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Biography eval(1)

  1. 1. Summer Kosuge Reference & Online Services Biography Evaluation March 15, 2010 Oxford Islamic Studies Online
  2. 2. What is it? The Oxford Islamic Studies Online is an online resource for the study of the Islamic world. Contains content and commentary on global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture."Islam." In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed Mar 9, 2010).
  3. 3. Who’s behind it? Publisher: Oxford University Press Editorial Board: Scholars, professors, authors, & experts on Islam, politics, & religion from Georgetown University, Boston College, University of South Carolina, University of Oxford, & the College of William and Mary. Library Advisory Board: Librarians and bibliographers specializing in Middle Eastern, Islamic, and religious studies and collections from the University of Exeter, Georgetown University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, & Brooklyn Public Library. Vendor: OCLC Moulierac, Jeanne and Harry M. Matthews Jr.. "Pottery and Ceramics." In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. , edited by John L. Esposito. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, 0195148037.pottery-and-ceramics.1.jpg (accessed Mar 14, 2010).
  4. 4. Core content from multiple Islamic reference titles: The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art & Architecture The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World The Islamic World: Past and Present The Oxford Dictionary of Islam The Oxford History of Islam What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam Teaching Islam Abdel Haleem's The Qur'an, a prose translation The Koran Interpreted, translation by A.J. Arberry Hanna Kassis' Concordance of the Qur'an In addition to primary source documents such as articles, essays, and addresses. Where do they get their information? Arberry, A. J. 1996. The Koran interpreted: A translation. New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster.
  5. 5. Not just a biographical reference The OISO is a database for the study of the Islamic world. In addition to the biographies: Subject Entries Chaptered Works Primary Source Documents Qur’anic Studies Resources Images and Maps Timelines Learning Resources Article archive Calligraphy & Epigraphy Tughra, calligraphy, ca. 1900, Zuhdu Efendi Schimmel, Annemarie . "Calligraphy and Epigraphy." In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. , edited by John L. Esposito. Oxford Islamic
  6. 6. Looking for info The OISO gives the user multiple ways to find & access info. Specific content: Timelines, Qur’anic Studies, Learning Resources (glossary and the FAQ). Search: basic and advanced, both main search and specific area search (biographies, images & maps). Browse: all or by specific areas (subject entries, biographies) and further refine the results by region, topic, and era. Bierman, Irene A. , Mohammad al-Asad and A. İpek Türeli. "Architecture." In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed Mar 14, 2010).
  7. 7. Entry Breakdown Individual Entry’s Author Source Bibliography Related Content Archived Articles …extras
  8. 8. The Extras •Print/Email/Cite •In article, hyperlinked Qur’an look-up •Qur’an Verse look-up feature, with side by side comparison •Date Converter •Look It Up feature •Glossary
  9. 9. Extra extras Find It – Bibliography Guided Tour This tutorial is designed to take you through the features and content of Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Please click "Start the Tour" below for a step-by-step guide. Alternatively, use the table of contents on the left-hand side of the screen to go to a specific item of interest; you can also navigate by using the Previous and Next buttons that appear in the upper right-hand corner of every screen. Start the Tour  ABOUT THE GUIDED TOURAbout the Guided Tour 1. Navigating the Home Page 2. Searching 3. Viewing Search Results 5. Entry Structure 4. Browsing 6. Qur’anic Studies 8. Learning Resources and Date Converter 7. Timelines 9. Qur’an Verse Look-Up 10. Site Help Next  11. For Additional Information…
  10. 10. ACCESS: Requires a subscription COST PER YEAR: Individual -$199.95 Universities and Libraries -$1,495 Top tier institutions -$4,295 LIBRARIES: Academic Libraries, Public Libraries AUDIENCE: Anyone – general, Students, experts, CURRENCY: Updated roughly twice a year REVIEWS: Many, all very positive Booklist Choice Library Journal School Library Journal Odds and Ends Blair, Sheila S. and Jonathan M. Bloom. "Art and Architecture." In The Oxford History of Islam. , edited by John L. Esposito. Oxford Islamic Studies Online, article/book/islam-9780195107999/islam-9780195107999-div1-39/images/ islam-9780195107999-figureGroup-98 (accessed Mar 14, 2010).
  11. 11. Questions?