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Women transforming our financial markets symposium December 11, 2012


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We are so grateful to the women, many speaking at today's conference, who continue to raise glass ceilings and inspire new generations. It is NowStreet’s sincere hope that events like this empower more women to launch businesses and embark on careers in finance. With women playing a more integral role in the nation’s economy, America will undoubtedly prosper once more.

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Women transforming our financial markets symposium December 11, 2012

  1. 1. Presents: Women Transforming Our Financial Markets Symposium December 11, 2012, NYC There has never been a more favorable climate for America’s women to launch new businesses and maximize investment returns HASHTAG: #NOWSTREETWOMEN
  2. 2. DEDICATION “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ― ANNE FRANK, WRITER “Today’s event is dedicated to a true inspiration whose impact on the world was not measured by the dollars she earned or by the career milestones she passed. Rather, her success was defined by her steadfast resolve, her courage to question and her will to seek answers. She possessed an extraordinary ability to find hope through adversity and seize strength in times of uncertainty. During an age when women were subservient, she exuded independence. She proved that you didn’t need an abundance of wealth, testosterone or even a youthful mind and body to put your dreams into action, as many of hers were fulfilled in her later years. After being hampered in her youth, she went on to put herself through college in her sixties and travel the world in her seventies. This remarkable woman was my Grandma Annie (1917 – 2011). Although she never invented or funded a world-changing product, she motivated me to work hard, value knowledge and persevere. Most importantly, she inspired me to follow my dreams – no matter how far out of grasp they were. Had it not been for her admirable example of fortitude, we wouldn’t be gathered here today and potentially forming that one magical connection culminating in the next earth-altering invention. So perhaps in some grand universal plan, through the visionaries assembled in this room, Ann Rosenberg leaves her true mark on the world.” – Dara Albright, Event Producer
  3. 3. Markets have become dysfunctional
  4. 4. “Men gamble, Women shop” – Lisa Thompson, Research Analyst
  5. 5. Electronic Playground For High Frequency Traders
  6. 6. $$$$ $$ $$ $$$$$$ THE CURRENT FLOW OF CAPITAL CIRCLE OF “BIG”
  7. 7. Traditional Sources of Small Business Capital are no longer viable options
  8. 8. Conventional Asset Classes are no longer viable investment options • DJIA 2011 performance: +5.5% • Nasdaq 2011 performance: -1.8% • S&P 2011 performance: FLAT • S&P Average Annual Return 1990 – 1999: 19% • S&P Average Annual Return 2000 – 2009: 1% • Current yield on a 10 yr T-Note: 1.57% • Savings account interest: 1% (high-end) • Average yield on a junk bond: 6.95% • 2011 Inflation Rate: 3.2%
  9. 9. Stupid rules that don’t allow these guys to meet Yield Starved Investors Hungry Entrepreneurs
  10. 10. MSFT HISTORIC CHART Where the investing public had the opportunity to invest 99% of Microsoft’s appreciation was realized AFTER it had gone public!
  11. 11. •All IPO’d well under $1B in market cap (average: $217M) •Average raise at IPO: $37M •Combined market cap today in excess three quarters of a trillion dollars •Average 44,443% in investor appreciation •Employ over 500,000 individuals (532,860 as of February 2012) MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $123M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $52M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $188M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $226M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $519M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $58M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $165M MKT. VALUE AT IPO: $438M
  12. 12. Flawed Market Structure Exacerbating the Great Wealth Divide
  13. 13. Facing a retirement crisis of unimaginable proportions
  14. 14. Venture Markets The new black
  15. 15. Where Growth Lives Today PRIVATE COMPANY VS. PUBLIC COMPANY GROWTH IN 2011 -10% 90% 190% 290% 390% 490% 590% PCM NASDAQ
  16. 16. The Social & Mobile Revolution Fueling the Next Economic Expansion DJIA +657% DJIA +517% NASDAQ +629%
  17. 17. Days It Took To Reach 50M Users 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 13870 4645 1460 1325 88 21
  18. 18. • Like the important human eras that have come before, such as the Stone Age that lasted 3.4 million years, the Iron Age or the Industrial Age, the Internet Age will transform society and the economy for hundreds of years to come. • With more than 2 billion Internet users globally (and almost 1 billion on Facebook alone), the Internet is the most disruptive technology in the history of the world. -American Revolution 2.0, white paper by GSV Asset Management
  19. 19. “Every two days there is more information being created than between the dawn of civilization and 2003.“- Google CEO Eric Schmidt
  20. 20. “Amount of global digital information created and shared – from documents to pictures to tweets – grew 9X in five years to nearly 2 zettabytes.“- IDC 1 zettabyte = a trillion gigabytes
  21. 21. The Democratization of Wall Street Direct Registration Online IPOs Dutch Auction IPOs Online Angel networks & Private Company Secondary Exchanges CROWDFUNDING
  22. 22. Investing is about to become a lot more meaningful
  23. 23. Women continue to play a more integral role in the nation’s economy
  24. 24. “Statistics Offer No Solace To Those in Jobless Line” – NY Times February 13, 1994 “New Data Suggest Slow Economic Growth” – NY Times July 2, 1994 “More Hints Of Economic Slowdown” - NY Times August 31, 1994 “Pessimism Takes Hold On Wall St.” - NY Times September 22, 1994 DON’T BELIEVE THE GRIM HEADLINES
  25. 25. Historic Regulatory Reform Women rising & creating a new investing culture that fosters economic growth and social consciousness Unprecedented innovation New Era of Mass Communications Untarnished private growth markets supporting smaller issuers
  26. 26. New Legislation New Markets New Opportunities Dara Albright, Founder of NowStreet Twitter: @nowstreet