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  2. 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR VIVIEN ALCOCK•Born in 1924 in Worthing , West Sussex,England•Author of children’s book who was giftedwith ability to blend reality and fantasy•She understood the hidden feelings ofteenagers, especially he shy and theoverlooked.•Produced over 20 novels with themes ofkindness/pity, the need for friendships andthe complexities of family ties.•Died in 2003.
  3. 3. ELEMENTS OF QWERTYUIOP SETTING CHARACTER THEMES MORAL MESSAGEPHYSICAL S *Facing VALUES *it is important toSETTING challenges •Compassion and have courage, MAIN optimism and•Belmont •Learning to kindness CHARACTERS perseveranceSecretarial College •Discretion and•Lucy Beck’s let go * Love and *Lucy Beck consideration forhome * Rejection others understanding can•Office of Ross & *Harry Darke help to healBannister’s wounds or resolve *Miss Broome •Do not judge a conflicts book by its coverSOCIALSETTING •Do not give up MINOR*lower middle- easily when weclass CHARACTERS are faced with *Mr Ross, Mrs Beck problemsTIME , Uncle Bert20th centuryEngland
  4. 4. QWERTYUIOP is an entertaining story about 17-year-old Lucy Beck, the new secretary at Ross andBannister’s, who struggles with her predecessor overthe secretarial position at the firm. Lucy Beck countsherself lucky to get a job as a secretary but she doesnot expect to have a ghost as a rival. The formersecretary, Miss Broome, frightens away all the newsecretaries who come in to replace her. However,Miss Broome is in for a surprise when she meets hermatch in Lucy. Although timid, Lucy manages totactfully handle Miss Broome. Communicatingthrough the typewriter, Lucy tries to convince MissBroome to leave. The vivid description of how thecurrent and former secretary fight is both amusingand entertaining.
  5. 5. Lucy Beck Harry Darke Miss BroomeBelmontSecretarial Mr RossCollege CHARACTELucy Beck’s SETTIN RS Mrs Beckhouse G Uncle BertRoss &Bannister’sofficeFacing QWERTYUIOP PerseveranceChallenges Lesso THEME n S Learnt Helping othersHandling DifficultTask with courage MORAL VALUES Determination Discretion and Loyalty Perseverance is Compassion consideration the key to and kindness for others success
  6. 6. 3.CLIMAX The spirit, the late Miss Broome, types out threatening words to Lucy. Lucy declares war and fights back with rapid typing and lots of correcting liquids 2. RISING 4.FALLING ACTION ACTIONA hidden hand causes Lucy discovers Misshavoc with Lucy’s typing Broome’s background THEefforts. QWERTYUIOPs and uses a softerwould be the letters popping approach to console herup every time Lucy types PLOT1. 5.RESOLUTIOEXPOSITION atLucy Beck begins her job N Lucy manages to overcome her problem with the ghost of Miss Ross and Bannister’s as a Broome, completes her typing on secretary after graduating from time and error free, and reaches a Belmont Secretarial College new understanding with her Uncle Bert
  8. 8. Shy Timid Lacked of confidence Young Determine dCompassionat e Courageous Brave
  9. 9. LUCY’S Evidence from textCharacterTraitsTimid * small, mousy-looking and easily overlooked (page 9)Shy * Looked out of place on her first day at work (page 12)Lack of • Whoever will want to employ me? (page 9)Confidence • If I get a job…Trouble was that there were hundreds after every vacancy, brighter than Lucy, better qualified than Lucy…(page 10)Determined • For an hour, she battled with the machine…(page 22) • “It’s my job now,” she said. “I need it…”(page 26) • Lucy showed no mercy… reached the end of the letter in triumph. (page 22)
  10. 10. LUCY’S Evidence from textCharacter TraitsCompassionate • Lucy instantly feels sorry after saying mean stuff to Uncle Bert (page 26) • Assures him that she and her mother needed him (page 28) • Feels sorry for Miss Broome, which is noticed by Harry (page 26)Brave • “…she was not a coward.” (page 20)Courageous • She went back and sat down in front of the typewriter and glared at it…it crouched, like a squat, ugly monster, staring at her with its alphabetical eyes (page 20) • Even though she is young and shy, she faces Miss Broome’s spirit bravely (page 20) • Relentlessly fights the typewriter (pages 20 and 22)
  11. 11. Experienced Helpful ReassuringHARRY MysteriousDARKE Observant Loyal
  12. 12. HARRYDARKE’S Evidence From TextCharacterTraitsExperienced • Observes the importance of punctuality • Wonders how long Lucy will last as a secretaryHelpful • Tells Lucy that she can ask him about anything (page 12) “Anything you want, just ask old Harry.”Reassuring • Stresses to Lucy that she shouldn’t worry if sheMysterious makes mistakes when she types (page 14) • Makes a few under-the –breath comments and behaves strangely (pages 12-14)
  13. 13. HARRYDARKE’S Evidence From TextCharacterTraitsObservant • Observes that Lucy was scared/ anxious on her first day (page 13) • Understood that Miss Broome hated the younger touch typists without needing to be told (page 25) • Quick to notice Lucy’s sympathy for Miss Broome (page 26)Loyal • He worked there for thirty years until his retirement and came back to help out as a handyman.
  14. 14. Hardworking Efficient LoyalMISSBROOME Bad-tempered Persistent
  15. 15. MISS Evidence from textBROOME’SCharacterTraitsLoyal • Been here forty-three years, girl, woman and old misery (page 25)Lonely • This place was her home, this job was all she lived for (page 25) • “…didn’t want to go…didn’t have anywhere worth going to…didn’t have any family who’d own her.” (page 25)Bad- • It screamed, shaking and snapping its keys like castanets (page 20)tempered
  16. 16. LUCY’SMOTHER UNCLE BERT Patient- “…could not help wishing she would sometimes lose her temper.” (page 9) An alcoholic- he’s not drinking up my pay packet (pages 9-10) Compassionate- she asked Uncle Bert to leave but has asked him to come back Low self-esteem- “you don’t think much of me, because she feels sorry for him. do you? (page 26) Caring – “thought I’d have your supper ready… now you’re a working girl MR ROSSMRS PRICE Lucy’s bossSympathetic- she looked at Lucy Beck,and sighed…”Good luck my dear . (page Concerned- “ Did you have trouble with the9) machine, Miss Beck?” he asked. (pag3 25)
  17. 17. HANDLING DFFICULT TASK WITH COURAGE• Lucy finds herself in a difficult position when Miss Broome’sghost keeps on disturbing her• However , she handles the difficulties with courage anddetermination• She does not allow the spirit to scare her away like all theother secretaries.• Instead, she communicates with it through the typewriter.• Finally, through her courage and determination, sheoutsmarts the spirit .
  18. 18. FACING CHALLENGES•Lucy faces up to challenging situations when Miss Broome’s spirithaunts her through the typewriter.•The secretaries before her all left after just one day of working there.•Lucy refuses to simply give up and leave.•So she finds a way to deal with the spirit.•She wins it and types a goodbye letter to the spirit of Miss Broome.•The spirit finally leaves and stops haunting the office of Ross andBannister’s.
  19. 19. •Lucy shows determination in what she does •She is determined to keep her job and perseveresDETERMINATIO •By handling the spirit properly, she not onlyN manages to keep her job but does well in it too. •Harry Darke is a loyal employee at Ross and Bannister’s •He had been working there for thirty years and has retired LOYALTY •Being loyal to the company, he comes back to work even after retirement •Miss Broome was also a loyal staff at the firm •After her sudden dismissal, her spirit came back to haunt the office.
  20. 20. •Lucy demonstrates these values when she was threatened by the presence of the spirit. Although she is only seventeen, she acts with maturity. DISCRETION • Lucy makes the ex-secretary feel wanted AND and useful, just like she was when she wasCONSIDERATION alive. FOR OTHERS •The knowledge of Miss Broome’s circumstances also influences Lucy to change her attitude towards Uncle Bert. Lucy realizes that he is just another human being who needs to feel wanted.
  21. 21. •Lucy shows her determined character right from the start as soon as she graduated from the Belmont Secretarial College •She is focused on getting a job , on getting away from her impoverished and drearyPESERVERANC daily lifeE IS THE KEY •Besides that she also displays TO SUCCESS perseverance and a fighting spirit as she battles to prevent losing her job to the ghost of Miss Broome. •Undeterred by aggressiveness and threats , Lucy learns to think of a practical way to resolve the problem of Miss Broome’s and its presence in the office.
  22. 22. •Lucy feels compassion for Miss Broome when she learns the nature of her circumstances. She kindly helps Miss Broome to let go of the past and be at COMPASSION peace. Lucy continues this value at home when she learns to be sensitive andAND KINDNESS compassionate to her uncle. •Lucy’s mother also displays kindness when she asked Uncle Bert to live with them again after previously throwing him out.