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Newsletter number 5


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Education Exchanges Support Foundation newsletter number 5

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Newsletter number 5

  1. 1. E d u c a t i o n E x c h a n g e s S u p p o r t F o u n d a t i o n n e w s l e t t e r Mokomės visą gyvenimą November 2009, No. 5 The fifth issue of the Education Exchanges Support Foundation newspaper attempts to spread the message that we are working for you and because of you, whoever you were: a child, a teenager or an adult. We stand for those who are striving for progress and have Baltic EXPRO: Brief Historical Overview: page 2. courage to dream and create. We wish to make this special issue of our publication a reminder Education Exchanges Support Foundation Quality that our collaboration is important and together we have achieved Competition 2009: pages 6-7. impressive results. The projects you have implemented undoubtedly influenced your personal and professional development, and the power of the gained experience can hardly be overestimated. It might, Special Baltic EXPRO+ Crossword: page 8. however, take its time to be noticed… We are assured that especially at this time the decision to act – to teach or to learn – is a wise decision indeed.
  2. 2. Baltic EXPRO: Concluding year of creativity and innovation, the Brief Historical Overview Education Exchanges Support Foundation invites you to the major international education event Baltic Expro+. The EXPRO tradition was started in Esto­ On November 12, an exhibition of inter­ purpose of these activities is to strengthen nia, where in the autumn of 2005 the European national projects implemented by the educa­ the European dimension of school develop­ Union Education Program Socrates celebrated tional institutions from the Baltic States will ment by encouraging the cooperation among its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, the Archi­ be held at the Šiauliai Arena (located at 16 European schools. The participants will be medes Foundation organized the exhibition of J. Jablonskis street in Šiauliai). Important in­ informed about the goals, priorities, target Socrates 10 EXPRO projects in Tallinn, where the formation on the requirements and participa­ groups and sponsorship rules of the Comenius representatives of the Estonian education insti­ tion in the Foundation programs of 2010 will program partners. The informational seminars tutions presented the results of their projects. be announced during the event, and the win­ will also attempt to attract the attention of the The first EXPRO also established the tradi­ ners of the Quality Competition 2009 will be Lithuanian educational institutions and to in­ tion of awarding the institutions which have awarded. terest them by presenting the activities of the completed successful projects; also to reward Baltic EXPRO, which has already become Comenius partner schools. the winners of the Leonardo da Vinci Program a good tradition, is a joint exhibition of the Essay Competition. A variety of conventional best educational projects administered by Nordplus events came along, such as informational semi­ three Baltic States. This year, the representa­ Informational seminars will briefly pre­ nars, promotional materials on the program op­ tives of 50 projects from Lithuania, Latvia and sent the cooperation opportunities between portunities, and a variety of entertaining activi­ Estonia are expected to participate in the exhi­ the Nordic countries and the Baltic States in ties, such as the minting of the EXPRO coin. bition. The achievements of Lithuania will be the field of education, which are offered by The Leonardo da Vinci Program joined presented by 30 administrators of the exemp­ the joint Nordplus program. Three subpro­ EXPRO in the following year, bringing along lary Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci grams will be discussed during the seminars, more than 300 people interested in transna­ and Nordplus projects. The main theme of the namely: tional cooperation. Baltic EXPRO+ fair this year is project creativity – Nordplus Junior, which is dedicated to the In November 2007, the event was held for and innovation. institutions of general education; the third time. Our colleagues from the Latvian The Education Exchanges Support Founda­ – Nordplus Adult, which is dedicated to the and Lithuanian National Agencies were invited tion will hold the second annual Quality Compe­ adult educational institutions; to participate as observers. tition for the administered programs. The most – Nordplus Horizontal, which is dedicated to Baltic EXPRO 2008, which was held in Sep­ creative and innovative projects, individual the institutions of various educational sec­ tember of 2008, had already grown into an in­ mobility activities and the most active institu­ tors. ternational event and was organized together tions, which managed to achieve the highest The participants of the seminars will be with the Latvian and Lithuanian National Agen­ quality of performance, will be honoured du­ informed about the goals, priorities, target cies. Various handicrafts workshops, candy ring the 2009 Quality Awards Ceremony. groups, activity types and sponsorship rules. preparation, pole walking, Scottish dancing In addition to the project exhibition and Informational seminars will also attempt to and other activities were hosted for the first the Quality Competition 2009, there will be attract the attention of the Lithuanian insti­ time at EXPRO. Comenius assistants were at informational seminars for the representatives tutions and to encourage them to join the hand and ready to discuss their experience of of high schools, vocational institutions, busi­ Nordplus program. working abroad. In total, about 500 people at­ ness enterprises and other organizations. They tended the event. will have an opportunity to get familiar with the Leonardo da Vinci In 2005, 45 Socrates projects were requirements for the participants of the 2010 The Leonardo da Vinci program, which is implemented by 27 Estonian schools and 2 uni­ EU Lifelong Learning Program call and the Nor­ another Lifelong Learning subprogram, will versities, as well as a number of various foun­ dic and Baltic Country Cooperation Program also be presented during the seminars. This dations, publishing houses and museums. Nordplus tenders. program was established to support coope­ In 2006, 40 Socrates and 20 Leonardo da ration among the member states of the Euro­ Vinci projects were implemented by 26 Esto­ Comenius pean Union (EU) and to promote and develop nian schools and 20 vocational education Informational seminars will briefly review primary and continuing vocational education institutions, as well as several universities, the available Lifelong Learning programs and and training. During this seminar we will talk training centers, adult education institutions, the school partnership opportunities offered about the possibilities to submit applications publishing houses and museums. by the Comenius program. The bilateral and for the Leonardo da Vinci mobility, innovation In 2007, about 60 Lifelong Learning Pro­ multilateral Comenius partnership projects transfer and partnership projects and prepara­ gram projects were implemented by 50 Esto­ will also be discussed. The Comenius part­ tory visits. We will provide general information nian organizations. nership projects are the projects which unite about the program and project types, set forth In 2008, nearly 60 projects were represen­ the educational institutions from the Lifelong the national priorities for 2010, and review the ted by 32 Estonian, 12 Latvian and 10 Lithua­ Learning program member countries. The changes of the 2010 call rules. Although this nian institutions. Text prepared by “Archimedes Foundation” MOKOMĖS VISĄ GYVENIMĄ
  3. 3. Education Exchanges Support Foundation Quality Competition 2009 program has been active for several years, We are grateful to all of those who submit­ by the Public Enterprise State Institution Lan­ numerous novelties are introduced every year ted applications to the Quality Competition guage Center. and many changes constantly take place, held by the Education Exchanges Support • Leonardo da Vinci Procedure B Project 2006 therefore even the experienced projects co­ Foundation. The purpose of this competition is award went to the project E-Learning Module: ordinators will get a lot of new and important to select and award the most creative and in­ English Language for IT Specialists presented information. novative projects of the Lifelong Learning Prog­ by Vilnius Business College. ram, individual mobility activities and career • Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project 2007 award Grundtvig counseling specialists who managed to achie­ went to the project Professional Competence Informational seminars will offer the in­ ve the highest quality of performance. Enhancement for Hairdressers Seeking Suc- For the Quality Competition 2009, the cessful Integration in Continuous Education formation about Grundtvig, the subprogram Education Exchanges Support Foundation re­ presented by Vilnius Vocational Training Cen­ of the Lifelong Learning program family, which ceived applications from 93 institutions and 17 ter for Customer Service Specialists. focuses on adult education and continuous individuals. Career Information Centers (CIC) • The winner in the category Participant of the learning. The greatest deal of attention will be which were invited to present their professio­ Study Visits Program 2008/2009 became Mr. devoted to the Grundtvig learning partnership nal activities for the first time were especially Audrius Kurlavičius, Principal of Klaipėda Ga­ projects, which concentrate mainly on the adult active in this competition. On September 11, bija Basic School. education management and/or the introduc­ 2009, based on the assessment received from • Best Career Information Point 2008 award tion of adult educators and administrators to the experts, the Quality Competition Selection went to the Kužiai High School Career Infor­ the available teaching methods as well as the Committee of the Education Exchanges Sup­ mation Center of the District of Šiauliai. possibilities of exchanging experience and the port Foundation presented their final decision • The special award of the Foundation Quali­ information about the new perspectives and regarding the award distribution among the ty Competition 2009, which was dedicated methods developed together. The participants participating projects and individuals. When to the upcoming year 2010, the year of fight of these projects are the educators and stu­ evaluating the applications, the Committee against poverty and social exclusion in Euro­ dents from the adult educational institutions paid a great deal of attention to the quality of pe, was given to the Public Enterprise SOPA in no less than three Lifelong Learning program the projects implemented by the applicants for its successfully implemented 2007 Leonar- member countries. The participants of the se­ as well as to their overall performance, the do da Vinci Mobility Project Career Counseling minars will be informed about the goals, priori­ value and efficiency of the achieved results, for the Disabled: Acquaintance with the Met- ties, target groups, activity types and sponsor­ the effectiveness of their practical utilization, hodology and Practice of the Netherlands. ship rules of Grundtvig. Informational seminars the quality of project administration and to • The best Erasmus Institution 2007/2008 award will also attempt to attract the attention of the the efficiency of the utilization of the received went to ISM University of Management and Lithuanian institutions and to encourage them funds. Economics for the excellent organization of stu­ to join the Grundtvig program. dies for the exchange students in Lithuania. The participants of the Quality • A special award was established by the Edu­ Euroguidance: Informational Se- Competition 2009 competed in 10 categories. cation Exchanges Support Foundation for • The winner in the category Participant of the the Contribution while implementing the minar for Career Counseling Advi- Comenius Qualification Enhancement Course Erasmus Exchange Program in Lithuania sors 2008 became Ms. Rasa Stakienė, Teacher of during 1999­2008. The award was given to During this seminar, career counselors the Panevėžys District Velžis Gymnasium. Erasmus institution coordinators Dr. Habil. and advisors will learn about the qualifica­ • Comenius Partnership Project 2008 award Prof. Angelija Valančiūtė, Vice­President of tion enhancement opportunities offered by went to the E-Bridge project presented by Jo­ the Senate of Kaunas University of Medicine, the Lifelong Learning programs. The partici­ nava Neris Basic School. and Ms. Laima Bakienė, Career and External pants of the seminar will be presented with • The winner in the category Participant of the Relations Coordinator of the International Re­ a new publication dedicated to professional Grundtvig Qualification Enhancement Course lations Department of Lithuanian Academy of orientation, Methods and Techniques of Ca- 2008 became Ms. Edita Šatienė, Project Coor­ Music and Theatre. reer Counseling II. The Euroguidance 2010 dinator of the Association Senior Initiative • An additional award for the Highest Quality activity guidelines and plans, the new con­ Center. Career Counseling in Vocational Schools was cept of the 2010 Career Guide, and other im­ • Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project 2008 given to the Career Information Point of the portant news on career advising and counse­ prize was awarded to the project Legends of Public Enterprise Alanta Technology and Bu­ ling will be discussed during the seminar. the Past – A Glance to the Future presented siness School. MOKOMĖS VISĄ GYVENIMĄ
  4. 4. Baltic EXPRO + exhibition floor plan and participants COMEnIuS 1. E­Bridge, LT 2. Art from past to future, LV 3. Waste management and education in a school, LT 4. Johnny‘s seven friends, EE 5. Communicating through music – musical sribbles, LT 6. Creative lifelong learning for healthy living in Europe, LV 7. Respect the differences and appreciate the similarities, LT 8. European enterprise – a business full of adventure, EE 9. On the tracks of your homeland, LT 10. Fresh water – memory and future heritage, EE 11. Water – source of life and energy, LT STA 12. Let’s play together!, LV 13. Remove barries to learning, LT 14. Our living environment: Today –Yesterday­Tomorrow, LT 15. Outdoor learning – healthy body, healthy mind, LT 16. School – better and safer place for our children, LV 17. Euroguidance, Europass, Study visits 18. E­Twining 19. European Commission Representation in Lithuania 20. Europe for citizens LEOnARdO dA VInCI 21. Butcher‘s competence development during the international industrial practise, LT 22. Co­care digital, EE 23. The innovation of the improvement of the training process and preparation of the training material for the Professional training of the constructor sector specialities in the EU coun­ tries, LT 24. MAP:ECVET; VALORIS – TIQSS; CULTOUR (Grundtvig), EE 25. Career counselling for the disabled: introduction to methods and practise applied in the Netherlands, LT 26. E­learning module. English language for information technology specialists, LT 27. Development of knowledge on REACH, LT 28. TRAIN, EE 29. VOGS+, EE 30. TuCode, LT 31. Stop the war on the roads, LT 32. The development of strategical individual competencies in the context of European integration, LT MOKOMĖS VISĄ GYVENIMĄ
  5. 5. 33. Career‘s information and counselling as a part of lifelong learning culture, LT 34. Experience of EU countries in training of client service sector, LT 35. Saldus professional secondary school student‘s mobility in France, LV 36. Improvement of production technologies in confectionary industry, LT 37. Tradition and innovation in professional art education, LV 38. Developing professional competencies for hairdressers successful integration into continuous studies, LT G E GRundTVIG 39. SILELA, LT 40. Adults learning languages and intercultural awareness, LV 41. PASS, LT 42. Together each achieves more (TEAM), LV 43. Tales from the past – stories for the future, LT 44. Europe needs active seniors, EE 45. STRATFORD, LT 46. The nature of learning: taking learning outdoors, LT 47. Etnographic handicraft workshop in Europe, EE 48. SIGNS: seniors input to generations dialog in education, LT 49. 10 local arts, LT Ma nORdPLuS i en n tra 50. ELECTIONS, EE nc e 51. Education through oral history fieldwork, LV 52. Sustainable lifestyle: how much does the knowledge cost, LT 53. Professions connected with folk art now and then, LT 54. Acknowledge the unknown, LT 55. National languages and cultures – way of life, LV 56. Language on the move, LT – drawing area – information INFORMATION MOKOMĖS VISĄ GYVENIMĄ
  6. 6. In addition to that, we, the employees of the centre, noticed that our consistent partici­ Aldona Angelija pation in these programs since 1998 has really Vinčienė helped us to grow and get heard and noticed. Valančiūtė Just like the big trees that can’t help rustling in the wind – they are simply too tall too remain silent... We want to share our achievements Education Exchanges Support Foundation Quality Competition with other like­minded people. Perhaps we even want to boast a bit about being a part of has received 93 applications. We thank all the participants of this the large Leonardo da Vinci family... These are competition and are presenting the most interesting projects as the main reasons that lay behind the decision well as their coordinators of our institution to participate in the Leonardo da Vinci Project Quality Competition. Interview with Professor Angelija What most memorable event related to Is it difficult to combine the professional Valančiūtė from Kaunas university of Medicine your international activity could you single duties of the teacher and the responsibilities of Was it difficult to combine teaching at the out? the international project coordinator? How do University and your work as the Head of the There were many memorable events. The you manage it? International Relations Department? How did one that always sticks in my mind is the in­ No, not really. The teacher’s job helps me you manage it? auguration day at the beginning of each new to achieve better results as project coordina­ It was not easy indeed, first of all because school year: various students, including those tor. In both cases we are dealing with a HU­ of the large workload at both positions. I was who get here through Erasmus or other stu­ MAN BEING, who is fragile like a plant: it needs lucky to be a part of excellent and hard wor­ dent exchange programs and those who come warmth and constant attention, it needs to be king teams both at the International Relations here to take a full study program for a degree heard. Anyone who chooses this profession and Study Center, and at the Histology and and diploma, all get together. This is always a and integrates it into his or her way of life can Embryology Department at Kaunas University big festive event which clearly reflects the in­ successfully work with projects because such of Medicine. Being a university professor and ternational character of our studies. a person already has sufficient psychological at the university international relations coor­ What would you advise or wish your col- knowledge and individual experience. dinator at the same time really helps me to un­ leagues who are pursuing international activi- I certainly cannot deny that because of the derstand both the students and the teachers ties in their institutions? big teachers’ workload, most Lithuanian teach­ of the university. When you are a teacher, you To those colleagues, especially those who ers feel deprived of a possibility to prepare and get a clear picture of the study environment are just starting their activities, I would re­ manage projects themselves. For me, however, and can see better what international mea­ commend persistence. It is important to know this work is rather easy because I am directly sures should be chosen and implemented for the people at one’s university really well, to responsible for the project­related activities at the best results. find opportunities to communicate with them. the Public Enterprise Kelmė Vocational Training What were the biggest challenges while I believe that universities attract many people Center. During the nine years of work at this in­ organizing the activities of the department who are full of initiative and intelligence. The stitution, I learned all the aspects of this kind and trying to spread internationality in your more people will get involved in international of work. Having created a network of local and institution? activities, the more successful they will be at foreign partners, I can now rest assured kno­ The biggest challenge in my career as a innovative international projects. wing that I can easily manage any unexpected teacher and the international relations coor­ situation, which may occur due to numerous dinator of the university was the implementa­ Interview with the Project Manager of the subjective factors, whereas most project ma­ tion of the study program in English. The first Public Enterprise Kelmė Vocational Training nagers would find such situations impossible foreign students who came to study medicine Center Ms. Aldona Vinčienė to resolve. I believe that my success at work is in English came to the university in 1990. Un­ Why did you submit the application for the also influenced by my personal characteristics: til 1995, an increasing number of clinics and Leonardo da Vinci Project Quality Competition? I am really devoted to my work and to the peop­ departments kept joining this process: ini­ Do you believe that this award ceremony is im- le around me, I am not looking for personal tially those of the Medical and Pharmaceutical portant? gain when dealing with the partners, I can ob­ Faculties, and later on those of the Dental and I believe that today the people of Lithu­ jectively evaluate a situation, and am able to Public Health Faculties. While the new institu­ ania are not only going through difficult eco­ efficiently analyze the reasons of my failures. tions were joining, we had to do a lot of work nomic times but are also experiencing a deep I cannot imagine myself having any other job. communicating with the teachers and encou­ spiritual disappointment, which has recently Even though sometimes my body tells me raging them. The beginning was very hard: it intensified. Unemployment, lack of attention „ ... I am tired“, my mind responds „I have was difficult to find the necessary textbooks paid to the integration of young people into the not yet written my best project...“. With every in English, the instructors were not used to economic development of the country, devalu­ implemented project I get new progressive working with students with different cultural ation of work, including teachers’ work, encour­ ideas and partners for two or three upcoming backgrounds, and the integration of the stu­ aged us to look for the bright side of life and projects. And, most importantly, I have fantas­ dents themselves was not simple. Another big inform the nation that there are such programs tic colleagues around me: the teachers and the challenge was the communication with the as Leonardo da Vinci, which provides excellent students who work as my assistants. Thus for officials at the Migration Department trying opportunities for spiritual development, know­ me it really isn’t hard because I am not alone! to find a way to facilitate the immigration pro­ ledge increase and professional competence The most unexpected event of the project... cess for foreign students while the immigra­ enhancement. The program helps to imple­ So many unexpected and funny events tion laws were extremely unfavorable. Howe­ ment the strategic education plans of the voca­ happened during the past nine years that it ver, the radical changes in the overall policy tional schools of the Republic of Lithuania, and would take volumes to list them all...  of university education, which has turned to simply adds brighter colours to the dull days of However, I believe that the most unex­ support the internationality, and the simplifi­ an average Lithuanian teacher. We all know the pected and totally unplanned event was the cation of the requirements for student Schen­ golden rule of life: if you want to give yourself essential change in my personal life which was gen visas, proved that we were working in the to others, you must first get spiritual strength triggered by our partnership with Austria. I be­ right direction. from the surrounding environment. came a happy woman… MOKOMĖS VISĄ GYVENIMĄ
  7. 7. Career Information Points: thoughts about the diversity and efficiency of­ Good Experiences the prevailing work methods. The social part­ menius.htm ners of the career counselors from the Šiauliai This project lasted for 2 years, during One of the award winners in the Educa­ Youth Employment Center and the Šiauliai Job which the teachers from 5 countries cooperat­ tion Exchanges Support Foundation Quality Exchange were also present at the conference. ed during the project­related meetings. They Competition 2009 is Kužiai High School Ca­ They told about the services they provide and prepared information bulletins about each reer Information Center (CIC) of the District of discussed the possibilities of cooperation school and its activities. Each partner school Šiauliai. This CIC not only provided counseling with schools. observed the performance of the visited services for the school and the community but 68 participants from various districts, ci­ school and shared the experiences, observa­ also came up with the initiative to unite the ties and towns of Lithuania, such as Kupiškis, tions and proposals. The observers also intro­ career counselors from all over the country in Kėdainiai, Šiauliai and Telšiai, attended the duced their school evaluation criteria and the order to share the good experiences and joint­ conference. Numerous questions and meaning­ evaluation of the teaching quality. ly look for solutions to common problems. For ful discussions showed that such events are    this purpose, a national conference on metho­ useful and necessary, and that our teachers Project by Klaipėda Nursery/ Kinder­ dology and practice for career counselors The are creative, motivated and capable of provi­ garten Volungėlė Knowing Me Knowing You. Role of Career Counselors in Schools: Experien- ding high­quality career counseling services. ce and Perspectives was held at the Kužiai The goal of this project was to introduce High School on March 24, 2009. the children to different cultural traditions and The employees of the Kužiai High School More Interesting Comenius to help them to get acquainted with rhymes, Career Information Center, the Deputy Princi­ stories, customs, celebrations and festivals of pal for Education and CIC Activity Coordinator Projects: Education Exchanges other European countries. Edita Brasienė and the Career Counselor Edita Support Foundation Quality The project focused on the analysis of the Lingaitė told us that the idea to hold such a Competition 2009 nominees traditions, rhymes, stories and festivals of eve­ conference for career counselors and teachers ry participant country. The project was con­ who are also involved in counseling activi­ The project by Plungė Agricultural and cluded with a book of poems and songs from ties emerged during the Education Exchanges Business School PEACE: Concepts for Peaceful four participating countries. The book was Support Foundation Quality Competition 2008 Schools in Europe. translated into all participating languages by Awards Ceremony, which was held in Vilnius. Project goals: the project participants and illustrated by an Ms. Edita Brasienė, who was the winner of • to promote the concept of the peaceful extremely talented child from Kindergarten the Best Career Counselor award, noted that school culture; to create an appropriate Volungėlė. it would be a good idea for the winners of the atmosphere for successful teaching and competition to meet and share their good ex­ learning in every organization; periences. The prevailing opinion that schools • to gather student groups and prepare staff More Interesting Grundtvig still do not devote enough attention to career training courses for the implementation counseling while the role of career counselor of the ideas of the Concepts for Peaceful Projects: Education Exchanges has never been clearly defined gave birth to Schools in Europe project. Support Foundation Quality the idea to hold the conference for the tea­ 10 institutions from 9 countries collabo­ Competition 2009 nominees chers from Šiauliai District. This conference rated on this project. The participants ana­ was really easy to arrange because the admi­ lyzed new and important ways of violence and Project by Mykolas Romeris University nistration and the teachers of the Kužiai High conflict prevention. The experts from Germany PASS: Influence on Personal Access to Edu- School already had experience in organizing were invited to share their practical knowledge. cation for People with Migrant Background annual pedagogical meetings for the teachers A new conflict management program was intro­ from Šiauliai District. duced. The final result of the project was a new login.php. According to the CIC employees, during website dedicated to methodology: Seven adult education institutions from this conference for the first time the career­ Austria, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Lithuania counselors had an opportunity to discuss their site/peaceplatform.htm partnered in this project. work at schools and observe a show seminar    Project results. One of the most important which focused on self­perception and career The project by Zapyškis Basic School of results of this project was the publication in the planning issues of school students. The par­ Kaunas District Quality Assurance through the English language which described the activi­ ticipants of the conference also shared their Synergy of Internal and External Evaluation. ties of the project participants and presented go to 8 page MOKOMĖS VISĄ GYVENIMĄ
  8. 8. from 7 page the Oral History/ Narrative Interview method. Break Time! Certain fragments of the inteviews were used to Cross word write a theater play script which was then video 1. Common name for Latvia, Lithuania and recorded. These were the main project results Estonia „The ...... States“ which were presented to all the institutions that work with migrants in the partner count­ 2. Prize­giving ceremony for the participants ries. Also, the website of the competition AnSWERS TO QuIz nuMBER 4: 3. The name of the city where Baltic EXPRO was created for archiving the project materials. 1. Rainbow, 2. Yellow, 3. Orange, 4. Raspber­ 2009 takes place A set of intervention tools enabling the cus­ ries, 5. Grundtvig, 6. Mandarin, 7. Gooseber­ 4. In 2008, Baltic EXPRO took place in .... tomization of educational career was adapted and approved. The participants of the project ries, 8. Cherries, 9. Black, 10. Blue, 1. White, 12. 5. Novelty, development, introduction, time­ created original interactive educational tools Apple, 13. Wild strawberries, 14. Blueberries. liness, ... which were supposed to stimulate a favorable Key ­ innovations 6. Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) devoted to atmosphere for integration, i.e. assure more secondary education possibilities for active participation of the rep­ Dear readers, We wish you luck in answe­ 7. An international word describing fair or resentatives of the local community and mig­ ring the questions of this crossword puzzle. exhibition rant groups (the Forum Theater Method). Those who solve it successfully will receive 8. A Latin letter which in arithmetic means The results of the successfully implement­ a witty and useful prize from the Educational multiplication ed project are futher utilized. CD­ROM discs Exchange Support Foundation. We will be wai­ 9. The winner of a competition gets the ... with the most important project information are ting for your answers during the Baltic EXPRO+ 10. The process of generating new, exceptio­ distributed during presentations and lectures. exhibition at the information point, by e­mail nal and unique ideas    at or by regular mail at the fol­ 11. Education Exchanges Support ... The project by Soros International House lowing address: Švietimo mainų paramos fon­ 12. The sign which signifies the mathematical The Importance of Active Citizenship for Young das, Geležinio Vilko str. 12, LT­01112 Vilnius, process of addition Adults in Education and Training – AcCyEd. Lithuania. Good luck! 11 Adult education institutions from Cyprus, France, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Lithuania 7 8 12 1 partnered in this project. 7 8 11 12 1 Project results. A new Internet portal, www., was created. During the project, six international virtual forums were or­ 4 4 ganized and attracted a large number of young 3 10 6 people from all the partner countries. The forum 3 6 10 members actively expressed their opinions on all the topics initiated by the forum modera­ 2 9 2 9 tors. Their thoughts and ideas stimulated pas­ sionate discussions among the representa­ 5 tives of various cultures and ethnicities. Also, 5 External Working Groups (EWGs) were formed during the project. They conducted written and oral surveys on the issues of social awareness and actively participated in the international virtual forums. Together with the partners of the Key: project, they organized various events in pub­ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 lic spaces and in their educational institutions (for example, a discussion/seminar dedicated to the Child Protection Day). A special project summary/guide was pre­ pared in CD format. It compiles and summa­ rizes the results obtained via oral and written questionnaires in the partner countries. It also provides several good experience examples of active citizenship, reviews the topics of the in­ ternational forums and contains the question­ naires which can be used in the work of teach­ ers or adult educators. The impressive number of forum members and the variety of opinions inspired the project partners to continue running the international forums upon the conclusion of the project. (The topics of further discussions were considered during the final meeting of the partners). Publisher: Education Exchanges Support Foundation 12 Geležinis Vilkas street, 01112 Vilnius Tel. (8 5 ) 2610592, fax: (8 5 ) 2497137 E d u c a t i o n E x c h a n g e s S u p p o r t F o u n d a t i o n n e w s l e t t e r E­mail:, Mokomės visą gyvenimą Circulation: 1.000 copies. © Švietimo mainų paramos fondas, 2009 This issue was prepared by Dovilė Rudzenskė, Martynas Šukys, Vytau­ tas Pačiauskas, Sigita Remeikienė, Jurgita Budvilaitytė, Anne Hütt. 2009, november, Nr. 5 Layout by UAB „Sapnų sala“, published by UAB „Sapnų sala“ This publication was financed by the European Commission. It represents the views of its authors only, and therefore the Commission cannot be held responsible for every usage of the information presented therein.