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Jarrah's Mary Project


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Jarrah's Mary Project

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Jarrah's Mary Project

  1. 1. Mary Mother of God By Jarrah Henderson-Jackson
  2. 2. • Mother• Obedient • Mystical• Trusting • Assumed• Helpful • Resilient• Encouraging • Youthful• Respectful
  3. 3. Mother• She is the Mother of God [Jesus]
  4. 4. Obedient• Mary said “yes” to God. She agreed to have a baby and call him Jesus.
  5. 5. Trusting• She fully trusted in God’s plan for her
  6. 6. Helpful• She was helpful to Jesus at the wedding at Cana [Jesus first miracle]. She was helpful to everyone who knew her.
  7. 7. Encouraging• Mary encouraged Jesus his whole life.
  8. 8. Respectful• Mary was respectful at the Visitation to Elizabeth her cousin
  9. 9. Mystical• Mystical Rose is one of her many titles
  10. 10. Assumed• She was assumed into heaven body and soul
  11. 11. Resilient• She stayed with Jesus until he died
  12. 12. Youthful• She will never age
  13. 13. • M• O• T• H• E• R• M• A• R• Y
  14. 14. Things I Know About Mary• Mary was chosen to be the mother of God• She was very young when the Angel came to her• She was first among the Saints• She married a man named Joseph• Her mother was named Ann
  15. 15. Events in Mary’s Life• Jesus lost in the temple• Jesus’ Birth• The Annunciation• The Assumption• Escape to Egypt
  16. 16. Why is Mary a role model for us?• Woman of amazing faith• She’s Queen of Heaven and Earth• Woman of amazing strength• Woman who listened• Woman of Prayer
  17. 17. The Wedding at Cana • Jesus’ first miracle
  18. 18. You are Invited T Joseph, Mary and Jesus o you are invited to a wedding feast Do not bring wine we have lots. When: Sunday Week Where: Cana, Galilee What: Wedding FeastRSVP: Please let us know if you are coming by Sat so we can provide food and wine all weekend
  19. 19. The Wedding at Cana The wedding at Cana is when Joseph Mary andJesus were invited to a wedding feast. When the hostsran out of wine, Mary was very embarrassed for them and asked Jesus to help. This was Jesus’ first miracle.According to John, but in my words, the story goes like this. Please enjoy.
  20. 20. The Wedding at Cana There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. Joseph, Mary and Jesus travelled together with some of Jesus‘ disciples.They where having the best time ever. There was plenty of fine food and wine. They had music playing andeverybody was dancing and celebrating the marriage of the bride and groom. Later that evening Mary noticed that the host was looking flustered, so she went over to see what was going on.
  21. 21. The Wedding at Cana The host told Mary that they had ran out of wine.Mary ran straight to Jesus and told him all about what had happened. Mary asked him if he could help butJesus replied “my hour has not come yet”. When Jesuswas ready, Mary went to the servants and told them to do whatever he says. Then Jesus went to the servants and told them to fill the stone Jars to the rim withwater. Jesus blessed the water and it stated to turn into wine. When he finished the blessing the servants took thewine to the steward. Then he said that it was the bestwine that he had ever tried. The servants delivered the wine to the guests and the wedding went on.
  22. 22. How Mary would have felt Elizabeth my dear cousin, Just want to tell you that we are away at our friends wedding. I can’t wait see you I need to tell about the weekend the most amazing thing happened I was amazed . Joseph, Jesus and I travelled to Cana for the wedding. The bride looked beautiful. At the feast I felt so embarrassed for the hosts. The wine ran out before dinner. No
  23. 23. How Mary would have felt Jesus my son did a miracle ... I was so stunned and proud.He asked the servants to fill water into stonejars. Can you believe what happened next, it turned into the best wine the steward hadever tasted. Everyone at the wedding was sostunned. Can you imagine how proud I felt. My heart was bursting out of my gown. I always knew Jesus was special. The Angel Gabriel told me this 30 years ago this may
  24. 24. How Mary would have feltAfter the miracle, Jesus told me he was justdoing the work His Father sent him to do on earth.Jesus tells me this is just the beginning. Hehas to spread HIs Father’s word. I will totally support him and Joseph will too.I hope you and John are well. See you when we get back on Monday.
  25. 25. How the Church Honours Mary.The Church Honours Mary in many different ways But the most main way is through prayer. Other ways are though special titles, feast days and statues. Mary is our mother as well as Jesus mother and thechurch tells us in the 2nd commandment that we must honour our mothers.Prayers:The Rosary. The Rosary is when you get some rosarybeads and you say a prayer for each bead. The rosary isspecial because it is based on the events in Mary’s life.
  26. 26. How the church honours Mary Hymns:Hymns are sung to Mary especially on The Assumption. This is when Mary was taken up to heaven body and soul. Another feast day is Mary’s Birthday, Mary’s birthday is on the 5th of September Titles:Mary is known as many names [titles] two of these are Queen of heaven and earth and Mary first among thesaints. These titles reflect what the church believes and teaches us about Mary.
  27. 27. How the church Honours MaryMany people pray to Mary when they are sick or dying “pray for us at the hour of our death amen”. Some even travel to Lourdes in France to receive a special blessing and some have received a miracle.
  28. 28. Mary MacKillopMary MacKillop had three sisters and four brothers and Mary was the eldestBoys:John 1845-1867Donald 1853-1925Peter 1857- 1878 Alick 1847 died at eleven monthsGirls:Margaret {Maggie} 1843-1872Annie1848-1929Alexandrina 1850-1882
  29. 29. A Need: In the community Clean up at clean up Australia day Don’t pollute Don’t litter In the worldHelp charities or give money to the poor Don’t use a lot of technology Give houses to the poor
  30. 30. Thank you for watching my Mary project