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Oracle, Leader Networks, and Social Media Today recently conducted an online survey of over 900 marketing and technology executives to learn how companies are leveraging social technologies and practices throughout their organizations. Join us as we discuss part two of the The Social Business Research Study, focused on Socially Driven Collaboration.

How has the the relationship between Marketing and IT/Technology groups changed in response to the impact of social business? We explore how the opportunity for increased collaboration is perceived by each of these groups as their organizations evolve towards becoming socially enabled enterprises.

While Marketing has a leading role in the adoption of social channels with a focus on building awareness, the significant operational benefits of increased collaboration between Marketing and IT include:

Stronger and more compelling marketing messages
Faster speed to market
Greater product and service adoption
Fewer defects in products and services
Join this exclusive webinar to learn how your organization can capitalize on the developing relationship between IT and Marketing. Follow along on twitter using #smtlive

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