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Vynogradska Nataliya


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Vynogradska Nataliya

  1. 1. MARKETING STRATEGIES:WEST VS EAST «Bookclub «Family Leisure Club» - Western strategy on the Ukrainian marketКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская Trade mission in Ukraine, 20-21.09.2012.Book ClubКлуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» 2009/апрельКнижный «Family Leisure Club» 2009/march
  2. 2. СОДЕРЖАНИЕ Company profile Marketing strategy 5 differences in marketing: West vs EastКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  3. 3. Company profile Bookclub in Ukraine: Established in year 2000 LATVIA  from 2004 belongs to Bertelsmann LITHIANIA AG, Germany Russia Belarus  Head office of FLC Group for businesses in Ukraine, Russia, Belorus POLAND Kharkov  the biggest publishing house of UKRAINE Ukraine 46 M SLOVAK REPUBLIC  serves 1.7 Mio club members ROMANIA HUNGARY  manages 80 retail club shops MOLDOVA  manages FLC group distribution centerКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  4. 4. Marketing strategy: 4Р PRODUCT PRICE Marketing complex 4Р PROMOTION PLACE 20.09.2012. Наталья Виноградская 4Книжный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  5. 5. Marketing strategy: Unique product Yearly Book Club releases 400 new exclusive titles and 1200 republications Of bestselling ukrainian and foreign authors 2011 bestsellersAuthor: Vasyl Shklyar Luko Dashvar Marie-Bernadette Dupuy Romain SardouTitle: Zalyshenets Selo ne ludy Lenfant des neiges Pardonnez nos OffensesCps sold: 110 000 60 000 280 000 220 000Книжный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  6. 6. Marketing strategy: Distribution Multi channel distribution B2C B2C B2C B2B Club Direct Mail Club Retail Online Trade - 54% of turnover - 35% of turnover - 7% of turnover - 4% of turnover - Market position № 1 1 - Market position № - Market position № 1 - Market position № 5 1 Orders from all channels and FLC group businesses are fulfilled by Book Club’s new distribution centerКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  7. 7. Marketing strategy: Distribution. Direct Mail Every year bookclub’s member receives by mail: 8 additional catalogues with special  4 main catalogues actions & sweepstakesКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская 7
  8. 8. Marketing strategy: Distribution. Shops  1st Club shop opened in 2005  80 shops by 2012  recruitment channel for 150 T new members annually Kharkov 1 One shop Several shopsКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  9. 9. Marketing strategy: Distribution. Internet 360 000 orders annually On-line support Wide range of delivery methods New! E-books  Social network for members Mobile version of the shop New! E-books New! Digital catalogue New! Digital catalogue Social Mobile Bets online bookshop award  Club pages Mой Клуб  Members networksКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  10. 10. Marketing strategy: Distribution. Distribution center New distribution center in Kharkiv provides orders packing & logistics for FLC group businesses in Ukraine, Russia, Belorus New logistics New Distribution Center in Kharkiv Warehouse:  Established to serve up to 3.0 MM members  12,800 m2, 12.0 MM goods in stock  45,000 parcels per day on 1 peaks  Transportation logistics to 350 delivery points in Ukraine, Russia and BelorussiaКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  11. 11. 5 Differences in marketing: №1 – Direct Mail customer profile Germany vs Ukraine Germany vs Ukraine Male/female AgeКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  12. 12. 5 Differences in marketing:№2 – customer’s shopping criteria Ukrainians vs Germans pay more attention to brand’s reputation © IFAK Institute GmbH & Co. KG 2008-2009 2
  13. 13. 5 Differences in marketing: №3 – Western creative materials Der Club FLC Ukraine Western creative in marketing materials does not work in UkraineКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  14. 14. 5 Differences in marketing:№4 – additional catalogues with goods/services TRAVEL OFFERS HOUSEHOLD GOODS GARDENING MAKE UP Why additional catalogues with goods/services offers did not work in Ukraine?  club members trust the brand “Book club “Family Leisure Club” as books expert and reliable books distributor vs situation in Bertelsmann’s German book club “Der Club” where additional goods & services turnover is more than turnover from the books sales.Книжный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  15. 15. 5 Differences in marketing: №5 – Marketing staff Marketing manager in Europe: Marketing manager in Ukraine: Marketing manager in FLC:  works in established structured  works in unclear, unstable  works in unclear, unstable market environment – market situation is market economy situation economy situation, but within clear clear & predictable company’s budget trends  Has limited data about the  Has all necessary data about market, competitors and Has all necessary data about the the market, competitors & customers market, competitors & customers customers  Often works without long term Works within confirmed marketing Works within confirmed marketing plan strategy & action plan marketing strategy & action plan, and strictly within his Job There are many marketing Being constantly trained description duties specialists on the market, but very (seminars, master-classes from few experienced in Direct Mail experienced foreign colleagues) businessКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская
  16. 16. Thank you very much for your attention! Nataliya Vynogradska Strategic marketing department director Тел: +38 057 7838895 «Book Club «Family Leisure Club», P.O.Box 84, Kharkiv, 61001 www.bookclub.uaКнижный Клуб «Клуб Семейного Досуга» @ Наталья Виноградская