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Golconde ashram-pondechery-india

  2. 2. Golconda Ashram Golconda is a Guest House owned by Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. It was designed by the architects George Nakashima and Anton in Raymond, and was constructed by the members of the Ashram in 1942 under the direct supervision of The Mother. It is an architectural marvel that incorporates not only
  3. 3. Sited on the coastal edge of the Bay of Bengal, Golconda, a dormitory for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India, seamlessly negotiating between the tenets of early modernist architecture while addressing the pragmatic impositions of a tropical context. Espousing radical economy and uncompromising construction standards, it proposes environmental sensitivity as a foundation for the design process.
  4. 4. The building is notable for being "the first reinforced, cast-in-place concrete building in India," though Gupta and Mueller view it as "one of the earliest works of sustainable modern architecture in the world, [espousing] the virtue of radical economy and uncompromising construction standards". As Nakashima oversaw the project and its construction, the original six-month construction schedule was drawn out to years, due to inexperienced construction crews, political unrest affecting imports, the desire to limit the noise and disruptions usually associated with large-scale construction, and
  5. 5. why the name Golconde ? 1) In Pondicherry, on the south-east coast of India, behind the agitation a sea set garden is hidden , called golconde. 2) surrounded by high wall and nearly acceside,it is the dormitory of the ashram of Shri aurobindo. 3) From many point of view golconde is a milestone. 4) The construction work started at October 1938 and it took almost a deccade to get completed. 5) The plan of the building is strikingly simple. 6) The body of the building is of reinforced. roof and slab are laid on RCC frame and cantilevered from corridoors. Golconde Ashram :-
  6. 6. Waterproofing :- 1) Five layer of rubberier waterproofing felt and sedan were used. 2) The way of making both focus fully open able was to have both sides with open able louvered, which could be fully open, half-opened or closed by a series of simple commanding bars.
  7. 7. Layouts:- 1) The plan of golconde is very simple. 2) The architect of the ashram turned.
  8. 8. Windows :- 1) Horizontal louvers are provided in windows. 2) The louvered lock each other.
  9. 9. Store room :- 1) The walls are hollow with precast vertical louvered are present in metal members. 2) The service area, the holes are made during casting. pivoted are made during casting.
  10. 10. Introduction of Golconde(THE ROOM) :- 1) Circulation space is cantilevered it is three storied building was made the inner walls were painted white and after on retouch has been done. 2) The height of the ceiling is 4M. 3) No columns have been used for the staircase. 4) They run from slab to slab. 5) No fans are provided in the room, sufficient height and air to pass through rooms. 6) Plants are planted instead of railings.
  11. 11. Doors :- 1) Rooms are secreted from corridors by sliding doors that allow air to circulate freely when open. 2) They have staggered state which allow ventilation even when doors are closed. 3) Topmost part of all the doors is a skylight with sliding glass panes which allow for wind movement. 4) They are no handles on the doors.
  12. 12. Structure :- 1) Independent columns and footing in high strength RCC with an concrete surface left from finished without plastered. 2) It has two long staggers wings which are set at an angle on the narrow plot thereby making limited space. 3) Each wing consists of a series of single rooms that are strung out along a north facing gallery, which runs the length of the building. 4) On both the north and south sides, the entries building surface louvered to afford protection from the sun and from violent winds and rains, while allowing for ventilation.
  13. 13. Suitably design the lighting facade with staircase
  14. 14. Interiors And Materials :- 1) Khadappa stone used for flooring. 2) Doors- sliding teakwood. 3) Single piece teakwood used for railing on stairs opening made of asbestos and concrete.
  15. 15. Bathroom :- 1) Separate bathing areas are present. 2) There are common bathrooms. 3) Bathrooms on mid landing. 4) In the bathrooms, the doors are louvers without frames.
  16. 16. Landscaping in Golconda ashram
  17. 17. A VIEW OF Golconda ashram
  18. 18. Multi purpose otta with front landscaping
  19. 19. Louvers adjustable windows for better air circulation Cast in RCC Structure Full timber partitions & door
  20. 20. Ground floor was give jali for air circulation chhajja was projected out app. 1.5M