Unit 1 Tourism


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Unit 1 Tourism

  1. 1. Block 1Block 1 Unit 1 TourismUnit 1 Tourism Action PlanAction Plan In this unit, you will learn:In this unit, you will learn: • To read an informative text (advantagesTo read an informative text (advantages and disadvantages).and disadvantages). • To read and write a narrative text.To read and write a narrative text. • To use connectors.To use connectors. • To use vocabulary related to the touristTo use vocabulary related to the tourist industry.industry. • To use vocabulary related to tourist guides.To use vocabulary related to tourist guides. Action PlanAction Plan In this unit, you will learn:In this unit, you will learn: • To read an informative text (advantagesTo read an informative text (advantages and disadvantages).and disadvantages). • To read and write a narrative text.To read and write a narrative text. • To use connectors.To use connectors. • To use vocabulary related to the touristTo use vocabulary related to the tourist industry.industry. • To use vocabulary related to tourist guides.To use vocabulary related to tourist guides. 5 min.
  2. 2. Pyramids of Egypt, Egypt, Africa Machu Picchu, Peru, America Niagara Falls, U.S.A/Canada, America Tower Eiffel, France, Europe Cancun, Mexico, America Taj Mahal, India, Asia 6 min.
  3. 3. Lesson ALesson A On TourOn Tour 3 min.
  4. 4. AT THE AIRPORT Tony Where are we going? Mary To TAM-Air's counter. Tony That's an excellent airline. Mary I know. They have professionals in all the areas. Tony I have a friend working there. Mary Who is it? Tony Her name is Sharon. You don't know her. She is pilot. Mary Is she good? Tony Oh yes, she is a magnificent pilot and she speaks four languajes fluently. Clerk May I have your passport and tickets, please? Mary Here you are. Clerk Are you travelling together? Tony No, I'm not flying today. I'm here to help her. Clerk Ok, I see everything is in order. Please, put your suitcase on the scale.
  5. 5. Mary Can I keep my carry on? Clerk Sure. Do you want the smoking or non-smoking area? Mary Non-smoking, please. Clerk Here is your boarding pass. Let me attach the baggage tag to your suitcase. Ok, your seat number is 14 C. Mary Is the plane on time? Clerk Yes, it is. Please proceed to the international area. You will board the plane at Gate 7. Have a nice trip! Mary Thank you.
  6. 6. adventure travel desk clerk ecotourism guided tour hotel manager resort sightseeing vacation package Vocabulary Tourism Complete the sentences with words from the box. Then listen and check your answers. 1. The person in charge of a place where tourists stay is the hotel manager. 2. When you buy travel and accomodation together, it is a vacation package. 3. A type of vacation with exciting activities is adventure travel. 4. The hotel employee who books rooms and answers questions is the desk clerk. 5. On a guided tour, somebody shows you a place and tells you about it. 6. A place where a lot of people go on vacation is a resort. 7. When you visit interesting places that tourists often visit, you go sightseeing. 8. A type of vacation which tries not to harm the environment is ecotourism. 8 min.
  7. 7. Speaking Discuss what is important to you when you go on vacation. State the things you like to do. The most important thing is being able to relax and not worry about anything! I like to go sightseeing and take photos of famous places. 5 min.
  8. 8. Pre-reading VACATION PACKAGEVACATION PACKAGE OR INDEPENDENT TRAVEL?OR INDEPENDENT TRAVEL? a) Look at the title of the article on page 5. Predict what the article will be about. b) Quickly read the article on the next page. Then answer the questions. Skim 1. What is the main purpose of the text? To compare two types of vacations. Scan 2. What does Miguel say about money? Easy to plan spending. 3. What does Isabel say about money? Independent travel can be cheaper. 4. Why do some students prefer independent travel? Good for longer holidays, cheaper. 5. What does the writer propose at the end? Combining the two types of travel. 5 min.
  9. 9. Comprehension Circle the best ending for each sentence. 1. On the vacation package, you don’t usually _____________________________. a. stay in a hotel. b. eat many meals. c. travel alone. 2. If something goes wrong on a vacation package, you might_________________. a. get some money. b. see many places. c. visit stores. 3. Organizing your own vacation became easier because of___________________. a. cheap tickets. b. the Internet. c. packages. 4. Traveling with a small group of friends gives you more_____________________. a. homework. b. problems. c. freedom. 5. If you are returning to a place, you might enjoy your vacation more if you go____. a. on a packages. b. independently. c. to a destination. 5 min.
  10. 10. Skills Work Finding advantages and disadvantages Sometimes writers talk about advantages and disadvantages. Study the phrases we use to introduce advantages or disadvantages. a) Look back at the article on page 5 and circle the words above. Advantages Disadvantages good thing disadvantages advantage downside benefit drawback plus point bad point 8 min.
  11. 11. b) Replace the neutral words in the article with positive words from the box. Vacation Packages Independent Travel Advantages 1. No transportation worries. 1. Cheaper than a package. 2. See many places. 2. Good for longer vacations. 3. Guides speaks your language (or financial protection). 3. You choose what to see (or can visit more interesting places). Disadvantages 1. May not like other tourists. 1. Need to do research. 2. Not much timetable flexibility. 2. Difficult to book cheap hotels. 3. Visits to stores and restaurants (or not very authentic). 3. Difficult to deal with problems (or may not speak local language). 12 min.
  12. 12. Speaking c) Plan a weekend tour of places of cultural interest for a visitor. I think a vacation package would be better for students, because… I’m not sure that I agree with you, I think independent travel would be… You’re right, but don’t forget that…/That’s a good idea, but… 5 min.
  13. 13. Language Work Connectors Study the different connectors we can use with the same function. Then complete the paragraph below by underlining the best connectors. Going on vacation is great fun. (1) (Such as,/What’s more,) it can be good way to meet new people. On group vacations, (2) (nevertheless/like) vacation packages, you’ll probably meet people with similar interests, (3) (such as/because) sightseeing. (4) (Another thing is,/Nevertheless,) on a vacation package you can plan how you spend your money easily. One problem, (5) (on the other hand,/such as,) is that (6) (what’s more/since) you don’t have much freedom it might not be very authentic. To sum up, a vacation package may not be the best choice for some people. More information A different idea A reason An example another thing is nevertheless because such as what’s more on the other hand since like 8 min.
  14. 14. Writing Complete the paragraph about traveling with phrases from the box. a vacation package places of interest don’t speak much that is why won’t have to your own arrangements First time visitors to Mexico should probably go on (1) a vacation package for three reasons. First, if you (2) don’t speak much Spanish, having a bilingual guide is very helpful. Second, you can see many more (3) your own arrangements with an organized package. Finally, you (4) won’t have to worry about transportation and making (5) places of interest.(6) That is why it is better for you to choose a vacation package for your first trip to Mexico. 6 min.
  15. 15. Use the information in dictionaries to find out the part of speech of a word. Vacation is used as a noun in the text, but it can also be a verb. va/ca/tion N. countable: A vacation is time when you enjoy yourself away from home. Verb: If you are vacationing in a place away from home, you are on vacation there. trav/el Verb: If you travel, you go from one place to another. N. uncountable: Travel is the activity of traveling. Skill Builder Parts of speech 4 min.
  16. 16. Lesson BLesson B Travel AdventuresTravel Adventures 3 min.
  17. 17. 1. Destination 2. Exchange rate 3. Excursion 4. Lobby 5. Room servicie 6. Souvenir 7. Tour guide 8. Youth hostel Vocabulary On vacation Match the words to the definitions. Then listen and check your answers. a. A visit to an interesting place, arranged by a tourist organization. 3. Excursion b. Meals or drinks which are provided for guests in their rooms. 5. Room service c. A place where you go, often on vacation. 1. Destination d. A place where young people can stay cheaply when they are traveling. 8. Youth hostel e. Someone who shows tourists around places on vacation. 7. Tour guide f. The amount of a country’s currency you get for your currency. 2. Exchange rate g. Something which you buy to help you remember a vacation. 6. Souvenir h. The area near the entrance of a hotel. 4. Lobby 8 min.
  18. 18. Speaking List some problems you might have when you travel to a different country for the first time. Discuss what you would do to solve each problem. If I… I think… I would… I agree with you up to a point, but I think it would be better to… 5 min.
  19. 19. Pre-reading Travelers’ tales fromMexicoTravelers’ tales fromMexico a) Look at the title of the article on page 9. Predict what the article will be about. b) Quickly read the article on the next page. Then answer the questions. Skim 1. What is the topic of this text? Problems visitors to Mexico have had. Scan 2. How many people from other countries visit Mexico each year? 20 million. 3. What was Hans’ problem? He went to the wrong bathroom. 4. What was Yukiko’s problem? She didn’t understand the money. 5. What is Scott’s problem? He doesn’t like spicy food. 5 min.
  20. 20. Comprehension Read the article again. Write T for True, F for False or DS for Doesn’t say. 1. Hans had a language problem soon after arriving in Mexico. T 2. Yukiko has traveled abroad many times. DS 3. Fernanda drives a tour bus. F 4. Scott has made a lot of progress with his Spanish. DS 5. Scott has had the same problem on different occasions. T 5 min.
  21. 21. Skills Work Identifying Opinions In this type of text, the writer normally gives opinions. The writer writes about what he/she thinks about something. Study the expressions used to give opinions. a) Look back at the article on page 9. Find expressions for opinions and underline the opinions. b) Read this text and underline the opinions. If you ask me, Mexico is a fascinating country for a vacation. It has a large population, making it the biggest Spanish-speaking country in the world. The way I see it, people should learn Spanish before they travel to Mexico. Mexico is the seventh most popular destination for tourists, and most tourists visit at Christmas and in the summer. Personally, I think tourism is essential for the Mexican economy. After petroleum and manufacturing, tourism is the next biggest source of income for Mexico. I believe I’d say If you ask me, It’s important Personally, I think The way I see it, 12 min.
  22. 22. Listening Listen to two friends talking about vacations. Underline the problems you think they had. Then listen and check your answers. 1. Travel problems  2. Got sick  3. Lost passport  4. Got sunburned  How can we make life easier for foreign travelers in Mexico? Think of five ways to help visitors from other countries. 8 min.
  23. 23. Language Work Gerunds We use the gerund, the –ing form of the verb, as either a subject of the sentence or the object of some verbs. Gerund phrases can be replaced by it or they/them. I hate traveling by bus. (I hate it). He really enjoys playing videogames. (He really enjoys them). Drawing pictures is my hobby. (It is my hobby). Complete the sentences with the gerund of a verb from the box. 1. He wanted to avoid paying too much for the hotel. 2. Please stop asking me so many questions! 3. She suggested going to the beach for a walk before lunch. 4. We considered traveling by train, but in the end we decided to drive. 5. Writing his reply took la long time, but he sent the e-mail before he went out. 6. Do you enjoy taking photos when you are traveling? ask travel take pay go write 12 min.
  24. 24. Writing Complete the narrative about a vacation problem with the gerund of a verb from the box. call go hike surf unpack use I always go to Michoacán with my family on vacation. (1) Going away with my parents and my brother is good fun. It’s a beautiful place, and I really enjoy (2) surfing in the sea and (3) hiking in the mountains. Last year, it all started well. We arrived in the evening and quickly finished (4) unpacking our suitcases. I was with my brother in the hotel room, when suddenly all the lights went out. It was scary! We considered (5) calling the desk clerk, but decided not to: it was the first time we had stayed in the hotel. In the end, my brother suggested (6) using his cell phone as a light. Luckily, it was bright enough and we found our parents. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen next year! 12 min.
  25. 25. Notice how we use periods at the end of a sentence: I stayed in Mexico for two weeks. Notice how we use periods at the end of abbreviations used before a person’s name: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Notice how we use periods as the decimal point in figures and amounts of money: 12.5 3.14 $4.8 million €10.3 billion Periods 6 min.
  26. 26. New York Princess Mary Hotel Online Reservation Form Please complete this form with all the relevant information. Click submit when you have finished. (1) Last name: Gonzalez (2) First name: Pedro (3) ID number: 13938472 (4) Sex: Male (5) Birthdate (MM/DD/YY): 08/19/90 (6) Nationality: Mexican (7) Home address: C/Morelia 59, Depto. 11, Col. Roma, Del. Cuauhtémoc, D. F. (8) Cell phone: 606 497390 (9) E-mail: pgonza@mexmail.co. mx (10) Arrival (MM/DD/YY): 06/29/09 (11) Departure (MM/DD/YY): 07/02/09 (12) Number of rooms: 1 (13) Guests in same room: 1 (14) Single Guest Room (shared bathroom) $99: No (15) Single Guest Room (with own shower) $109: Yes (16) Double Guest Room (with own shower) $159: No (17) Breakfast $10: Yes (18) Dinner included $30: Yes (19) Total Price (Including Tourist Tax: 10%): Thank you for your reservation. We will send a confirmation e-mail shortly. Real-life Reading Complete this online form using the following information. Pedro wants to stay here for three nights from June 29. He wants breakfast and dinner in the hotel. And he wants a cheap room, but not a shared room. Pedro Gonzalez ID: 13938472 Sex: Male Date of Birth: 19/08/90 Address: C/Morelia 59, Depto. 11, Col. Roma, Del. Cuauhtémoc, D. F. Home: 55330210 Cell: 606 497390 E-mail: pgonza@mexmail.co.mx 20 min.
  27. 27. My Learning Experience Look at this list of languages objectives in the unit. Draw or . Write an example. Language Agree? Examples I can read an informative text (advantages and disadvantages). I can read and write a narrative. I can use connectors. I can use vocabulary related to tourism. I can use vocabulary related to tourist guides. 10 min.
  28. 28. Closing Task Look at the pictures on pages 2 and 3. Take turns talking about how tourism will change in your district in the next few years. 5 min. I think that… I believe that…
  29. 29. Word Builder Suffixes: -or –ist –ician for jobs a) Study the suffixes we use to make words for people who do different things. Then add suffixes to the words in the columns. Use your dictionary if necessary. -or -ist -ician act/actor art/artist magic/magician collect/collector cycle/cyclist mathematics/mathematician visit/visitor tour/tourist music/musician b) Add suffixes to the words in the box to describe the people in the sentences. 1. He/she rides a bike. 3. He/she makes a movies. 5. He/she studies math. He/she is cyclist. He/she is actor. He/she is mathematician. 2. He/she visits a place. 4. He/she is on vacation. 6. He/she plays music. He/she is visitor. He/she is tourist. He/she is musician. 1. invent/inventor 4. cartoon/cartoonist 7. beauty/beautist 2. create/creator 5. economy/economist 8. electricity/electricist 3. direct/director 6. science/sciencist 9. politics/ politician visit mathematics cycle tour music act 15 min.
  30. 30. My Dictionary Write the words in English. Look for them in the unit. Spanish English albergue juvenil youth hostel centro vacacional resort destino destination ecoturismo ecotourism excursión excursion gerente de hotel hotel manager guía de turismo tour guide lo que es más what’s more no obstante nevertheless paquete de vacaciones vacation package por otro lado on the other hand recepcionista desk clerk recuerdos souvenirs servicio de habitaciones room service tal como such as tipo de cambio exchange rate turismo tourism 10 min.
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