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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. How we express ourselves Unit 1 Power Of Persuasion Social Risk-Taker Enthusiasm Confidence
  2. 2. Unit 1-POP The task was to create your own Hover bike. I think I did this task well. I’m proud of this work because I created my own picture of Hover bike .It is good. I can improve my work by drawing better picture.
  3. 3. Sharing the Planet. Unit 2 Adapt or Die Thinking Self- Management Principled Caring Integrity Cooperation Respect
  4. 4. How we organize ourselves. Unit 3 Law and Order Research Thinker Risk-Taker Creativity Cooperate
  5. 5. Unit 3 pros and cons of government The task was to choose the government and write about the Pros and Cons. I think I understood well and sometimes I was a little worried. I was thinking about Dictatorship. I think I had ok information. I am proud of my work because I tried my best to do this work. I was writing with big letters so people can read it. I even did some color on the letters. I improve my work by more communicate with friends.
  6. 6. Who we are. Unit 4 Beliefs Self- management Social Communicator Balanced Reflective Confidence Enthusiasm Commitment
  7. 7. Unit 4-Simile poster The task was to create Simile Poster for example Ice-cream was melting like a drop on the sun. I am proud of my work because I draw there many colors. I think I can improve to work on my time management. Unit 4 Minion The task was to draw the Minion. I wasn’t good at time management and I’m going to teach some more English because of this I don’t finish my minion. I think I can improve my work by trying harder and finish it. Unit 4-Values Chart I think I did ok on this work. I was good at my time management. I think I can improve my work by writing in bigger letters for people so the letters. I think that the work that I did was not very good. But there still is some things that I’m proud in like I put “Following the rules” in the first place and “Having lots of money” on the last place.
  8. 8. How the world works. Unit 5 Energy Research Knowledgeable Inquirer Curiosity Independence
  9. 9. How the world works. Unit 5 Energy Research Knowledgeable Inquirer Curiosity Independence
  10. 10. Bogdan Biography Hello my name is Bogdan. I am 9 years. I’m in Year 5. I very like to do sport. My hobby is fishing. On weekends I’m playing computer games and doing sports. I have some clubs but not in school. One of them is football. I like to play basketball and football. I’m learning in British International School Kiev. On break I am playing football with my friends.