Foundation for agency's positioning


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Foundation for agency's positioning

  1. 1. Layering a Foundation for your Positioning Sandra Riano 416-606-9040 December 2011
  2. 2. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 What’s the purpose of Marketing your Company?   Getting Opportunities?   Making money?   NO   It’s about Control Sandra Riano | 416-606-9040 | | December 2011
  3. 3. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Controlling Client Base   Who are they? Why would you work for them?   THEY should be lining up to see you   Ability to sift through your client list and replace/include based on your needs as a company
  4. 4. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Sharing the Control
  5. 5. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 What does More Control mean?   Choose/Switch clients when new ones come in   Move upstream in the relationship   More time to do work   Move $$ - more relevant information is shared   More opportunity to provide advice
  6. 6. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Ideal Client Profile   Have they used an agency before?   You don’t want to ‘break them in’   They must represent at least 10 – 25% of your business [8-15 clients tops]:   Makes you money now   Makes a difference in the world   Shares your corporate culture
  7. 7. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Ideal Client Profile   Respects your minimum project fee   Should be $30 to $40K for 8 to 10 employees   Nothing less or it devaluates the company’s image   They’re spending someone else’s money   Have budget authority and are honest about it   Are leaving current company for right reasons   It shouldn’t be because of money!
  8. 8. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Ideal Client Profile   Are coming to you for the right reasons   Not cheaper, not once, not ever!   Shouldn’t insist on Principal being main contact:   Gives power away   Principal should be focused on marketing company   Single point of contact   Doesn’t have your team chasing different tails
  9. 9. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Ideal Client Profile   Always has you at the table (get their ear)   Meaningful to the world   They’re fun and nice 
  10. 10. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Testing your Positioning Truly Differentiated Demonstrable (case studies, research papers, etc) Sustainable (should live for 20 years) Ethical Truthful (don’t offer the moon if you don’t have it, desperation shows)
  11. 11. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Know the Difference   Responsive   Cost protective   Principal Involvement   Full Service   Quick   Cheap   Small company/incompetent staff/owner is control freak   Desperate (no scope creep) What they Hear What you Say
  12. 12. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Caveats to Defining Expertise Declared: Obvious • Your expertise should be obvious to whoever reads your website/ brochure Seek vs. Accept • Clients look for you, not the other way around Focused • Do what you know and do it well
  13. 13. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Caveats to Defining Expertise Location: Specialized Regional specializations means you know your market well Size: More ‘expertise’ = More staff The longer your ‘expertise list’ is, the larger your team is S/I: Strategy vs. Implement (one or the other, not both) Discover your strength and commit to it Strategy and Implementation require different mind-sets, choose one and commit to it
  14. 14. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Advantages of Vertical   Clients are easier to find   Makes more money   Clients – Prospects larger together   When they leave, they take you with them
  15. 15. SandraRiano|416-606-9040||December2011 Advantages of Horizontal   More variety on work   Work for bigger, more sophisticated clients   More immune to economic downturn   Fewer conflicts of interest