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The Price of Peace


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I've extracted some parts of your reflection on The Price of Peace and added some photos and music to make this slideshow.

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  • Unfortunately, wars will always occur because of greed and stupidity. So wars must be fought, no one likes it, but it is a reality. Remember:

    evil prevails when good men do nothing.
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The Price of Peace

  1. The Price of Peace Reflections on what happened in Hiroshima
  2. The price of peace was a city’s destruction, countless deaths of strong youths on the battle field and the dark memories on the people of the nation. ~ Haichen
  3. <ul><li>Wars just destroy human civilization as well as economy. Sciences and technology are developing but weapons should only be used to protect peace, not the other way around. </li></ul><ul><li>~ Kurt </li></ul>
  4. After the war, nothing is left except the ruins everywhere. After the war, nothing lasts but the sufferings of countless refugees. ~ Eric
  5. The world will never have lasting peace as long as men make wars. Just as someone said, “You can murder a murderer, but you cannot murder the murder,” wars can only lead us to a world without peace. ~ Zoe
  6. This is the price of peace, which seems a bit too high. So many innocent people were gone forever within seconds. Those were human lives which were no more different from you and me. ~ Ashley
  7. If we had suffered so much from war before we can get peace again, why should we start a war? Peace can be very easy to keep, but can also be very difficult to regain. Don’t start a war. ~ Robert
  8. Temporary peace has been pushed onto the stage by the power of the atomic bombs although the misery in the two cities has just begun. ~ Wendy
  9. War does nothing but destroys people’s lives. The invention of weapons of mass destruction is a curse. I hope that a war will never happen and weapons of mass destruction will never be used again. ~ Hazel
  10. The price of peace is the pain that the people suffered in the war and the pain left to the people after the war. ~ Peter
  11. At the moment I saw the ruins after the bomb, I forgot the evil the Japanese had done to us. I suddenly became aware that common people are not responsible for wars and invasions. ~ Cass
  12. Wars can never have a win-win ending. ~ Vivian
  13. WMD are very dangerous to people all over the world. They threaten the world's security. We should try our best to stop the use of WMD. ~ Apple
  14. We got peace at last by the death of millions of people. ~ Crystal
  15. I advocate a world of peace. Although we cannot forget the huge hurt the Japanese had done to us, we can have a grateful heart to face this issue. ~ Betty
  16. The End