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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Characteristics Habitat Food Sources Predators Animals That Share This Habitat + and – Effects of Human Losing a Member of The Food Chain
  2. 2.  Bushy tail  Light brown fur  Pointy ears  Black wet noses
  3. 3.  Fields with a few trees and bushes  The fields have brown grass and lots of weeds  Sometimes they go to forests
  4. 4.  They eat small animals that live in its habitat  For example rats, squirrels, birds  They usually eat small mammals  The can eat vegetarian too
  5. 5.  Cougars  Bears  Wolves  Humans  Humans are their biggest predators
  6. 6.  Foxes  Ground hogs  Mice  And other small mammals too
  7. 7.  Humans cut down trees for a farm  People set up traps for coyotes  People use coyotes fur for there fur
  8. 8.  If there was no coyote the chain would be chain would be broken  There would be to many squirrels and not enough food for all of them  And the predators of the coyote would get very hungry