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Toby's Mary Project


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Toby's Mary project

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Toby's Mary Project

  5. 5. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Who is Mary?2. Mary’s Life In The Scriptures3. The Annunciation - What Qualities Does Mary Display In This Story?4. The Visitation - What Qualities Does Mary Display In This Story?5. Jesus In The Temple - What Qualities Does Mary Display In This Story?6. The Wedding At Cana - What Qualities Does Mary Display In This Story?7. Mary At Calvary - What Qualities Does Mary Display In This Story?8. Different Roles Of Mary - Mary The Mother, The Daughter, The Wife, TheServant, The Christian and MaryThe Disciple9. Why Mary Is A Role Model For Me?
  6. 6. WHO IS MARY?Mary is known to us in many ways such as:*Mary Mother of God*Saint Mary*Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth*The Blessed Virgin Mary*Mary Mother of Jesus*Mary Queen of PeaceThe name that stands out the most for me is Mary Queenof Heaven and Earth as even though she lived on Earth, herconnection to the Heavens, through God, was so great.
  7. 7. While some believe she was born in Jerusalem, most believe Nazareth in Galilee was her birth place. Her parents names were Joachim and Anne. She had a hardworking family and they relied on the weather and the landfor their survival. Mary’s family found out that they needed to depend on God and believed that God would provide for them. They had an extremely strong Jewish faith as did those who lived in the community with them.Mary was an ordinary, hardworking young girl, who was setto be married to Joseph. Her world was very normal until.... Mary’s life changed in a most amazing way!
  8. 8. MARY’S LIFE IN THE SCRIPTURESThere are 5 key scriptures that help us to learn aboutthe life of Mary and her qualities. They are:*The Annunciation*The Visitation*Jesus lost in the Temple*The Wedding at Cana*Mary at CalvaryHere is a summery of these scriptures.
  9. 9. THE ANNUNCIATIONMary, was soon to be married to Joseph, a carpenter who lived inthe same town. One day, when Mary was alone, she was verysurprised to see an angel suddenly appear in front of her.The angels name was Gabriel who was bringing a message fromGod.The message declared that Mary was going to have a son calledJesus. Jesus was to be a great King with a kingdom that would beeverlasting.Mary was confused as she was not married yet but Gabriel assuredher that it would be the work of God, and Jesus was to be holy andthe Son of God.
  10. 10. WHAT QUALITIES DOES MARY DISPLAY IN THIS STORY*Mary is brave as she was accepting of Gabrielle’s visits eventhough she was quite afraid*She is trusting of the word of God as delivered by Gabrielle*She displayed the strength of her Faith by accepting the roleas the mother of the great King*Mary was willing to take on this role even though she didnot know how Joseph would react.
  11. 11. THE VISITATIONWith much on her mind, Mary set off on a long journey to visit hercousin Elizabeth. She spoke to Elizabeth about Gabrielle’s visit andto Mary’s surprise, Elizabeth already knew.Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah had also received a visit fromGabrielle who told the couple that God was going to give them achild, to be called John. This was amazing news for the couple asthey believed that they could never have children.When the two ladies saw each other they were so incredibly happyfor each others great news.
  12. 12. WHAT QUALITIES DOES MARY DISPLAY IN THIS STORY*Mary is brave as she was travelling alone while pregnant*She cared about Elizabeth who was having a baby of her own,and she was not a young mother*Mary showed joy for the blessings of others*she stayed with Elizabeth for 3 months, which means she wasgenerous with her time*Mary was selfless as even though she was pregnant herself andyoung, she was more concerned about taking care of others.
  13. 13. JESUS IN THE TEMPLEEach year Mary and Joseph would travel to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast ofthe Passover with many other Jews. When Jesus was 12, he travelled with themto join in the celebrations.After the festival was over, they all began the journey back to Nazareth. Afterquite some time, they noticed that Jesus was missing. They were desperatewith worry.For 3 days they searched for him but could not find him. At last they saw himsitting in the Temple, where people gather to honour god and learn about God.Mary and Joseph explained to Jesus how worried they had been, but he said toMary “I didn’t mean to cause you so much trouble. Didn’t you know that Iwould be here, in my Father’s house?”.Only as Jesus grew older did Mary begin to understand exactly how importantsuch gatherings would mean to the life of Jesus.
  14. 14. WHAT QUALITIES DOES MARY DISPLAY IN THIS STORY*Mary was a caring and concerned mother who was desperateto find her son*She was also understanding of her sons need to spend timelearning about Gods teachings and talking to others in “his Fathershouse”*Mary recognised that despite her panic at having lost her son, hewas a wise young man who loved and obeyed his parents and God.
  15. 15. THE WEDDING IN CANAJesus and some friends were invited to a wedding in the town ofCana. Mary, his mother was there.Long before the wedding feast was over, the wine was finished.Mary was concerned and she told Jesus.Jesus asked his friends to fill up six huge water jugs that werenearby with water. Once they did this, they took the water fromthe jugs to the ruler of the feast for tasting. He did this and thewater had become wine.The ruler of the feast then explained with excitement that the bestwine was left until last at this particular feast!
  16. 16. WHAT QUALITIES DOES MARY DISPLAY IN THIS STORY*once again Mary shows caring for others.*She understood the embarrassment that the wedding organiserswould feel when there was no wine left. This shows Empathy(understanding the feelings of others )*She shows grace by pleading with Jesus to fix the problem andknowing that others could not.*Mary displays Trust in Jesus that he is capable of solving theproblem. This is also an example to having Faith.
  17. 17. MARY AT CALVARY.Jesus was sentenced to be crucified by Pontius Pilate. The soldiersdragged him through the streets of Jerusalem making him carry ahuge wooden cross. He was weak from being beaten. Jesus wasthen nailed to the cross by his hands and feet.Mary watched all of this cruelty and stood near Jesus on the cross,heartbroken. Jesus told John, one of his disciples, to take care of her.Even after Jesus had died, Mary remained with him at Calvary untilhe was taken away to be buried. She must have known thatSimeon’s prophesy had come true.
  18. 18. WHAT QUALITIES DOES MARY DISPLAY IN THIS STORY*As any mother in such a situation would, Mary showed amazingstrength to be able to stay with her son throughout his suffering*She showed amazing Faith, knowing that what Jesus was goingthrough must be part of Gods plan for him*Mary displayed unconditional love for her son*She also showed sorrow at the rejection that the people hadshown her son when he had not done any wrong*Finally, Mary displayed compassion, as always, taking care ofJesus’s followers while he was gone.
  19. 19. As you can see Mary has many amazingqualities that make her possibly themost important woman in the catholicchurch. She has ....
  21. 21. THE DIFFERENT ROLES OF MARYWith so many amazing qualities in one person, it is easy to believethat Mary is considered an important role model for all of us. Shewas many things:*a mother*a daughter*a wife*a servant*a christian*a disciple
  22. 22. MARY THE MOTHERMary was an amazing mother for Jesus. She wassupportive, caring, loving, compassionate andloyal.To have Jesus she had to say “YES”to angel Gabrielwhich showed her willingness to take on the role ofbeing the mother of the son of God. She knew this wouldbe a huge responsibility.
  23. 23. MARY THE DAUGHTERMary was a daughter to Anne and Joachim. Like allmembers of her village her family made a living fromtheir land and she and her family worked extremelyhard.
  24. 24. MARY THE WIFE Mary was a wife for Joseph and they lived in Nazareth and she became a bride at a young agewhen she was only 14 years old which for us is veryyoung but for them but then it was the normal age to get married.
  25. 25. MARY THE SERVANT To be a servant means to be in theservice of another person. Mary was a servant to God by listening to what God said to her.
  26. 26. MARY THE CHRISTIAN To be a christian means you have a relationship toGod. Mary did not only believe in God but she lived her life as a true christian should caring for others and not judging.
  27. 27. MARY THE DISCIPLEA disciple is a person who is a follower. Mary was adisciple because she followed God’s word. Mary did what God instructed for her to do. Mary showed great faith to do what god told her to do.
  28. 28. WHY MARY IS AN IMPORTANT ROLE MODEL FOR METhere are many reasons that Mary is an important rolemodel. From the first mention of Mary in the Bible sheshows Faith and Courage when faced with angel Gabriel.Even though was young and frightened, her belief in Godmeant she accepted this role without question.Whenever Mary could, she happily showed concern forother people. She didn’t expect anything in return. We sawthis when she visited her cousin Elizabeth when the wineran out at the wedding and as she supported her son as hewas crucified. At all times she was selfless.
  29. 29. This is an amazing quality to have as a person andsomething I would like to be. Her strength that she showedduring times of great difficulty is an important lesson to aeveryone. When things aren’t going well, like Mary, we needto have Faith that things will get better if we stay strong.
  31. 31. PART 2: THE WEDDING IN CANAJesus and some friends were invited to a wedding in the town ofCana. Mary, his mother was there.Long before the wedding feast was over, the wine was finished.Mary was concerned and she told Jesus.Jesus asked his friends to fill up some six huge water jugs that werenearby with water. Once they did this, they took the water fromthe jugs to the ruler of the feast for tasting. He did this and thewater had become wine.The ruler of the feast then explained with excitement that the bestwine was left until last at this particular feast!
  32. 32. HOW MARY WOULD HAVE FELT AT THE WEDDING AT CANAMary was feeling Empathy (understanding how someonefeels) as she knew that the wedding organisers would havebeen embarrassed. It was still only early in the weddingfestivities.In order to fix the situation, Mary turned to Jesus showingFaith in his ability. She knew that she could not fix theproblem herself but she thought that Jesus could perform amiracle. And he did!
  33. 33. WHEN I FELT THIS WAY:This year my six year old sister Hollie had a very importantoperation, Cochlear Implants in each ear. She has been almost deafsince she was born and this was a way to make her hear.She had never been to hospital before and was very scared anduncertain about what was going to happen.I felt Empathy as she was so young and it was going to be such ahuge change in her life. The operation was also going to be painfulfor her and she needed to be very brave.My family and I had to show Faith in the Surgeon and Doctorsand Nursers at the Hospital. We also had to have Faith in Holliethat she would be strong and Brave. And she was!
  34. 34. PART 3: HOW DOES THE CHURCH HONOUR MARY One way the church honours Mary is by the Feast days. Some of the feast days are:*Mary, Mother of God - January 1st*Presentation of the Lord - February 2nd*Our Lady of Lourdes - February 11th*The Annunciation - March 25th*The Visitation - May 31st*The Assumption - August 15th*Birthday of Mary - September 8th*The Rosary - October 7th*Immaculate Conception - December 8th
  35. 35. Another way that the church honours Mary is withthe various Titles that she has been given. Some ofthe titles are:*Mary Mother of God*Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth*Mary Help of Christians*Mary Queen of Peace*The Blessed Virgin Mary*Mary Mother of Jesus
  36. 36. The third way the church honours Mary is through prayer:*Hail Mary*The Rosary*Hail Holy Queen*The AngelusWhen we pray The Angelus, The Rosary and Hail Mary wethink about The Annunciation and how Mary obeyed God’sorder. When we pray Hail Holy Queen we think about Marybeing our Queen and how much we love her. These prayersare called Marian Prayers because they are all about Mary.There are 2 main types of Prayers, Prayers of Praise andPrayers of Petition. Prayers of Praise are when you are prayingto thank God for something and Prayers of Petition are whenyou pray to ask something of God or the Saints.
  37. 37. PART 4 MARY MACKILLOPMary Mackillop was a faithful, courageous and spiritual person. She is alsoAustralian’s first saint. She is a role model for all of us because of her strongFaith and belief in God.A time when Mary Mackillop listened to God was when she noticed that poorcouldn’t afford to put their children in school to receive an education. Sheresponded to God by building schools all over Australia for poor, uneducatedchildren.She responded to God by believing everyone is equal, the rich and the poor.She listened to God by building schools for children and making them happybecause she taught them how much God and Jesus loved them. MaryMackillop had a great life she was born in 1892 and died in 1909.