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Carestream 81003D CBCT From 360 Dental

The Carestream 8100 3D. High resolution, low radiation
By utilizing cone beam CT technology, the CS 8100
3D produces a significantly lower radiation dose than
the average CT system—making it a safe choice for patients. In addition, the unit’s four selectable fields of view and fast scanning mode confine radiation to the area of interest and reduce length of exposure for further safety. At the same time, the system delivers ultra-high resolution images up to 75μm to ensure you have all
the details you need to make an accurate and confident diagnosis—particularly for endodontic procedures.

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Carestream 81003D CBCT From 360 Dental

  2. 2. CS 8100 3D 2 The advantages at a glance •Versatile, multi-function 2D and 3D system ideal for general practice needs •Four selectable fields of view (4 x 4 cm to 8 x 9 cm) •Resolution up to 75 m perfect for endodontic needsμ •Intuitive use, fast acquisition and low doses •8 x 9 cm system at the price of our 5 x 3.7 cm system NEW
  3. 3. Built on a strong heritage 2014 Launch of the CS 8100 3D 3 2007 Launch of the CS 9000 3D system 2011 Introduction of the CS 9300, the all-in-one imaging solution 2002 Launch of the Trophypan, the first fully digital dental panoramic system 1995 World’s first digital sensor for film-based panoramic unit (Digipan) 2009 Launch of the CS 9500 2004 World’s first “one-shot” digital cephalometric system (Trophypan C) 2012 Launch of the CS 8100
  4. 4. Multi-function X-ray system See more, know more and do more 4 CBCT imaging 3D model scanning 2D panoramic
  5. 5. Invisible sophistication 5 Vibration-free motion system[ ] New rigid, carbon-like head support[ ] Aluminum body[ ] New 4T CMOS sensor[ ] High-frequency generator[ ]
  6. 6. Visible simplicity 6
  7. 7. Designed for general practices… • Multi-functions, multi-benefits system • Award-winning 2D panoramic technology • 3D field of view adapted to general practice needs • Unrivalled ease of use, very short learning curve • Low dose– aligns with ALARA principle • Ultra compact design that fits small space • Compatible with CS Solutions for CAD/CAM applications • Affordable price for a faster return on investment 7
  8. 8. … and for endodontic needs • Dedicated 3D program for endodontic needs • Limited to the region of interest (5 cm x 5 cm) • Very high resolution (75 µm) • Great communication with patients and referrals • Marketing opportunities / differentiation • Meets endodontists clinical needs • Pre-surgical assessment and planning • Treatment planning / Clinical decision making • Uncover anatomy (MB2, dens invagination) • View canal morphology • Presence or absence of disease • Implant planning 8
  9. 9. 3D imaging benefits • Keep procedures and do more in-house • Faster and more confident diagnosis: • True anatomical details • Distortion free images, 1:1 anatomical accuracy • Eliminate doubts from 2D exams • Perform implant and complex procedures with greater confidence • Show patients images that are easier to understand • Increased treatment plan acceptance 9
  10. 10. CAD/CAM compatible • Compatible with CS Solutions CAD/CAM restoration solutions • Scan patient’s impression, plaster cast or radiographic guide • User-friendly interface and scanning platform • Cost-effective solution for both impression scanning and radiographic examinations 10
  11. 11. A better patient experience • Convenient face-to-face positioning • Unique laser-free positioning • Comfortable patient support • Open design for enhanced comfort of patients • Fast acquisition time for reduced risk of movement • Quiet operation for better patient experience 11
  12. 12. Streamlined workflow Capturing 3D images is even more easy than doing a panoramic exam 12 Select the 3D program and the region of interest1 The patient support combined to the new 3D bite block including letter landmark help capture intuitively the region of interest 2 The acquisition starts and the image is sent directly to your computer 3 Review sharp, high-quality images4 Select the program Position the patient Take the X- ray Review the image
  13. 13. Ultra-compact size • Sleek, elegant and discreet • Thin, lightweight and robust aluminum body • Same footprint than the CS 8100 • Fits tight spaces • 33 cm width in resting position • Offers versatile installation options 33 cm 13 CS 8100 CS 8100 3D
  14. 14. Quick and easy operation • Intuitive user interface for fast and easy exams • Preset programs minimize setup time and reduces errors • Clear instructions help prevent common positioning mistakes • Flexible settings when required 14
  15. 15. A perfect fit for all patients • Easily adjustable for all patients • Standing or sitting patients • Wheelchair accessible • Motorized movements for effortless height adjustment 15
  16. 16. Innovative patient support 16 1 3 2 4 5 2 3 4 5 6 6 Integrated handgrips 1 Height adjustment Rigid, carbon-like material Motorized head support Midsagittal & Frankfort planes landmarks Stable chin support
  18. 18. Anatomical programs 12 anatomical settings adapt to patient’s morphology and jaw shape • 4 patient morphologies • 3 jaw shapes 18
  19. 19. Enhanced focal trough 19 Enhanced focal trough: The increased focal trough thickness in the anterior region makes it easier to place the teeth into the sharpness area, providing a greater tolerance to imperfect positioning and challenging anatomy Traditional focal trough: Focal trough can be quite narrow in the anterior region making positioning critical in obtaining a quality radiograph
  20. 20. Small yet powerful • High frequency X-ray generator for constant radiation and optimal contrast • Latest generation of CMOS sensor for sharp digital images • Fast acquisition time minimize risk of patient motion • Powerful filters to adjust contrast and sharpness with one click • Algorithm minimizes spinal column shadow 20
  21. 21. 2D Programs 21 Standard panoramic Panoramic without TMJ Pediatric program Segmented program TMJ x4 Bitewing TMJ x2 Maxillary sinus
  22. 22. Clinical results 22 Size 1 image, Bitewing
  23. 23. Clinical results 23
  24. 24. Sharp, artifact-free images 24 This filter prevents the creation of dark halos around radio-opaque areas (amalgam, implant…) With sharpness filterWithout sharpness filter
  25. 25. 3D IMAGING
  26. 26. 3D programs for every day needs 26 •Implantology • Impactions •Third molar assessment •Surgical guide production •Other cases involving one dental arch 8x98x55x5 FOV REGION OF INTEREST SAMPLE IMAGES RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS Available in standard mode and fast scan mode (7 sec.) / low dose •Single implants •Impactions •Minor oral surgeries • Implantology • Complex impactions • Third molar assessment • Surgical guide production • Other cases involving both dental arches⬛ ⬛ ⬛
  27. 27. 3D programs for every day needs 27 •Pediatric exams •Very low dose exams 5x5EndoHD4x4Modelscan FOV REGION OF INTEREST SAMPLE IMAGES RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS ⬛ Available in standard and low dose mode •CAD/CAM restorations •Surgical guide production •Endodontics •Any applications requiring the highest level of detail (75μm) 75
  28. 28. Easy case review and planning • Intuitive and comprehensive 3D imaging software • Customizable modes– for beginner or advanced users • Integrates seamlessly with our other digital imaging solutions • Includes sophisticated implant planning feature with implant library • Fully DICOM-compliant software • Compatible with third-party imaging software (NobelGuide™, Simplant® and SureSmile) • Easy image sharing for better communication 28
  29. 29. Easily share data with anyone • Easily copy data on CD, DVD, or USB drive along with the 3D software • Capture lightweight views within the 3D software • Integrate images into patients record • Print report using the Film Composer’s templates 29 Film Composer
  30. 30. Comparison between our 2D / 3D units 30 CS 9000 3D CS 9000C 3D CS 8100 3D CS 9300 Select CS 9300C Select CS 9300 CS 9300C Fields Of View 5x3.7 / 7.5x3.7 (stitching) 4x4 / 5x5 / 8x5 / 8x9 5x5 / 8x8 / 10x5 / 10x10 5x5 / 8x8 / 10x5 / 10x10 17x6 / 17x11 / 17x13.5 Panoramic Modality Cephalom etric Modality Optional No Optional Optional Practices / Specialties General practices Endodontic specialists Orthodontic practices General practices Endodontic specialists General practices performing advanced care Implant practices Oral surgeons Periodontic specialists Orthodontic practices Implant practices Oral surgeons Periodontic specialists Orthodontic practices Oral and maxillofacial surgeons Universities Radiology centers Hospitals NEW
  31. 31. Comparison between our 2D units 31 CS 8000C CS 8100 CS 9000 CS 9000C Fields Of View N/A Upgradable to 3D N/A Upgradable to 3D N/A Upgradable to 3D Panoramic Modality Cephalom etric Modality Yes No Optional Yes Practices / Specialties Orthodontic practices General practices with orthodontics needs General practices General practices Orthodontic practices General practices with orthodontics needs
  32. 32. Unit dimensions 32
  33. 33. Technical specifications 33 Tube voltage 60 - 90 kV Tube current 2 - 15 mA Frequency 140 kHz Tube focal spot (IEC 60336) 0.7 mm with X-ray tube OPX110S or 0.6 mm with X-ray tube D-067 Input voltage (AC) 100-240 V - 50/60 Hz Unit dimensions 330 (L) x 894 (D) x 1596 (H) mm Minimum required space 1200 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H) mm Weight 92 kg (202 lb 13 oz) PANORAMIC MODALITY Sensor technology CMOS Image field 6.4 x 140 mm (Adult) - 6.4 x 120 mm (Pediatric) Gray scale 16384 - 14 bits Magnification 1.2 (± 10%) Radiological exam options Full panoramic, segmented panoramic, maxillary sinus, LA TMJ x 2, LA TMJ x 4, Bitewing Exposure mode 4 patient sizes (child, small adult, medium adult, large adult) 3 dental arch morphology (normal, square, sharp) Exposure time 1.98 to 14 seconds 3D MODALITY
  34. 34. Confidential© Carestream Health, 2011 © Carestream Health, 2014