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Spe 537 week 6 learning team assignment student report and presentation


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Spe 537 week 6 learning team assignment student report and presentation

  1. 1. SPE 537 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Student Report and Presentation DownloadHere: questions/9930/spe-537-week-6-learning-team- assignment-student-report-and-presentation/Discuss characteristics of the student’s disability with the special educator who monitors the student’sprogress, with the classroom teacher if the child is in an inclusion setting, with the student’s parent(s),and with the student (if appropriate). Focus on the following:· Identifying informationo Name of the studento Ageo Current grade placement (year and month)· Developmental and educational history· Related family background· Learning, communication, and behavioral issues before the student became eligible for specialeducation· Present levels of performance· How the student has changed as a result of special education services· Additional needs (related services)Synthesize each team member’s discussions of the student characteristics into a descriptive 700- to1,050-word section of the team’s Student Report. Title this section “Background Information.”Arrange to observe the learning disabled student.During the observation, note the following:· The academic subject and time of day
  2. 2. · Seating placement for instruction· Instructional strategies, accommodations, and modifications· Modification of classroom materials· Student attention to task· Student performance of task· Student behaviorSynthesize each team member’s observation notes into a 700- to 1,050-word section of your team’sStudent Report. Title the section “Classroom Observations.” Describe both effective and ineffectiveclassroom processes. If you observe ineffective processes, suggest alternative ways to accomplish thelearning and/or behavioral outcomes.Create a remediation plan for your student, based upon your field-based experiences for Weeks Twoand Three.Include the following items in your plan:· IEP goals and two objectives for two academic areas—reading, written expression, mathematics· A suggestion for how instruction—strategies, modifications, and accommodations—should bemanaged to accomplish each outcome· A proposal for how the student’s progress will be monitored and evaluated.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word section of your team’s Student Report. Title the section “Student Plan ofRemediation.” Support your remediation plan with at least three journal articles from current literature.Submit your team’s Student Report.The report must include the following sections:· Background Information· Classroom Observations· Student Plan of RemediationPresent your team’s PowerPoint® presentation of your Student Report.