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We don't need no education - Web governance through on-demand online training


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One of the biggest web problems we have in higher education is the number of cooks in the kitchen. We’ve got SMEs and HIPPOs and the immeasurable plethora of “non-web” people making changes to web content throughout the institution. Since there are as many ways to do things as there are people to do them, it all comes out a big mess over time. All the content strategies, web governance plans, and communications policies in the world won’t help if people in the trenches (and often their bosses) don’t understand what’s expected, why, and how exactly they can accomplish their goals. Enter training. In this presentation, I’ll talk about our content strategy journey, the redevelopment of a brand new .edu website, and how we used this process to both make the case for mandatory training and develop training beyond using the CMS. I’ll even make available lesson plans, scripts, and talk about the actual tools used for development of the on-demand delivery system and content.

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We don't need no education - Web governance through on-demand online training

  1. 1. WE DON’T NEED NO EDUCATION Web Governance Through On-Demand Online Training @shelleykeith - WPCampus 2016
  2. 2. SUR VEY SAYS… • Governance journey and making the case?! • Training plans and materials?
  3. 3. STATUS CHECK • ~150k pages! • ~250 site managers - no training! • political navigation! • high exit rates and 90%+ bounce at key decision points! • poor search results! • accessibility problems, broken links, spelling errors! • lots and lots and lots of old files and outdates pages! • no funnel, no goals, no success measures, very little signal
  4. 4. Noel-Levitz E-Expectations Report - 2014 77%said the web was influential in college search 97%said web was the most reliable resource for researching colleges 94%Indicated a preference for the school website over the Facebook page
  5. 5. CONTENT AUDIT FINDINGS • Content not focused on audience, hindering readability and findability.! • Content difficult to find. Problems with information architecture, navigation, search, labeling, and on-page content hierarchy.! • Content off-brand, painting an inconsistent and inaccurate picture of UMW.! • Content not written for the web. Long, dense copy; non-descriptive link text; non-optimized digital assets.
  6. 6. People who “said web was the most reliable resource for researching colleges” (97%) are entering the funnel where “content is off-brand, painting an inconsistent and inaccurate picture of UMW.” Approximately 75% of new, off-campus traffic 
 does not come through the homepage. This has direct and quantifiable revenue implications.
  8. 8. GOVERNANCE GOAL Create good stewards of a mission critical institutional resource.
  9. 9. GOVERNANCE BILL OF RIGHTS • Stewards (Managers)! • Help with and training on tools and best practices! • Clear interpretation and supported implementation of regulatory requirements! • Assistance establishing goals and success metrics! • Access to data and analysis •Site Users! • Accessible content and navigation! • Current information supporting their ability to perform necessary tasks! • Usable interfaces! • Access to support they should never need
  10. 10. Qu[lity Fit for use Accurate Curr_n]y Informa2on Tools & Technology Compli[n]_ Usability & Accessibility Style & Iden2ty User Admin
  12. 12. REALITY CHECK • other duties as assigned! • manage expectations - including yours! • culture change is hard
  13. 13. 2016-2017 Website AdministratorTraining Lesson Topic Completion Intro Planning for Change Getting Started Quiz What to Expect The UMW Web Toolbox Shared Vocabulary Getting Help Content Basics Intro to Content Strategy Content QuizWriting for the Web Search Engine Optimization Compliance Issues Accessibility Compliance QuizCopyright Basics Expectations & Best Practices WordPress 101 Logging in WordPress Quiz Getting Started Creating & Editing Content Managing Media
  14. 14. AdvancedTraining *in development Course Material Advanced WordPress Gravity Forms TablePress Advisories Homepage Content Grid Tabs & Accordions Siteimprove Introduction Using the Quality Assurance Tools The Dictionary Department Specific Training Residence Life - Managing Residence Halls Great Lives - Managing Lectures Admissions - Graduate Admissions Pages
  15. 15. CHALLENGE Build on the starter kit. Create and share your own versions of lesson plans and materials. STARTER KIT • Lesson plans! • Scripts & Slides! • Video Links! • Resources (sources)! • Quizzes
  16. 16. GO!