTIST,  RIO  DE  JANIERO  2013   SOCIAL  Intelligence   Marke<ng  STRATEGY   &   Jessica  Williams   Visa   @mediametricsgal  
  23. 23. SOCIAL  INTELLIGENCE   used  in  strategy  planning,  MSF’s  and   crea<ve  briefs  to  hone  in  on   marke<ng  objec<ve  and  audience       used  to  op<mize  during   execu<on  and  evaluate  post   campaign.   CREATIVE  BRIEF   EXECUTION  STRATEGY   PLANNING   EVALUATION   •  Social intelligence can provide data at every stage of the marketing process THE SOCIAL INTELLIGNCE PROGRESSION
  24. 24. Low Cost Data Collection Quick Analysis Real Time Data Flow Unsolicited Data Global Less Vendor Dependence for Research Sampled at Point of Experience •  The Value of Social Data for Marketing Intelligence THE SOCIAL DATA ADVANTAGE
  25. 25. Visa  Confiden<al  @mediametricsgal   Small/Mid-­‐Size  Business  Owners   MAKING IT HAPPEN – CASE STUDY Visa Payments Conversation Blueprint
  26. 26. •  Understand topics that matter most to small business owners to help better inform SMB marketing strategy and planning. •  Identify pain and passion points for small business owners, to uncover the current perception of Visa and competitors, and understand how business owners use and share content online. PROJECT OBJECTIVE
  27. 27. 800+  Queries   Iden<fied  more  than   10,000  business  owners  in   15  different  industries.  The   owners  were  segmented  by   age,  loca<on,  business   industry,  age  of  business,   and  size  of  business.   Custom  Search   Database   Upload  the  conversa<ons  the   business  owners  are  having  on   Twi]er  &  Forums  to  a  searchable   database,  totaling  1M  total   conversa8ons     Conversa8on  Analysis   Analyze  the  conversa<ons  from   the  custom  panel  to  surface   trends  and  key  themes.   Influencer   Research   The  panel  is  queried  to  iden<fy   where  the  SMB  owners  are   gegng  content.   Iden8fy  audience     (SMBs)   What  types  of  content  are   these  business  owners   most  drawn  to?   What  are  the  key   themes?   2   1   3   4   Who  are  the   individuals  who   influence  panel   members?   METHODOLOGY : AT A GLANCE
  28. 28. 4738   21.8%   2314   10.7%   5310   24.5%   8053   37.1%   1305   6.0%   Sharing  Exper<se   Legal  and  Financial  Info   Opera<ons   Poli<cal  Environment   Travel  and  Time  Management   Sharing   Exper<se   Legal  and   Financial   Company   Opera<ons   Poli<cal  and   Regulatory  Issues   Time   Management   and  Personal   Topics  Include:   Sharing  Exper8se:   •  Sharing  business  advice   •  Networking   •  Social  adver<sement   •  Business  associa<ons   •  Ques<ons  for  other   business  owners   •  Sharing  own  experience   Legal  and  Financial:   •  Funding  a  business   •  Licensing  a  business   •  Loans  and  SMB  grants   •  Debt   •  Banking   •  Legal  advice   Company  Opera8ons:   •  Marke<ng  advice   •  Payments  op<ons   •  Growing  the  business   •  Reducing  cost   •  Hiring  employees   •  Running  the  business   efficiently   Poli8cal  and  Regulatory   Issues:   •  Taxes   •  Regula<ons   •  Overall  economy   •  Healthcare/ACA   •  Business  climate   Time  Management  and   Personal:   •  Busy  schedule   •  Time  management   •  Travel   •  Vaca<on   •  Stress  and  personal  pain   points   •  Top Business-Related Topics in the SMB Panel QUERYING THE PANEL
  29. 29. 47%   36%   29%   Posts  that  link  to  an  external  site   Posts  that  men<on  another  user   Original  post   47%   50%   54%   60%   52%   30%   36%   31%   39%   31%   35%   36%   29%   34%   24%   8%   27%   41%   Overall   Sharing  Exper<se   Legal  and  Financial   Company  Opera<ons   Poli<cal  and  Regulatory   Time  Management  and   Personal   Posts  that  link  to  an  external  site   Posts  that  men<on  another  users   Original  posts   Percentages across topics •  How do business owners in the panel share content? QUERYING THE PANEL
  31. 31. Consistent  engagement  rate  of   over  1.00%  -­‐  2x  higher  than   LinkedIn  benchmarks   50X  the  number  of  shares/post   on  LinkedIn  –  increasing  reach   exponen<ally   Earned  20K  new  business   owner  followers  on  LinkedIn  –   decreasing  spend  needed  to   reach  this  audience   50X  the  number  of  qualified   clicks  to  –  increasing   conversion   •  New content strategy drove significant results RESULTS
  32. 32. #SMTLive Our  Speakers     Paul  Dunay  is  an  award-­‐winning  B2B  marke<ng  expert  with  more  than  20  years’  success  in  genera<ng  demand   and  crea<ng  buzz  for  leading  technology,  consumer  products,  financial  services  and  professional  services   organiza<ons.  Paul  is  the  author  of  five  “Dummies”  books  including  Facebook  Adver-sing  for  Dummies  (Wiley   2010),  and  Facebook  Marke-ng  for  Dummies  3rd  Edi<on  (Wiley  2012).  @PaulDunay     Joel  Windels  is  currently  marke<ng  manager  for  EMEA  at  Brandwatch,  where  he  leads  a  team  of  world  class  content,   customer  and  digital  marketers  and  has  helped  the  company  grow  by  over  100%  for  six  straight  years.  Before  working   at  Brandwatch,  Joel's  background  was  in  community  management,  working  with  games  publishers  like  EA,  Disney  and   Sony.  @linkyeah   Jessica  Williams  is  global  innova<on  marke<ng  and  analy<cs  leader  at  Visa.  Jessica  is  focused  on  digital  and  social   ac<va<on  and  measurement  across  brand,  b2b    and  corporate  marke<ng.  Jessica  designs  and  executes  innova<ve   digital  and  social  marke<ng  programs  in  order  to  enhance  brand  equity,  achieve  revenue  ini<a<ves,  increase  market   share,  differen<ate  products,  and  drive  robust  marke<ng,  communica<ons,  and  business  strategy.  @mediametricsgal   Jennifer  Mar8n  is  the  Senior  Social  Media  Strategist  for  Sony  Electronics.  Her  focus  is  to  generate  awareness  of   the  brand,  products  and  campaigns  by  developing,  managing,  and  execu<ng  online  and  social  media  marke<ng   strategies.  She  was  the  first  person  hired  at  Sony  to  spearheaded  the  Sony  Electronics’  social  media  strategy  and   launched  the  brand’s  presence  on  top  social  networking  sites  like  Facebook,  YouTube  and  Twi3er,  as  well  as   crea<ng  the  Sony  Blog  -­‐  communi<es  that  now  reach  millions.  @Jennifer_AM  
  33. 33. #SMTLive Thank  you  to  our  sponsor   @brandwatch  
  34. 34. #SMTLive Win  a  Free  Ticket  to  The  Social  Shake-­‐Up!   #SMTLive  Audience:  Tell  us  why  you  want  to  go  to  The   Social  Shake-­‐Up  to  be  entered  for  a  chance  to  win.                              Tweet:  “I  want  to  go  to  #socialshakeup15  because…”  
  35. 35. #SMTLive Join  us  on  Thursday   April  16th       Social  Customer  Service  is  the  New  Heart  of   Marke<ng