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Crowdfunding Your Idea into a Viable Business - presentation for 4th grade TAG class


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Presentation to inspire 4th graders and help them achieve entrepreneurial success!

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Crowdfunding Your Idea into a Viable Business - presentation for 4th grade TAG class

  1. 1. Using Crowdfunding to Turn an ‘Idea’ into a Business TAG 4TH GRADE BUSINESS UNIT PRESENTATION OCTOBER 28, 2015 BY DARA ALBRIGHT, CROWDFINANCE EXPERT & MOM @tothestoics
  2. 2. Businesses Are Very Important to Society They create products that make our lives easier, safer, healthier and more fun They create jobs so that more and more people can prosper And every once in a while a business comes along that changes the world @tothestoics
  3. 3. Key Ingredients for a Successful Business *Great idea or A Vision *A solid marketing plan *Hard work & Persistence *Money *The willingness to risk & accept failure @tothestoics
  4. 4. Every Business Starts with An Idea @tothestoics
  5. 5. There are many different kinds of ideas An idea can be a new product An idea for a new service An idea for a new way of doing something to make existing businesses and industries more efficient like “sharing economy companies” (businesses that help people make money by sharing their goods and services with others) @tothestoics
  6. 6. Disruptive Businesses Change Industries Airbnb is changing the hotel industry by enabling people to rent rooms in their homes to and from one another. Airbnb now books more rental rooms than the Hilton! UBER is changing the Taxi industry by enabling people give and obtain rides to and from one another Lending Club and Prosper are transforming the banking industry by enabling people to lend to and borrow money from one another @tothestoics
  7. 7. Henry Ford Did NOT Invent the Car – He Brought it to the Masses @tothestoics
  8. 8. People Who Come up With New Ideas Are Called Visionaries “The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.” – Malcolm Gladwell @tothestoics
  9. 9. Not Everyone Is a Visionary “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles Duell (Commissioner, U.S. Patent Office, 1899 @tothestoics
  10. 10. Inventions After 1899 @tothestoics
  11. 11. @tothestoics
  12. 12. A Viable Marketing Strategy @tothestoics
  13. 13. Hard work & Persistence The Story of the Car Radio @tothestoics
  14. 14. Money, Money, Money @tothestoics
  15. 15. Crowdfunding – A Revolutionary Way to Fund Businesses @tothestoics
  16. 16. Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Coolest Cooler $13,285,226 Oculus Rift Virtual reality glasses for video games $2,437,429 Pebble Watch Smart Watch $10,266,845 @tothestoics
  17. 17. But Crowdfunding really isn’t so new In 1884, $101,091 was raised from more than 160,000 donors in order to build the base of the Statue of Liberty 131 years later, lady liberty symbolizes the very freedom that allows Americans to invent and profit from one another’s inventions! @tothestoics
  18. 18. Crowdfunding is based on the same underlying principle that built America The Freedom to invent and profit from inventions @tothestoics
  19. 19. This basic principle transformed America from a vast farmland to the greatest economic superpower in the history of the world @tothestoics
  20. 20. Georgia’s Crowdfunding Laws are Setting New Precedents for the Country @tothestoics
  21. 21. The willingness to accept failure @tothestoics
  22. 22. Never Give Up And remember that sometimes our most crushing failures lead us to our most valued accomplishments! @tothestoics
  23. 23. Be crazy and change the world! @tothestoics