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Dream Big


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Dream Big- From me to you - Art, photography, and a little bit of wisdom and inspiration.... feel good, feel free, let go!

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Dream Big

  1. 1. This is for you Dream Big By: Stephanie Morehead
  2. 3. This is from me to you to share art and hope, nuggets of wisdom, and a little spark of inspiration.
  3. 4. How do you be the best you? Where are your road maps, bread crumbs, compass, GPS… for navigating through life?
  4. 5. DREAM BIG The leaders, the optimists, the New Age gurus, the metaphysical folk… and my grandma… all say “ It’s a mental thing.”
  5. 6. Take a moment out to activate your dream mode Stimulate your personal economy (and the $ big economy $) when you feel good…… DREAM BIG Then Give
  6. 7. LET GO to give and forgive Even if it just frees you from the weight of suffering and negativity You feel good You feel free Let go
  7. 8. What do you love? Dream that GIVE that
  8. 9. Think about that… The love… the good stuff… Keep that in your palm… DREAMS are like stardust in your hands. DREAM BIG - That’s what you hold on to.
  9. 10. That’s the big dream. That’s what I dream for you.